A Sneak Peek to Cyler’s Magical Numbers Party

I just can’t stop myself from showing to all of you the sneak peek (I know i’m such a spoiler!) of Cyler’s Magical Numbers Party. So, allow me to do so..

So here it is..
But wait! There’s more…. on my next post(after the party). Hihi
These is just part of the party details. (photo taken from my phone, sorry for the poor camera resolution)

P.S. I’m super eggcited na guys! Can’t wait to share all the details and DIYs to all of you!


My Shopping Mishaps

Last Saturday, we was so busy buying stuffs for Cyler’s upcoming birthday party. We went to S&R at The Fort, then to SM Supermarket Makati, and then to Rustans Department Store to make sure that we have everything that we needed for his first birthday party. I was so ngarag, losyang and super tired at that time cause while shopping I’m also taking good care of my little boy, but I don’t complain. I love what I’m doing and I enjoy party planning until…

First shopping mishaps: I bought a new pair of pants for Cyler at Rustans, when I got to the counter I presented my FSP2 card(Rustans membership card) as usual cause I’ve been using that a number of times. Sadly, I had to find out when I got to the counter that my FSP2 card wasn’t activated yet and I need to go to the concierge to be able to activate it and earn points. So I answered them with a big “WHATDA?! Why you didn’t tell me that from the start?!”. Oh, that REALLY sent chills to my spine. My goodness! I want to explode at that time, I tried to be calm, but I started to be a bit mataray (lumabas ang natatago kong mataray na kaluluwa bigla!) to the cashier. Besides, customer is always right, ayt?! Eh kasi naman noh, I really thought that I’m earning points, tapos hindi pala. Naka-kaloka! Diba?! Grabe! They assisted me at the concierge and they activated my card. So when I got to the concierge, I told them that they should inform me about that from the very beginning, cause it’s like I’m using that card for nothing. Nevertheless, I pay for that membership card, so it’s my right to complain. Right?! And it seems like I’m wasting my money for nothing. Hay. Epic Fail!

Second shopping mishaps: After that epic moment, we went to the breastfeeding station to take some rest, relax and feed Cyler. After that we decided to go home. Unfortunately, for some inexplicable reason… I left our purchases at the breastfeeding station. My gulay! I left it at the crib inside the breastfeeding station (oh my!momnesia attack again). Hay. Another epic failure! So, we went home without knowing that we left our purchases in Rustans. So the night passed by and I still don’t remember that I left something there. It was Sunday night already and we’re about to sleep when I figured out that there’s something missing on Cyler’s outfit for his birthday party. My eyes literally popped out and I shouted saying “Hon! Naiwan ko ata sa Rustans ung pinamili natin!” , it was 11pm then, I called Rustans immediately. Somebody answered the phone, oh, it was Manong guard he told me that I should call in the morning cause the mall was close already. And suddenly it sinked into my mind that it was late at night already, so I said “Ok” to Manong guard. Oo nga naman sarado na ung mall, kalerkey! Panic mode lang ang peg, sorry naman. We checked our place and the car hoping that it was there.. pero wala talaga, ni anino, wala talaga. Ayayay! Naiwan ko nga!

So the morning came, it was Monday already and it was our little boy’s big day. Our first plan was to go to the church near our place and attend the mass there, but we changed our plan and decided to attend the mass in Greenbelt chapel since we need to go back to Rustans to get the stuff that we left there. When we arrived at Rustans we went to the concierge and asked if they saw some shopping bag inside the breastfeeding station last saturday. Luckily, they got it and they returned it back to us. Thank goodness! Hay! Nakahinga ako ng bonggang bongga!

Lesson learned:
First, double check all your things or belongings before leaving the place. Check it twice or thrice! Wag ninyo na kong tularan. Pasensya na my momnesia lang, epekto ng epidural (but it’s true, believe me) #MasabiLang
Second, if you purchase a membership card to any stores, make sure it was activated and you are earning points especially if you pay for that card. Kasi sayang if you pay for it and you’re not getting any benefits. Ayt?!

So, to all the shoppingera’s and shoppingero’s out there, always get ready for that shopping mishaps!

Love, Mommy: The Birth Of Cyrus Schuyler

Dear Cyler,
The most awaited moment of my life finally arrived. It was my weekly checkup when the doctor’s found out through my ultrasound that my amniotic fluid was leaking already. I was almost one week overdue then, so the doctor decided to induce me. We went back home to get all the things that we needed for your arrival. I was admitted to the hospital on May 27,2011 at exactly 9pm. I went straight to the labor room, I feel really nervous and so excited at the same time. I feel nervous cause it was my first time to be admitted at the hospital, I hate the smell of the hospital, really, and I feel dizzy every time I smell blood. But I am ready to conquer my fear just for you, sweetie. I am also too excited cause I can’t wait to see the miracle inside me, which is of course you, Cyler. I can feel you in my tummy at that time, you would move the whole time. I get so distracted by the other woman inside the labor room, she started to freak out and she’s freaking me out too. And so, I asked  permission from my OB if I can stay in our room, luckily she allowed me to stay in the room until the morning. They started to induce me at 12am. I’m trying to sleep but I can’t cause I’m starting to feel the pain, I tried to visualize calm and serene thoughts. And indeed, I got into a very relaxed state and I fell asleep. I feel very calm cause you’re Daddy and your grandmother was on my side the whole time. When the morning came, they bring me back to the labor room and they induce me again, I was only 1cm at that time. After 3 hours they checked me again, and it still 1cm. Oh, it was already set in my mind that I am going to have a normal delivery but I was already expecting and preparing myself for a C-section delivery, I was praying hard at that time. They check me again at 12 noon and nothing happens it was still 1cm. After 12 hours at the labor room, your Daddy and my OB finally decided to give me an emergency Cesarean delivery. You’re Daddy was really worried about us, he knows that we are both having a hard time and he wanted to ended up the pain, that’s why we decided to have a cesarean delivery. It was 3pm when they finally bring me to the OR and I had an epidural. I feel so dizzy, but I fight my dizziness cause I want to see you’re arrival. Finally the long wait is over, you we’re born at 4:00pm on May 28, 2011. You weigh 7lbs, such a big baby that came from a little Mommy. I really cried when I saw you. I love you instantly. It’s like I’ve known you for a long time. You are so quiet and you didn’t cry. Your Daddy and your Grandma was so excited to see you.

