The Tooth Hurts

As early as five months Cyler started teething. We noticed that his gums became swollen and there’s a white spot in the gums area. A week after, when I slide my index finger along his gums I felt something hard. Right there, on the bottom: a tooth! Moving forward, he has now a total of 8 tooth (teeth), and his molars are starting to peek out on his gums. It’s nice to see him building a beautiful smile, but it breaks my heart to see him uncomfortable and in pain. So we asked Dra. Vienne about this, she suggested that we give him paracetamol whenever his in pain especially at night so he can sleep better. Because Cyler is having a hard time sleeping at night when he’s teething. But I’m really glad because he never gets any fever. Also, she suggested that we put his pacifier or teether on the freezer, because colds slightly numbs the area. Sometimes I let him chew his blanket or wash cloth, cause Cyler wants to bite everything. He likes biting me, his daddy and even his lolo and lola. My gulay! But it’s fine, that’s totally understandable. He prefers thumb sucking than using pacifier, I noticed that it become his pain reliever. So I let him do it, besides Dra. Vienne said that it’s fine and it’s normal but she also said that we should stop his thumb sucking habit before he reach 2 years old, it might cause dental problems. I also love thumb sucking when I was a little kid, maybe he got this habit from me. #BakaLangNaman

The Smart Feature article of Smart Parenting July 2011 issue helps me on how to properly care my infant’s teeth. You can follow these tips:
• wipe a clean, wet washcloth over the gums daily. Start doing this even before your baby has any teeth. Personally, I use a cotton in wiping his gums, just cover your index finger with a cotton and put a small amount of water and massage it to your infant’s gums.
• Once a day, polish new teeth with a small, soft toothbrush. Cover it with a tiny smear of flouridated children’s toothpaste. I started using a toothbrush on Cyler’s teeth when he was 7mos. because he has 6 tooth (teeth) already at that time and it became his daily favorite habit. No more pilitan moment for us cause he really loves brushing his teeth.
• Schedule a dental appointment around her first birthday. Now this is my next plan for Cyler.

At 5 months he has 2 teeth already.

At 7 months his front teeth are almost complete (Lakas lang maka-Twilight, nauna kasi yung pangil niya tumubo. Hehe)

And now, no more twilight days.. I mean toothless smile for Cyler! 🙂

Teething is part of every child’s milestone and I am looking forward for his next milestone. 🙂

P.S. Still, the best remedies are hugs and kisses from Mommy and Daddy. 🙂


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