Oh Dear, Another Year

Oh dear, it’s another year for me! Two days from now and it’s my birthday again! Woo hoo! Hooray for the wonderful years of my life! For me, my birthday is one of the most wonderful time of my life because I have so many things to be thankful for. I guess I already received the greatest gift that anyone could ever had, my family. And I think, I could not ask for more, yan na ang pinaka-bonggang gift sa lahat! Umiral nanaman ang ka-dramahan ko! Oh gosh, parang kailan lang 12 years old palang ako, ngayon 13 years old nako. Hahaha! Oh walang ko-kontra, birthday ko ‘to! 😛

First and foremost , lemme say thank you to the following:

  • To the Almighty God for giving me another exciting year to live, thank you for all the countless blessings you have given me. Truly without you I am nothing. I owe you everything, I love you Papa God! 🙂
  • To my husband Cj, thank you for the endless love and patience you have given me. You’re a dependable source of comfort and you’re my cushion when I fall.I love you Hon more than you know. And to our son Cyler, thank you for teaching me how to love unconditionally and for always making me feel a one proud Mommy.Keep it up sweetie, I will always be here for you no matter what. As far as the eye can see, that’s how much I love you.
  • To my dearest relatives and friends: Thank you for making my life more meaningful and wonderful. And thank you for sharing your life with me. They say “Count Your Age By Friends, Not Years.” , in fairness ang dami ninyong naka-tiis sa mga kabaliwan ko! From the bottom of my happy heart, thank you so much guys! My life won’t be as exciting as this without you, I love you all!

And of course mawawala ba naman ang birthday wishlist?! Of course not! Hehe

Now Here’s my top 6 birthday wishes:

  1. A house and lot! Why not chocnut?!
  2. A family trip to HongKong and Macau!
  3. An iPad2 or iPad3.. and an iPhone5! (meron naba?excited much lang, sorry! =p)
  4. A new pair of shoes from VNC and a bag from CMG or XOXO! I’m only a woman, born to love shoes and bags.
  5. A total hair make-over! Oh yeah, kikayness in the house! My last hair makeover was 1 1/2 years ago, could you imagine that?! I really think I need this one. Napaglipasan na ng panahon ung hair ko, my goodness!
  6. A new pair of Havianas summer collection!

And above all these material things, I’m just a simple woman who have a simple wish, to have a happy and healthy family. Btw, I am now accepting gifts pero better kung cash. LOL! Ang hindi daw magbigay ng gift mamalasin sabi sa Feng Shui, just kidding! But they say jokes are half-meant true, right? 😛 #WishLangNaman

That’s it pansit! Advance Happy Birthday to me!

The Birthday Girl! Naks! 😀

Go Shawie it’s your birthday we gonna party like it’s your birthday! =p

P.S. Age is only a number, and mine is unlisted. 😛


2 thoughts on “Oh Dear, Another Year

  1. Go Shawie it’s your birthday we gonna party like it’s your birthday! =p
    hahahahaha yan ba ung inemail ko sau? missyou!

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