All of our family and friends came to the hospital to welcome you to the world. Everyone was so happy to see you. Cyrus Schuyler (pronounce as Skyler) was the name Daddy and I picked out for you. Cyrus means a persian God and Schuyler means sky, it’s like God in the sky. You are the best gift that God has given to us. Three days later and it was time to take you home already. Daddy and I feel so blessed because you are in a good condition and a very healthy bouncing baby boy. Everything has change since you we’re born, our life become more meaningful. And we we’re so happy that you are home at last! I love it when I’m cuddling you in my arms and for the first time I discover the true meaning of motherhood. You make me realize how good is life.

Cyler, the day you we’re born was the happiest moment of my life.


Happy birthday, baby!

I love you to the Nth power!


Improvise Boxes and Buckets

From time to time, I have these light bulb moments and I never jot it down and share it to anyone. Today, I decided to do so. Allow me to share it with you guys. Improvising, is one of the best things that I learned when I became a mom. When Cyler was born, the house became a big mess . Most of his stuffs can be found anywhere in the house, especially his toys so it just gathered dust and  it is prone to germs as well. Cyler is very sensitive to dust, I guess most of the kids are allergic to dust. He also loves to put everything on his mouth and I need to make sure that everything is germ free (at least 95%).  So I decided to put his things in a container, so it won’t get as much exposure to dust and germs. The question here is should I buy a new storage container for that? Remember ever since I became a Mom, I’m trying to be a Frugalicious as much as I can.

There are numerous items that can serve as a resource and the most useful and versatile thing that I found are boxes and buckets. Since I’m trying to be a Frugalicious Mom (malapit na, promise!), as much as possible I don’t want to buy new storage containers, unless it’s necessary. So what did I do? I reuse boxes and buckets! And viola! I have my storage container in an instant!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the improvised boxes and bucket:

We can use these super cute buckets from our fave fast food restaurants

Toys are now dust and germs free!

You can also use it as toiletries storage.

You can also use an empty boxes as well.

gift boxes from your fave stores

Toys are germs free- check!

Stylish and very useful boxes

A box can be used to store a variety of gear and food items.

You can also keep your kikay accessories inside the box.

By doing this you are not only improvising, you are also organizing,  and recycling as well. Nakatulong kapa kay Mother Earth! Oh diba bongga?! These buckets and boxes is not only a storage container, it can be  a tool box, plant container, water container, a toy, etc. Your resources in any situation are limited only by your imagination and your need.

Let us all reduce, reuse and recycle and save mother earth!

Heaven and Eggs with Katey Perz

Last sunday, May 19, we had a lunch date with Cyler’s godmother Katey Perz, she’s my former office mate.  Kate is her real name, but I usually call her Katey Perz or Mars (short for Kumare), and she calls me Mallows. How sweet noh?! Hehe This lunch date is very precious and special to us cause this is her advance birthday celebration. We barely see each other now because she’s working now in Malaysia (truly Asia). Anyhoo, we dine at Heaven and Eggs in Glorlietta. It was her birthday treat for us, she decided to have a breakfast buffet. Heaven and Eggs’ buffet breakfast is available from 7am to 1pm , buffet is at P399++. H&E bright interiors is divided into three areas: the porch, the courtyard or garden and the heaven.

Welcome to H&E

I love that yellow couch!

Welcome back Mars!

From left to right: It’s  Mareng Katey Perz, my hubby Cj, the kulilit(short for makulit na bulilit) Cyler, Me, and Rachelle.

Here’s what they have on the buffet:

Different spreads for bread

They have six variety of main dish to choose from

There’s garlic rice, seafood tempura, pesto pasta, beef with broccoli etc..

Cooking station

I ordered cinnamon french toast.

Soup of the day and Goto with different variety of sauce you can choose from.

Egg station

I chose ham and cheese for my omelette.

Cereal Station

They have three different cereals. They only have the normal milk though.

They also have different sauce for pancakes

They also have fruit station but unfortunately I forgot to take some photos of it. Sowie!

After having lunch, we surprised the birthday girl… Tadaa!

Surprised Mars! Here’s our birthday gift for you!

Mars, hindi ka naman masyadong na-surprise noh? hindi halata. 🙂

Mareng Katey Perz surprised me as well!

She gave me Vincci shoes from MYS! OMEGAD!

Blue Wedge shoes is love!

You really know what I want. Thanks a bunch Mars!I really love VNC shoes, superb!

Here’s some of my VNC shoes..

Adik lang diba?! Hihi

I love VNC shoes cause most of its shoes are made from synthetic material. And it’s very lightweight, it’s not masakit sa paa like any other brands out there. And lastly, it’s proven and tested. 🙂

Another surprised birthday gift from Ninang Katey to Cyler:

Books from Malaysia with Love!

Colorful long sleeves from Old Navy

Animal printed long sleeve from Old Navy

A formal body suite from Old Navy

Thanks a bunch Ninang Katey for the wonderful gifts! You’re such a doting Ninang to Cyler and friend to me.  Pang isang buong taon naba ‘tong gift na ‘to? LOL!

Together with my doting kumare, Katey Perz.

Ninang Katey and her inaanak, Cyler

Till next time Mars!

It’s was indeed a full of surprises lunch date with Ninang Katey!  Thanks Mars for the treat and surprises. I hope we surprised you too. Have a safe trip and take care always. We love you so muchooo! Till our next food trip! XOXO

Heaven and Eggs info:

Unit 104 G/F, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center

Makati City, Metro Manila

(02) 818-2792

Stupendous Hot Saturday (Part II)

After 48 years, here’s the continuation of our Stupendous Hot Saturday. Sorry, it takes too long before I post this, cause I was insanely busy preparing for my little boy’s 1st birthday party. My goodness! Did I say birthday party?! I can’t believe he’s turning one soon. Parang kailan lang.. gosh! I’m so speechless, I just can’t imagine how time flies. Anyhoo, going back to my topic, we went to Bonifacio High Street after our appointment with Dra. Vienne. BHS is one of our fave hangout place, cause it’s relatively unpopulated and it’s a good place for family pictorial. ayt?! 🙂 I know you’re gonna ask me what did we do there, oh well, we had an endless pictorial there. Hehe

Lemme share our extravagant pictorial at BHS.

