Cyrus Schuyler’s Christening: The Reception

If you are on a tight budget and you want to have a hassle free celebration , I highly recommend Max’s Restaurant .The resto offers the best menu at the lowest price ever, the food is good and affordable. Would you believe that we only pay less than 18 thousand pesos for the venue that is good for 80pax? The total cost of Cyler’s Baptismal is less than 20 thousand pesos, yes less than 20 thousand pesos only (including the giveaways and DIY’s). We are expecting for 50 guest but more than 80 guest show up! But it’s fine, the more the merrier, right?! Hehe We almost occupied the whole resto, but what I also like about having the reception in a resto is the assurance that there will be food for everyone even if more than expected guests show up. Lesson learned: Do not rely on RSVP. Hehe

Anyhoo, they have four menu for Christening package and we chose Menu 1 standard. They have premium and standard, the premium includes all the amenities while the standard doesn’t include all the amenities. Here’s the list of amenities and menu that we get:

  • Nachos with Bangus Spread
  • Soup of the day
  • Pancit Canton
  • Lumpiang Shanghai
  • Chopsuey
  • Max’s Regular Fried Chicken
  • Caramel Bar
  • Plain Rice
  • Softdrinks and Icetea

Inclusive of:

  • 2 hours use of venue
  • Free use of bassinet
  • Decorated Party Area
  • Party Balloons
  • Balloon Centerpieces
  • Tarpaulin Banner Rental
  • Invitations
  • Gift for the Baby
  • Souvenirs
  • 5% discount certificate (for next party)


  • Php2,988 per additional full table
  • Php1495 per additional half-table

I decided to forgo the cake and guest book on the package, instead of cake pinalitan ko nalang ng cupcake para pang giveaway na rin since hindi naman makakain ng guest ung cake then the guest book it’s DIY, plus naka-less pako. 🙂 We added another full table and half-table nung dumami bigla yung guest, good thing the food didn’t served late.

They also have a “Ninong ko si Max” promo. Max’, the celebrated figure behind Max’s Restaurant will be the official “ninong” or godfather of every infant and child who will celebrate their christening reception at Max’s Resto. Every year, until they reach the age 7, the child can expect christmas and birthday presents from their doting Ninong Max, plus they are also priviledge to receive treats at Max’s Corner Bakery goodies every time they visit Ninong Max’s resto (with a min purchase of Php200). They also get a special 15% discount on their 1st and 7th birthday! Oh diba ang generous ni Ninong Max?! (Havey na havey!)

“Ninong ko si Max” certificate 🙂

Theme: Noah’s Ark

Happy christening Cyler!

The proud parents 🙂

The Ricafort Family

I am now a certified true christian 🙂

  • Venue: Max’s Restaurant, Bluewave Macapagal
  • Time: 3:00 PM- 5:00 PM
  • Theme: Noah’s Ark

More photos posted here.

Max’s Restaurant never fails to amaze me and satisfy my guests tummies. I believe that christening should not be expensive. Actually, Max’s Restaurant is our wedding reception too! Hindi naman kami masyadong suki diba?! 😀


2 thoughts on “Cyrus Schuyler’s Christening: The Reception

  1. Hi Sharon! I came across your blog while I was looking for a Christening Reception of my first born. We have chosen to do it in Max’s Restaurant as well. I am basically new with this blogging industry and I’m trying to gain mommy blogger friends.

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