Hello!!!!! I’m back balakubak!

Oh akala ninyo ata deads nako no?! Hahahaha! Yes, I’m alive! I’m still alive, inlove (maisingit lang kc Valentines bukas eh! LOL!), and kickin’ mga muthers! Last blog entry ko dalawa palang anak ko ngayon tatlo na! Hahahahaha! Gulat kayo no? Ako kasi hindi eh! Hahahaha!

Okay, so what makes me decide to post again?! It’s simply because I realized something today…I realized isang dekada ko na palang ndi nabibisita tong blog ko. LOL! Inamag na at pinamahayan na ng lahat ng klase ng insekto! Chos! Kidding aside. Na-realized ko na neglected na pala tong blog ko when one of my colleagues approached me and told me that her wife is an avid reader of this blog. Dun ko lang na realize..sh*t may blog nga pala ako no. Wahahahaha!

So sa wife ng officemate ko na si Mj, salamat po! Dahil sau naalala kong nag exist pa pala tong blog ko na muntik ng mabaon sa kalimot. I promise to update this, ay wag na palang promise… I’ll try my very best nalang to update this blog every once in a while. Ayan. So etong post na to ung simula. Lol!

So ayun gorabels na ulit ako mga muthers at may sakit ang anak ko kailangan kong umuwi ng maaga by hook or by crook!

Again, thank you MJ sa pag gising mo sa natutulog kong blog. Hahaha! No seriously, I really appreciate it kaya I dedicate this post to you and to my other blog readers (kung may isa pa!). Salamat ulit!

Happy Valentines na rin guys! 🙂

Till my next blog post… kailan kaya un?! WAHAHAHAHA!


Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys! I’m quite not sure if anyone will be able to read this since I haven’t updated this blog for more than half-year I guess… But anyway let me just greet you again a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours! 🙂


Del Monte Pineapple A Day! 

IMG_3649More and more Filipino children nowadays are becoming sickly, why? Because of weak immune system, a recent clinical study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism reveals. My firstborn, Cyler became sickly ever since he started schooling, and we know that whenever schoolchildren get sick, they miss valuable lessons that may prove to be crucial later on in the school year. I actually don’t what to do because I always give him vitamins and he always eat veggies too. But then I found out that giving him vitamins and veggies is not enough, I learned in this event that fruits specifically those rich in Vitamin C helps boost immune system.

With school in full swing, it’s important to make sure that your children are kept safe from infection. Thus, there is a strong need for better ways to give children the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Thankfully, parents have an easy, enjoyable way to help protect kids from infection and keep them in school – pineapples.

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The Evolution of Samuel Caeden

Yellow guys! I’m SO baaaaaack! Yez, I’m alive! I’m still alive and kickin’ hindi lang talaga halata but I still do exist in this world. Megad! It’s been four months since I last posted here, nakaka-miss sobra! But in as much as I want to update you guys most of the time hindi talaga keri ng powers ko especially my time. As y’all know I just gave birth four months ago and I’m still learning the art of time management. Wala olats ako dyan ngaun. At the end of the day I’m already drained that’s why I find it difficult to find time and write a descent post. Actually, this post has been sitting on my drafts for a few months now (inabot na ng 4th month ni Caeden!LOL)hindi ko matapos-tapos dahil wala talaga akong extra-time. Sad but I don’t feel guilty at all coz I spend most of my time with my kids.