Look at that pose! Who teach you that Cyler?!

Ang cute diba?! 🙂

You looks like a little boy here Cyler. My gulay!

The little boy is so busy playing in the grass. I like that!

I grew up surrounded by nature in my hometown at Antipolo, for me nature is the best play ground. And I want Cyler to be able to experience the same thing.

Kikay Mommy Outfit of the Day: Green Dress from Folded&Hung, white sandals from Charles & Keith, Watch from Swatch. That’s it pansit!

Cyler’s outfit of the day: white sleeveless from Baby Company, Jeans from Guess, Shoes from Florsheim Kids

He was wearing a polo shirt from Gingersnap that day, but due to the hot weather we changed his shirt into sleeveless. Lakas lang maka-Robin Padilla ng outfit niya. He is the cute and innocent version. LOL

Lez do the walking Mommy!

And of course mawawala ba naman ang family picture?! 🙂

Cyler: Magtanim ay di biro, maghapon naka-yuko

Mommy: Cyler, later kana magtanim.
Cyler: Hmmmp!

Dog’s are welcome to BHS

This is taken at Serendra.

Meet my SIL Tenten, my CIL Dawn, and my BIL Kuya Francis.

After the never ending unofficial family photo shoot, we went to Brothers Burger to have some snack. Brothers Burger is one of our fave burger in the whole wide world. Their place is not so cozy, but they’re burgah(burger) is supah good, the patty is so thick and juicy. I also love they’re hot bites, hindi talaga yan nawawala sa order list ko. I like the teriyaki sauce that really compliments the supah crispy chicken, for me it’s one of the best finger food ever.

Introducing Brothers Burger

Brothers Burger for me!

Hot bites for everyone!

while waiting to our order, pictorial muna!

While we are eating, this little boy is so busy watching his fave cartoon “Charlie and the Numbers”. Tuwang-tuwa ang bagets!

After having snack, we decided to go home cause it’s getting dark already (ay gabi na pala talaga!Hehe). But before we go home…. pictorial muna uli. Nyahaha! Pasensya na adik lang. Hehe

I love you so much Cyler!

The End.

P.S. I have so many things that I wanted to share with you guys, but just like what I said I-am-insanely-busy this past few weeks. I’ll make a post when I have free time, promise (cross my heart)! I’m trying to squeeze my time but there’s so many things that I need to prepare for Cyler’s 1st birthday party eveeerrr! Keri ko ‘to! (Aja!)I’m so eggcited naaa! I’ll make a post about that soooooon! Gotta go sago! XOXO

Stupendous Hot Saturday!

Last saturday , we went to Manila Memorial Park at Sucat Parañaque for my AIL (Aunt In Law) Nanay Linda’s 1st year death anniversary. Nanay Linda is my hubby’s fave Aunt, I remember her as a very happy person, she’s very kind and motherly. When I was pregnant with Cyler, she used to tell us that we should bring Cyler at their house gusto niya daw alagaan si Cyler, it’s sad cause she didn’t have the chance to see Cyler anymore. She passed away three weeks before Cyler was born. Anyhoo, I know that she’s happy wherever she is right now.

Moving forward, we brought Cyler with us since it was also his monthly check up. We arrived a bit late (o sige na nga ndi na a bit, late talaga kami), the mass was ended and the guest was eating already. We’re late because we was stocked up in the bumper-to-bumper traffic in Makati (sa presinto nalang daw ako mag paliwanag. Haha!). Anyhoo, it was really a hot summer day but despite of that we was able to kept ourselves cool, especially Cyler. He let everyone carry him and he was so busy entertaining everybody by his counting skills (he say one-chu-chi-poy , it’s one-two-three-four), his other pasikat skills like high-five, align (point-to-point), and by being so talkative the whole time. He didn’t mind the hot weather, which is good but kawawa, deadma lang siya kahit naliligo na siya sa pawis niya. Hay. He wanted to walk the whole time but I insisted, kasi super init talaga at ang tirik tirik ng araw that time kasi tanghaling tapat. Also, we’ve had the chance to catch up with our closest family members, since we hardly see each other due to our hectic schedules. We had a bonding time kahit sandali, I guess yan ang panalo sa lahat!

Here’s some of the photos together with the Ricafort Clan:

Together with my CIL’s

Oiliness lang ang mga peg dahil sa hotness ni haring araw! Gosh! Pero still pretty pa rin.. LOL

This is my CIL Ate Maggie , the mom behind Mommy Maggie Musing’s Blog. We are planning to have a more play date for our little ones, hopefully matuloy para masaya at bongga. 🙂

Ayaw tantanan ni Cyler ung shirt ni Tito Mike nya. Hehe

He was hypnotized by the colorful printed shirt of his Tito Mike (akala niya ata book). HeeHee

Mom-to-Mom heart talk!

We all had a great time and didn’t mind the hot summer weather. 🙂

After the family event, we went to St. Lukes Hospital at The Fort, for Cyler’s monthly check-up. We we’re scheduled at 1pm and we arrived a bit late (tunay na ‘to di kami masyadong late, slight lang talaga. Hehe), cause we left Parañaque at 12:30pm. While waiting for our turn, we went to the Lobby to meet our friend Michelle, they just finished they’re appointment with Dra. I recommended Dra.Vienne to her and I think she really likes Dra. Vienne for her bebe. So far, I didn’t hear any negative feedback from her about Dockie. Btw, If you’re looking for a pediatrician for your bebe, I highly recommend Dra. Vienne to all the Mom’s out there, you know why? Because she’s very hands on to all her patients, very professional, easy to talk with, very accommodating, and kind as well. She answer’s every questions I ask her, even through text and she always give me good parenting advices. You may check her info and sched in this blog post.

This is our friend Mich and her baby Elric.

Cyler, who’s bad smell?

The proud parents 🙂

The rest of the gang.

