Booksale is Love!

This Frugalicious Kikay Mommy just found a new love or should I say addiction –Booksale! It never came across my mind that I could find interesting and good books from a second hand book store. Plus you can avail the books for the cheaper price evaahh! I’ve read on my CIL Ate Maggie’s blog post about Booksale, I was really amazed about the prices and the books that she bought at Booksale. Thanks to her very informative blog. And so, I visited the nearest one in our area, at SM San Lazaro. I usually buy magazines at Booksale, but I never tried to buy a book. It’s my first time to buy a book there and I really enjoy it. Sa sobrang tuwa and enjoy ko nakabili ako ng 8 books for 800 bucks only! Imagine?! It supposed to be 10 books, but the two books are not in good condition anymore so I didn’t buy it. Anyway, there’s still next time, I guess 8 books are not bad.

These are the books that I bought from Booksale. I soo love it, really! 🙂

Booksale is a great place to find obscure and cheap used books. Perfect for frugalicious Mommies and book lovers out there! I was able to buy six Dr. Seuss’ books for 120 bucks each, can you imagine that?! Those books would cost around Php300-Php500 if bought brand new. I was able to buy Excuse Me by Karen Katz and Cars by Disney & Pixar for 65 bucks only (Havey na Havey!). My goodness! All books that I bought are hardbound and in a usable condition. Btw, the prices range from Php20 to Php 300+ depending on the title and condition of the book. And here’s the good thing, the books at the Booksale branch in SM San Lazaro are organized per author and genre. I feel so lucky coz I didn’t have a hard time finding the books that I want.

Here are the things I learned on buying preloved books:
• Some of the books are not in good condition anymore, so ensure that the books that you are going to buy is in a usable condition.
• Check the book pages if it’s still complete.
• If you want the book then buy it now,
most of the books have limited copies only.
• Make sure you check all the shelf, because I noticed that the good books are placed in the farthest shelf.

Overall, it was a great shopping experienced for me. I’m pretty sure that all budget-minded person will love this too! I love all the books that I bought for Cyler. Me thinks that I will go there more often, maybe once a month or twice.. or thrice..

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