Hello I'm Samuel! :)

Suffice it to say, having a newborn and a preschooler in a tow is one of the most challenging phase of my life not to mention I’m working pa. Trulaley mga mudrakels it really takes village to raise a child! Hindi ko alam pano pa pagkakasyahin ang oras ko if not without the help and support my husband,Cj and Mama. Anyway, today I thank God because he gave me a chance and courage to update this blog (I’m blogging thru my phone habang nasa LRT at on the way to work! Talk about multi-tasking eh?!) and because of that I’d like to give you a quick update with my baby bunso, Caeden. I’m pretty sure you want to know him better just like his Kuya Cyler. So eto na mga bakla! Be ready because I guaranteed you that this post is cuteness overload! 🙂

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KMS Beauty Tips: Keeping your skin healthy and glowing during Pregnancy


Keeping our skin healthy and glowing during Pregnancy is one of the most challenging thing to do, I tell ya’! With all the hormonal changes that is happening to  your body sometimes you don’t really know what’s the best thing to do. Some preggy moms just go with the flow and they don’t really care about how they look dahilan nila “Well, buntis ako normal lang na mag-iba itsura ko.” but for me being pregnant is not a reason not to take care of yourself especially your skin. Para sakin this is the best time to look good and shows off that pregnancy glow. Continue reading

KMS Preggy Diary: Week 30, 9 Weeks Left!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetHello guys! Yes, I’m on my week 30 already! Bilis noh?! I still can’t believe that next month makikita ko na si baby boy#2!!!! Sensya na guys if I wasn’t able to update you regarding my pregnancy. I just want to enjoy every minute with Cyler kasi for sure pag labas nitong kapatid nya hindi ko na sya ganun matutukan kaya naman gusto kong mag focus muna sknya while his sibling is still in my tummy. Kaya I decided to li-lo muna in blogging talaga, alam ko naman andyan lang kayong mga  readers ko eh, diba?! I am actually in a phase wherein wala na sa priority ko tong blog pero ayoko din naman i-give up basta basta ‘to.  Basta I will keep this blog and if I have extra- time (tulad ngaun) I’ll write. 🙂 Continue reading

My Bestfriend’s Wedding


Last December, my best-friend, Katey finally tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend of 6yrs, Jun-jun. Yes, si junjun anak kinasal na! LOL! Alam ninyo ba this is the very first time na nakasama ulit ako sa isang wedding entourage. Yung last time was when I was 6 yrs old pa, nag flower girl ako sa wedding ng Tito ko but that was a long-long-long time ago at bungal pako nun! My gulay! So imagine my excitement nung nalaman kong I was part of the entourage and sa wedding pa ng bestfriend ko! 😀 Continue reading

KMS Preggy Diary: It’s A Baby…….


Here’s a happy and quick update with my pregnancy. I’m already on my 26th weeks (13 more weeks left! Wooohooo!) guys! HOORAY! I just want to savour every minute of my pregnancy while the baby is still on my tummy. I just want to feel all the baby’s action inside my tummy (yes, including all the kicks and other karate movements!). Oh wait! Did I mention that today I’m going to reveal the baby’s gender?! Yep, this is the perfect time to reveal it. I’m pretty sure this is the most awaited moment of every parents and parents-to-be out there– to know their babies gender. So eto na guys! YES, we are having….

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NYE Celebration 2015


Happy New Year guys!!!!! Oh ayan ah di na masyado late greetings. Medyo-medyo nalang. LOL! How’s your New Year’s eve?! I hope y’all had a blast! I have so many things to be thankful for last year, yung mga bagay na akala ko problema blessing in disguise pala. Minsan kasi masyado tau nagiging judge mental sa mga bagay-bagay diba, hindi pa ngyayare nagco-conclude na agad tayo. So isa sa mga natutunan ko last year is wag pangunahan ang mga plano ng Diyos sa buhay natin kasi He always has better plan for all of us. I also learned how to forgive and forget and let go of my problems, I realized walang mangyayare na maganda if maiinis lang tayo parati sa mga taong wala namang magandang nagagawa sa buhay natin. Kaya hayaan nalang natin sila at bahala na si Lord sa kanila. I also learned that next to the Lord, family ko lang ang next priority ko at wala ng iba pa. And most of all I realized ang daming blessing ang na-receive namin kay Lord last year including baby #2, this baby is also a blessing in disguise and for that I will always be grateful and thankful. I hope sana kayo din guys if may mga hindi magandang ngyare last year isipin nio nalang that this year is the year that God has prepared for you. I know He has a better plan for all of us. 🙂