Anyhoo, we was attended by Dra. Vienne at exactly 2pm. Good thing, we didn’t wait that long. Doc said that Cyler is now ready for table food (Yey!), she also mentioned that we should avoid giving him salty and oily food. Cyler had a varicella (chicken pox) vaccine, Dockie said that this vaccine will protect him from this common childhood disease and its potential serious complications, such as bacterial skin infection. She mentioned that chicken pox is extremely contagious, it spreads very quickly from one person to another person through air. Also, she said that this is the best time to give him the varicella vaccine cause Cyler will be expose to different people on his upcoming birthday party. She also checked Cyler’s height and weight, as well as the circumference of his head. Cyler gained 1 kilo in one and a half months, which is really good. In terms of height, Dra said that Cyler is really tall for his age, sana wag manahin ang height ni Mommy. She noticed that Cyler looks like a little boy now, that gave me goosebumps. Oh well, he’ s growing up so fast but he will always be my baby. Generally, Cyler is a well and active baby. 🙂

Here’s some photos inside the clinic:

Here’s Dra. Vienne Saulog, she’s so pretty, right?! 🙂

Thanks Doc Vienne for making Cyler a very healthy baby.

Cyler was so behave when he was checked by Dra.

After having his chicken pox vaccine, deadma lang sa injection. He was shocked, but he didn’t cry. Good job Cyler!

His fave spot at the clinic and my fave too!

I love the hanging toys inside the clinic. Super cute, diba?!

The animal print are so adorable! Me likey!

Cyler: Daddy put me down. I still wanna play!

Don’t you love the clinic’s interior?! 🙂

Walk, walk, walk all the way!

Yeah! I am now protected by chicken pox!

His monthly check up with Dra. Vienne is always a fun time for him.

More of our Stupendous Hot Saturday on my next post… 🙂

Good As New

Unfortunately, at some time of our lives most of us will experience an accident. Wether we like it or not, it’s the way of the future. I mentioned on my “Plans For The Holy Week” blog post that we’ve been into a car accident last month. It was really horrible cause it was my first time to experience that and hopefully it’s the last, thank God cause hubby and I are safe. It happened one morning while we’re on our way to work, when the taxi in front of us stop suddenly in the middle of nowhere, hubby tried to stop but it’s too late. It happened along Ayala here in Makati. Good thing, there’s a traffic enforcer on site, so he saw what happened. He immediately approached and checked us, good thing we are safe, but the car has been damaged. I can’t open the front seat door and the front right side of the car was dented. We’re shocked and devastated, sino ba namang hindi maba-baliw dun?! Kalerkey! Eto lang nasabi ko after the accident “Hala! Anong nangyare hon?!” , I keep on saying that a number of times para akong sirang plaka, hindi talaga ako maka-get over. My gulay! Good thing, the car is insured. Whew! Baka umiyak ako ng dugo pag hindi naka-insured yung kotse.

After the police investigation we headed to Makati Police Station to get a police report, in fairness to Manong Taxi Driver he was there. We’re the one at the back when the accident happened, remember backing vehicles are always presumed at fault. That’s why we didn’t explain our side anymore, anyway the traffic enforcer saw what he really happened. But Manong Driver was insisting that it was our fault. Nakakaloka! Sarap pingutin! LOL The police officer didn’t believe him cause they saw what really happened. Belat! Manong Driver, chos!

Moving forward, 3 weeks after the accident the insurance company approved our claims. Ang tagal makuha diba?! 48 years lang, anyway it’s better than never. Choosy pa ba kami?! The total damage cost Php18,000 pesosesoses, and here’s the good thing the insurance covers everything, we just pay the participation fee which cost Php2000 only (buti nalang talaga! Kung hindi iiyak bulsa namin ng bonggang bongga!). Now I believe on the saying, there’s always a rainbow after the rain. 🙂

Finally, the long wait is over, the car is good as new now. Makaka- pasyal na uli ang bebe namin! 😉

Before and After:
Good as NEW

Here are the things I learned from that incident:
• First thing to do is ask for assistance, call a police immediately, and ambulances, if necessary.
• Relax, don’t panic, panicking won’t help you.
• Get the other driver’s information and car information. Be sure to write everything down.
• Talk to the authorities, let them handle the situation.
• Contact your insurance company and notify them, make sure your insurance covers everything.
• Take photos of the vehicles and accident scene.
• Let your insurance speak with the other drivers insurance company.
• Wether you’re a driver or pedestrian always stay alert.
• And last but never the least- everytime you get behind the wheel, you accept responsibility, so ensure the safety of you and your pasengers.

Remember, no matter how careful you are, there’s still so many careless and reckless driver out there, so it’s always better to be prepared and ready cause you’ll never know what will happen next.

P.S. Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road!

Which is Witch?!

They say Cyler’s look alike is hubby (bitterness in the house! Hehe).

Here’s Cyler and his Daddy, kayo na bahalang mag judge! Hehe

Spot the difference!

Bad smell look is his fave pose. Hay grabeycious!

Sa dinami-dami ng pose sa mundo , eto talaga ang pinaka fave niya. Grabeycious!

Cyler: Mommy, Daddy keeps on bullying me!

Cyler: Daddy your so funny!

I looks like Mommy here.. #SigeNaNga Hahaha!

Now, who’s the real look alike of this cutie patootie? I leave the decision to you guys. 😛

First Family Official Photo Shoot

Cyler was six months old then when we had our first family photo shoot. It was a great experienced to the whole family cause we got the chance to work with the Pro’s(Professional Photographers). We had Blow Up Babies Full Production Photography to take great pictures of us. I first saw their advertisement at Smart Parenting magazine and I was really amazed by their works. Luckily, I saw promo from Ensogo , the promo includes   1-hour studio use for a maximum of 10 people, for three different changes of set-up / costume, unlimited shots for each set-up, and 1 8R print  for Php500 only. O diba ang sulit?!  The rates for prints (one photo / one pose) are a bit pricey but it’s definitely worth every penny, just take a look at our picture and you’ll know what I mean. My jaw literally dropped when I first saw our picture, it was sooooo good! Grabeycious! Havey na havey! I didn’t think THAT it would be so perfect. 🙂

Take a look at our family picture and indulge. 🙂

Mother and Child.

God’s greatest gift, my family! 🙂

Truly, his our little angel.

Now, here’s Cyler cutie patootie solo photos:

Bath time is fun time!

Sunny side! 🙂

Angel in disguise.

I told you it’s worth every peso! 🙂

Here’s another photos together with my SIL and BIL.

Thumbs…. suck!

