Every mother wants to take good care and be with their family 24/7 and I really wish to be a “full-time Mom”(Sino bang ayaw?)too. But for working mom like us, it’s really hard to do that because we need to balance our work and family. And ofcourse, we just want to secure their future. It’s for their own good, right? That’s why weekends are very precious to me, coz that’s the only time that I can give to my son and my hubby. And I make sure that I give them quality time that they really need.

But you know what, most of the time our little Cyler used to wake up at night when we come home from work. He used to play with us before he get back to bed. So what I do is I read his book to him every night, then afterwards I let him watch his favorite cartoons at my mobile. Btw, his favorite cartoon is Charlie and the Numbers from Babytv channel, this cartoon will teach the baby to count from 1-10. Cyler’s favorite part is the Number’s Party( where Charlie and the Numbers will sing and dance), he dance and clap when he heard the song. He really takes all our worries and fears away when we saw him really happy.

Btw, here’s the epic photo of our daily playtime at night.

This is how he looked like when he’s watching Charlie and the Numbers, very serious. Hehe

While playing hide and seek, Hmmm.. where is Cyler?!


Cyler: The playpen is mine noow! Rooaar!

Is that a beautiful eyes?! Hehe ( He really likes making funny faces in front of the camera)

Bedtime is fun time for the Ricafort family! (Cyler: Hey Mommy and Daddy you doesn’t look funny here. You’re soo scaaarry!)

How I wish we can play with him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! #wishfulthinking


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