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Celebrating The Birth Of Jesus Christ ’14


Merry Christmas guys! I know my greeting is kinda late (I mean super late dahil 2015 na! LOL!), sorry my bad! I guess this was the busiest Holiday for me, we were out the entire Holiday so I don’t really have time to write but if you’re following me on Instagram (it’s kikay_mommy_sha) I bet you know what kept me busy these past few days. I’ve actually attended tons of Christmas reunion, events, birthday celebrations, and other gatherings. I was literally dead tired the entire Holiday but I’m not complaining though because those days are the happiest days of my life! I was already on Holiday leave two weeks ago so I made sure that I spent it well with my friends and family. Yes, nakakapagod ang kaliwa’t kanan na mga gatherings pero masaya diba?! It’s the time of the year talaga that I’ve been waiting for.  Continue reading

A Weekend Story #13: Our Post Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Yellow guys! Habang sinisipag uli akong mag-blog gusto ko lang i-share what we did last weekend. Since hindi kami nakapag celebrate masyado on the day of our 4th wedding Anniversary (read story here), Cj and I decided to continue the celebration last Saturday. That day was filled with so much excitement, fun, and memorable memories though we weren’t able to go out of town just like what we usually do during our anniversary. We still considered that day special because we were complete as a family, I guess nothing in the world is more important than celebrating this special day with your loved ones, right? 🙂 Continue reading

Cyler’s Spooktacular Halloween 2014!


I know it’s kinda late but I just wanted to share our memorable Trick or Treat experience this year. This could be the last year na mag-isa pa si  Cyler sa Trick or Treat or treat kasi next year dalawa na silang kasama namin. Eggciting right?! I’m actually really excited and a bit scared about it coz I don’t know if keri namin ni Cj pag dalawa na sila. LOL! I’m really happy kasi this time Cyler appreciates this event even more since he’s older na and he’s really into chocolates nowadays. And the best part about this year’s Halloween party?! Cyler chose his own costume! It’s not DIY coz we don’t have enough time to do it (excuses! excuses!) so I  bought the ready-made costume at Toy Kingdom. And the best thing about this costume?! Cyler really liked it so much kasi fave nya si Lightning Mcqueen. 🙂 Continue reading

Four Years of Happiness And Countless Blessings!


Hello guys! Yesterday, we celebrated our 4th Year Wedding Anniversary! WOOOHOOO! Akalain ninyo yun 4 na taon na kaming naglolokohan?! Charot! No but seriously we feel really blessed this year because aside from baby#2 mas naging okay din yung financial income namin mag-asawa so super ready na talaga kami for the arrival of baby tummy! Weeeeee! Cj and I are both so excited to fulfill all our plans for our family.

And you know what guys?

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Kids Gone Kawaii! SM Kids’ Fashion Toon Fest 2014

A prominent aspect of Japanese culture, and embraced by the most fashion forward of stylephiles, “Kawaii” is the theme of this year’s SM KIDS’ FASHION TOON FEST, incorporating bright colours, graphic visuals and everything cute and lovable.


For this stand out collection, three categories take the lead—Princess, Cutie and Hero.

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KMS Preggy Diary (Part 1)

Yellow! How are you guys?! Did you miss me?! Raise your kili-kili if you miss me! Ako kasi super namiss ko kayo! Sorry if you feel like I neglected this blog already. Well, I really decided to take a break from blogging because I am having a hard time with my 2nd pregnancy. Ibang-iba talaga with my first pregnancy, before halos wala akong naranasan na morning sickness but now whole-day sickness mga ateng! Grabe! As a matter of fact naubos ko na ung sick leave ko for the whole year because of my condition. Major hilo and sukaness (pasintabi sa mga lumalafang!) talaga ako everyday. Meron pa din until now pero mejo mild na unlike nung 1st and 2nd month ko. I am now on my 12th week so hopefully mag subside na yung morning sickness ko. Continue reading