The Ricafort Family

Now, what can you say?! photos look superb!

Another thing here,  if you want to avail Blow Up Babies membership you just have to pay Php2000,  it includes FREE Photo Sessions for all members for a year! The print is not included. For Non-Members, there is a P500 fee for 1-hour studio use for a maximum of 10 people. There is an additional P250 per head in excess thereof. For Petography, a 1-hour photo session fee is P1,000 for members and P1,500 for non-members. You need to reach Php3500 in order to get the soft copy , it includes 15 unedited photos and all edited photos. The photos are indeed perfect for me. I’ll give them 5 stars ( five is the highest) for their great work! We all had a blast! 🙂

Again, it’s worth every penny, what matter most is the precious moment with my family. We’re surely get their service again for our second, third, fourth(and so on and so forth)  family photo shoot. Four thumbs (kasama paa!Hehe) up, Blow Up Babies! 🙂

For more info:

Visit: http://www.blowupbabies.com/

BLOW-UP is the country’s one and only full-production photography studio.
We specialize in concept photography for infants, kids, teenagers, adults, families including pets! Unique and trendy set-ups & themes are what we do best.

Located at 2/F Shops at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
For bookings / inquiries, call 909-7998 / 909-7999 / 0917-8BLOWUP (256987)

Store hours:
Monday – Friday: 11:00am – 8:00pm (Last shoot at 6:00pm)
Saturday – Sunday: 11:00am – 9:00pm (Last shoot at 7:00pm)

(source: http://www.blowupbabies.com/)

How Motherhood Changed My Life

I’m a child of a broken family, I admit that growing in a broken family wasn’t easy. My parents were separated from each other when I was 7 years old. The day when my parents got separated was the worst day of my life. It was very painful, yes indeed, but I have to accept it. And it’s really hard to live  without your parents behind  you. From that day I also promised myself that I won’t let it happen in my own family. Not even in a glimpse. Life is indeed unfair, but despite of that, I try to be strong and be optimistic in every aspect of my life. I never asked God why did it happen to us because I know he has a purposed. My faith is my strength. Whenever I recall my childhood, I see a happy little girl, who loves to laugh all the time though deep inside, her situation in life really breaks her heart. At an early age I learned how to be independent as well.

My Tita(Aunt)Nanin became my second mother, she supported me and my siblings all the way, from financial, emotional to spiritual needs. I owe her everything; I wouldn’t be able to achieve all my dreams and goals in life without her. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for being there always, though we’re far from each other right now, I know that she knows how much she mean to me and how much I love her. The word thank you is not enough to show how blessed I am for having such a great Tita like her. As I write this post, I can’t stop this tears from falling. Sorry for the dramarama, I told you I’m a drama queen. Hehe

When Cyler was born, I forget about myself,  it’s always him first because I want to give him the security, happiness, attention and loving family I never had. Motherhood taught me so many things and here’s some of the things that I learned from being a mother.

  • Family first and forget about yourself, it’s easy to forget about yourself because you are giving so much of yourself.
  • Being a mother is the biggest challenge I had to deal with but it is the best job in the world. Kudos to all the parents out there!
  •  Motherhood taught me how to give unconditional love, because once you become a mother you need to give everything to your family without asking anything in return. It’s your duty and responsibility to take good care of them as long as you live.
  • My family is my top priority above anything and I’m ready to sacrifice everything for them. And I promised that I’m gonna give the best of the best that I can give them.
  • Motherhood brought out the best in me and it’s so indescribably fulfilling being a mom. Watching my child grow and learn on his own is indeed priceless.
  • I learned to balance my time. No matter how hectic my schedule is, I always make sure that I am  giving my family a quality time.
  •  I learned to love and value myself , I know my family needs me.
  • Beside from God, my family is the most important thing in the whole wide world. 🙂

Nevertheless, being a mom is the toughest job on earth but I’m embracing motherhood and I love being a mom! Thank you, Cyler, for teaching me all these. There are a lot things that I learned from being a mother. Countless even. If I dictate it here one by one, ay naku hindi na kasya! Bonggang bonggang space ang kakailanganin ko! At baka makatulog na kayo kaka-basa dyan! 😛

They rock my world!

P.S. Our life here on earth is just a temporary assignment and the true life is the eternal life with Jesus. So while you’re here on earth be the best and give the best to your love ones especially to your family. Remember, you will only live once so make the most out of it! 🙂

A Big Thank You!

Having 800++ views and 10 followers in one and a half month for a newbie blogger like me is indeed heart warming. My goodness may nagbabasa pala ng blog ko! #AkalainMoYun Fom the bottom of my heart I just wanna say thank you for reading and supporting this blog. You guys are one of the reasons why I keep on blogging. Sa ayaw at sa gusto ninyo magpo-post pa rin ako. Hehe Nakakahiya naman sa inyo, that’s why I decided na mas pagandahin at mas pabonggahin tong blog na’to. Hihi #ArteLang.

I want.. a full blog makeover! Yung bonggang bonggang make over! I want a design that will really describes me and my family.. I guess from now on that’s one of my biggest project.

Calling all my friends and relatives out there! If you’re good or not-so-good(keri na!) in layout designing kindly pm me! I need your help in re-designing the look and feel of my blog. #PressureKakaloka

Again, thanks for reading and dropping by at this site. Sorry for the wrong grammar, corny jokes and wrong spelling that you read in this blog. LOL Sorry I’m not a good writer, I’m a kikay programmer, remember?! Hehe I really appreciate all your hits and comments. If your a bit shy to comment you can contact me through my email address it’s sharonrose_sanchez@yahoo.com.

Thanks again! Keep reading! 🙂

Love! Love! Love!
Kikay Mommy Sha 🙂

The Health Benefits Of Dancing

Dancing is one of my passions (hindi lang halata, hehe), it is also a form of exercise. Belly dancing and modern dance (like hiphop, jazz, pop rock, etc) is what I like the most. Yes, I love belly dancing,but it seems like belly dancing doesn’t like me. Anyhoo, hubby and I used to go at the gym twice a week, one hour dance class is I guess enough for me to stay fit and at the same time to enjoy and have fun. I’m not a weight conscious or what , it’s just that I like to dance. Dancing gives an overall sense of my well being cause it really boosts my self-confidence and build my social skills. Sometimes, I feel really sexy when I’m dancing (ansabeeee?! Hayaan nio na kahit sa sayaw lang maging sexy. Haha), besides it’s not every time naman. Hehe When I was young I used to join the school dance production, I even join cheer dance competition, ganyan ako ka-adik sumayaw. Hehe Actually, Cj loves dancing too, that’s one of our common interests. We also noticed that Cyler loves dancing too, cause he used to jump and wiggle his body (May future kang bata ka!) whenever he hears music. #SigeNaNga!

Anyhoo, now that I’m a mother and a wifey, I know it’s hard to squeeze my time cause I need to spend most of my time with my family. But reality check- I’m only a HUMAN. I need a me-time too. And so I am trying to balance everything- my work, family, friends, including me-time. My family is the best stress reliever, but sometimes it is also important to give yourself a break. A time to reflect, to enjoy, and to do what really makes you happy. Remember that a happy wifey makes a happy home. They say that once you become a mother you can no longer have a social life, it’s definitely not true. You can still do what you want but not everything of course, you still need to give up something for your family. You just have to balance everything, remember that there is always time for everything. Bear in mind that having me-time will not make you a bad parent, you just need to set a limitation. Personally, dancing is part of my life, it also benefit my health. Besides being fun, dancing has many positive health benefits.

And here’s some of the healthy goodness of dancing:
• It benefits every part of the body, including the mind. The experts say that exercising causes the body to produce endorphins, chemical that can help a person to feel more peaceful and happy.
• And of course if you feel better, you will also look better.
• Achieving your desired weight can boost your self-confidence too.
• Improve posture and muscle toning.
• It benefits our heart and cardiovascular system.
• It reduces stress.
• It decreases a person’s risk of developing certain diseases like high blood, diabetes, cancer or any kinds of diseases.
• Dancing is tremendously beneficial in keeping us young. Who want’s to be forever young?! (Itaas ang paa at iwagayway!) #Kaloka!

I know it’s really hard to include exercise in your insanely busy schedule, especially if you’re a working Mom like me, but believe me one or two hours of work out is enough to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. Remember, you need to be healthy for your family. So why don’t you give it a try, make dancing/exercise a part of your daily habit. You can also do it yourself at home, by simply stretching your arms and legs, or you can also dance together with your family whenver you hears music. It’s a perfect bonding time for your family too. There is also lots of available video about dancing and exercise, just simply browse the net. But still it’s important to check with your own medical provider before starting any new form of exercise, especially if you are over 40, pregnant or have medical problems.

I guess, that’s it pansit!

So gals and guys what are you waiting for? Let’s all dance to health!! 🙂

My Birthday Bash at Bulgogi Brothers (Part 1)

Last friday night, I celebrated my birthday with my friends/co-workers/kumare’s. Actually it was a post birthday celebration already, due to our insanely busy sched. It was my birthday treat so I’ve been thinking of a restaurant that has different type of cuisine and I can think of no better place to dine than Bulgogi Brothers. It was my second time to this resto and I can say that they have the best authentic Korean cuisine. It is located at the 3rd floor of Greenbelt 5, Makati. The restaurant has a modern interior, has a classy ambiance, with its display of wine racks, dark-hued couches . Also, they have LCD screen that plays K-Pop MTV inside the resto (the use of K-Pop hits brings cheer to the overall mood of the place) and tables with an induction oven in the center. The server’s will greet you “Annyeong-haseyo!” once you enter the place. I’m not really fond of Korean food but when I tried Bulgogi Brothers everything has changed. I must say, they have the best bulgogi ever! Btw, Bulgogi (Korean pronounciation: pulgogi) is a Korean dish that usually consists of marinated barbecued beef, chicken or pork.

The main cast

Bulgogi Brothers, a restaurant that uses titanium chopsticks, spoons, and serving plates, pays great attention to the littlest of details.

Free tea of the day

Free spinach salad and kimchi


The main dish:

Bulgogi Brothers Special (Php1495)

Their special assorted bulgogi is seasoned to perfection for the ultimate experience. Un-yang and Gwang-yang Style Bulgogi. Best ordered with Baekhwasubok. For 2-3 persons

Cooking time! My fave part.

The meat is cooked alongside the onions and sweet potato slices.

In Bulgogi Brothers, their servers will do the cooking for you. This prevents the diners from eating under-cooked or overcooked meals. But you can also do the cooking if you want to.

Sogogi Beoseot Bokkeum (Php395)

Stir fried beef with assorted vegetables (green pepper, red pepper, onion, bokchoy and button mushrooms). Best ordered with Chungha

Dubu Steak (Php245)

Fried crispy dubu (tofu) with teriyaki sauce and bean sprout. Best ordered with Bokbunja Bohae.

Bulgogi Bibimbap (Php395)

Great combination of various vegetable, bulgogi, and rice.

After our sumptuous Korean dinner, they surprised me with a cake and gift! Ay! Nakakainis talaga kayo, I’m not prepared! Chos!

Thank you guys for the cake and the gift! I really like it!

In fairness, I really like the gift, they gave me stylish blouse and accessories. It’s so kikay, I love it!

The Kikay Daddy’s! 😛

My certified Kikay barkada. 🙂

More photos below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, I guess we all went home with a happy and full tummy. Bulgogi Brothers is always the best, you must try it yourself. Thank you guys for making my birthday a very special day! Love ya’all!

My Special Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite day cause the mother get the chance to put their feet up and be well and be spoilt! Yesterday, my hubby asked me out on a date (I’m so kilig to the bones!). Sino ba naman ako para tumanggi diba? He knows that this week has been a very busy week for us cause our little boy was sick. Thank God cause Cyler is getting better now. Anyhoo, we went to Trinoma Mall, as usual. We bought movie tickets first, the earliest time was fully booked already and the only time left was the last full show so we don’t have any choice but to get it (better to be late than never, right?). While waiting for the movie, we dine to our fave japanese fast food Tokyo Tokyo.

Feeling bagets lang. Hehe

The retarded couples 😛

After the japanice sumptuous dinner, I found out that there’s Charles and Keith clearance sale there, that sent chills to my spine (Nabuhay nanaman ang natutulog kong shoppingerang kaluluwa! Gosh!). We went straight there, of course! There are lots of good shoes to choose from. Unfortunately, the bags are not included on sale. The place was really crowded and you need to have a keen eye in order to get a good shoes and you need to have a LOTS of patience cause the sizes are limited. Luckily, I bought 3 pairs of shoes for Php 2,300 only!! Could you imagine that?! That’s a price of one pair of shoes if bought in regular price! Whew! And here’s the good thing- I’ve got all the sizes on the designs that I want! Super havey! I feel so lucky, lucky, lucky! I guess it was the best mother’s day treat for me! 🙂

Charles & Keith clearance sale is love. 🙂

Look at those shoppingera’s!

Mountain of shoes!

Look what I bought for myself *drum roll*: 🙂

This is so girly! I love it!

white flat sandals, I can wear this everyday!

Brown flat sandals, this is what I like the most!

Don’t you just love it?! Shoes is love!

So after that FAB Charles and Keith sale, we went to the kids zone to buy some stuff for Cyler.We went to Gingersnap boutique and bought some clothes for Cyler. The said store has a “Mother’s Day Treat Promo”, for every single receipt purchased worth Php1000 you’ll get a free Cycles gift pack. I really love the freebies cause we’re really using Cycles laundry detergent and baby bottle cleanser for Cyler. Another mother’s day treat for me! Yay! I so love this day, really! 🙂

Mother’s Day Treat is the best!

Look what I’ve got from Gingersnap! 🙂

After the shopping adventure, finally it’s time to watch the movie. We watched The Avengers movie, we’ve planned to watch this movie a couple of times but due to our busy schedule we didn’t have the chance to. Finally, the long wait is over. I guess it’s the 2nd week of the movie already but I guess it’s fine. They say it’s better to be late than never, right?! #MasabiLang The movie was really great. Kudos to the Director and Production Team of the movie, they really did a great job! Oh I love Captain America and Thor!

I love you so much Hon!

Generally, it was a great mother’s day treat for me and of course it’s really a time well spent with my hubby, Cj. Being with him is always the best time ever, really. Thanks Hon for making this day a very special day for me. I love you so muchoo muchacho!

Salute to all the SuperMoms out there! Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

When the Baby is Sick

Our little boy Cyler is sick and has been down with stuffy nose for 6 days and cough for 2 days now. Last night, it was already accompanied by vomiting. I guess we need to see his pedia, unfortunately she’s on leave until May 13. We’ll just check for a new one for the mean time. Anyhoo, it really breaks my heart to see him suffering from those viruses.


The kawawa bear. 😦

When the baby is sick, Mommy get so paranoid and tremendously worried. A Moms job isn’t easy especially when the baby is sick. It is also one of the hardest thing for a new mom to go through and it is very hard to watch your baby feel bad. And it’s hard to decipher a sick baby coz they can’t say how they really feel. If I could only take all those pain away (sigh).


Mommy’s hugs and kisses are still the best remedies.

P.S. Get well soon Anak!

Parenting in the Time Of Tablets

The Smart Parenting May issue comes bundled with the latest issue of Super Mom. The “Parenting In The Time of Tablets” article of SuperMom helps me alot on how to deal with my child in todays high-tech world. Me and my hubby are both in the IT world and it’s part of our life already. But we don’t want to over expose Cyler in the high-tech gadgets, we want him to be able to experience the real world. When I was a little kid I used to climb in the trees and even in the roof. Hehe And we used to play patintero, mataya-taya, doctor quack-quack, tagu-taguan, etc. This got me thinking about how many of our fave activities as a child have now been altered in the digital age.I know it’s really different now, but I still want him to be able to experience the same thing that I experience back when I was a child (climbing in the roof is not included,hehe). For me, nature is the best playground evaah, I must say. And I want him to experience how it feels like in the outside world coz the real thing is much, much harder deal that takes real practice. We don’t have any yaya to look after him especially on weekends, as much as possible Hubby and I don’t really want a yaya, we want to raise our son on our own. Sometimes I feel so guilty coz we let Cyler watch the tv or let him play my iPhone in order to do our chores. My mother or my sister used to look after him on weekdays, I’m really thankful and I feel so blessed coz I don’t have to worry about Cyler when I’m at work. Anyhoo, back to my topic, it’s true that techie gadgets is a great way to distract the kids, but it shouldn’t turn into a full-time babysitter. Nowadays, most of the kids will choose to stay in front of the computer than to play outside. And I don’t want that to happen on my own child, I won’t let it happen. Lemme share with you some of the advices that I got from SP.

• Kids who spend too much time at the computer are missing out on other activities fundamental to their physical, social, and emotional development.
• Kids often watch videos or play video games alone, can cause social isolation.
• If your child regulary play games with plots based on violence and aggression, he’s at risk for increased aggresive behavior.

• Tablets and smartphones are sometimes a very effective learning tool.
• Exposing your child to such high-tech gadgets does not make you a bad parent (wew! I feel relief), as long as its usage is properly supervised and in moderation.

Look how this thing captures his whole attention.

These are the things that I learned from SP. Wether we like it or not it is the way of the future, as a parent the best thing that we can do is to set a limit to how much our child should spend in the world of tablets.

P.S. Thanks again SP for the very informative article! It helps me alot! Superb! 🙂

Cyler First Trip to Tagaytay (Part II)

Now here it is, the best part of our trip – FOOD TRIP! Are you looking for a place where you can get together with fellow food enthusiasts and enjoy a great meal? well The Cliffhouse is the perfect place to go. The place is romantic, scenic, and relatively unpopulated. The Cliffhouse is a cluster of restaurants along Aguinaldo highway . The whole place exudes a romantic vibe, especially at night. It was a love at first sight when I saw the whole place. I guess most people miss this place because of its very simple signage outside the main highway. The Cliffhouse, is just a few meters from Leslie’s. I’ve been in Tagaytay a number of times, but it was my first time to discover this place. Thanks to my friends for introducing this place to us. They say that the Cliffhouse has a great view of Taal Volcano, unfortunately it was already dark when we went there so we didn’t had the chance to see it . Anyway it’s fine, coz the ambiance and architecture is really awesome at night, it’s very relaxing. 🙂

Hug is love. 🙂

Souvenir shop

With my hunky and handsome Daddy! 🙂

The place is soo romantic! I keep on falling in love with this place.

Don’t you love the place?!

Just chillin’

We decided to go Italian for dinner. Sorry, I forgot the name of the resto and even the name of the food that we order, I don’t know if I’m having a mental block or it’s just my amnesia (CS kasi.. #MayMadahilanLang) Anyhoo, I may forgot the name of the resto and the food, but I can still remember the taste of the food. I can say that it was all good and it gave me the reason to come back in this resto again (I promise that I will take down the name of the resto, hehe). The pasta sauce was so creamy, the pasta was al dente and oh-so-tasty, as well as the pizza. Generally, I don’t have any regrets in their food, the ambiance of the resto was so cozy which is I like the most. I give them 5 stars for our overall dining experience here. 🙂

We also tried mochi from Mochiko. Mochi is a Japanese confection made with glutinous rice flour filled with something sweet inside, usually red bean paste. In this case, the inside of the mochi is filled with ice cream and eaten as a snack. I’ve tried this before in Mercato Centrale at The Fort, but it was a bit hard and I didn’t enjoy it. But when I tried it here in The Cliffhouse, surprisingly the mochi was so soft and naturally melts on my mouth. They say Mochiko’s mochi are the modern version of mochi. Even though it was foggy and drizzling in Tagaytay, Mochiko can be enjoyed in any kind of weather, especially this summer. 🙂

More different flavors to choose from

Model ng Mochiko, si Mojacko! Hihi

After our sumptuous dinner, we headed back to the hotel. The morning came and it’s time to go home. Before we go home, we dropped by at Paseo de Sta. Rosa to have our lunch. We dine at Cafe Breton, if you are craving for crêpe this resto is the best place to go. Also, Paseo de Sta. Rosa is the perfect place for all shoppingero and shoppinera’s like me, coz they have so many factory outlet (that sent chills to my spine) stores. We only checked Nike factory outlet , you can get 30% up to 70% off discounts. Unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to check all the outlet stores (BOO!) cause we wanted to go home early as much as possible. Anyway there’s till next time, right?!

We love Crepes!


with NangNong Jim and Daddy :

Waley na ang hair ni Mommy, pero havey pa rin ang face.. 😛

Hugs and kisses from Mommy

It was really a great experience for my family and my friends, especially to Cyler. I know he won’t remember all these stuffs, but I’m pretty sure that when he grow up and he read this post I’m sure he will be so happy. He will appreciate all the things that we did for him. This is just part of his many-first-trip, I have so many family getaway plans in my mind. 🙂

More photos here

P.S. Exposing your child to different places and people can enhance his/her social skills. 🙂

Cyler’s First Trip to Tagaytay (Part I)

Tagaytay, one of my favorite places in the world. It’s our barkada’s favorite destination ever, we’ve been here so many times! I’d lost count already. Tagaytay is considered a quick escape, the mountain city is just one and a half hour drive from Manila. We love this place coz it’s cold, it’s beautiful, it’s a perfect place to relax, fresh air, and there’s more to Tagaytay than the cold weather. Last december, our trip to Tagaytay became extra especial coz this time we have our new barkada member, his name is Cyler. Hehe

Lemme share with you our overnight trip to Tagaytay.

Sight Stop: Taal Vista Hotel

We didn’t check in on the hotel, we just had a day tour. Good thing, they allow a day tour inside the Hotel. What did we do inside the Hotel? Did we eat? No. We just had some pictorial and bought some pasalubong there. Hehe I love the chilly air that envelopes the entire place and the cozy ambiance of the hotel, it’s perfect for pictorial. Hihi

Don’t you just love the candy house?! It’s so sweeet!

Look at those priceless smile.. we love this place!

Thanks Tita Cat for Cyler’s sailor outfit. 🙂

I love these guys so muchooo! They’re my hubby’s college friends that soon became my true friends.. 🙂

The insiders.. 😀

Taal Volcano behind us.

Cyler was 6 months old here. 🙂

Taste Stop : LZM Restaurant

It’s quietly located on top of Magallanes Square. They have the best BULALO and boneless BANGUS ever! The bulalo here is to-die-for. It’s a must try, the food are very affordable. The prices range from Php100 to Php 300 only. It’s one of our favorite resto here in Tagaytay. LZM resto is one of the best Filipino restaurants I have ever been to. I highly recommend this resto to all of you!

Go loco with their boneless BANGUS!


It’s lunch time! Mommy is this BULALO?

Rest Stop: Hotel Dominique

Hotel Dominique is our ultimate favorite hotel here in Tagaytay, I must say. We’ve been here soooo many times! Hotel Dominique opened its doors in 2003. It is located along Aguinaldo Hi-way, a few meters away from the Tagaytay Rotonda and a few minutes away from Tagaytay’s famous view strip where the casino, restaurants and other tourist destinations are. Actually, we used to stay here every time we visit Tagaytay. We spend most of our time in the hotel, we just sleep-eat-relax-sleep-eat-relax. The quaint Swiss chalet façade (ansabe?!) hotel interiors were refreshing to the eyes. The room rate came with free breakfast -toast, butter, jam, scrambled egg and a choice of hot chocolate, coffee or tea. When it comes to room, we usually get the Casitas with Attic. It’s a studio type with attic, bath w/ tub, king with pull-out, 1 queen & 1 single beds, televisions with cable, aircon, and it is good for family or large group. They have mini-pool and karaoke bar too, so there’s so many things that you can do inside the hotel.

Welcome to Hotel Dominique! 🙂

The hotel view

Look how cozy is the room.

I just wanna lay down the whole time!

The restaurant touches of various European accents are charmingly fused with traditional Philippine design:

Perfect family bonding! 🙂

Our crazy room mates! 😛

Jackets on! Hoods up!

More photos here ..

Venture to enjoy a unique experience…come to Tagaytay!

To be continued….

For more information about LZM Restaurant:
LZM Restaurant
Magallanes Square, Tagaytay City
Silang (414-0477), Tagaytay (413-4549)
Restaurant hours: 10AM – 8PM on weekdays, 10AM – 10PM on weekends

For inquiries and reservations in Hotel Dominique:
Front desk mobile # 0917-866-4140
Tel nos.: (02)529-8173 . (02)529-8182 . (046)4130531
Telefax: (02)529-8173 . 529-8182