Cyler’s 11th Month Celebration

April 28, 2012, our last monthly birthday celebration for him. We wanted to gave him a simple but memorable celebration. We are in frugal mode at this time coz we are saving the best for Cyler’s first-ever-birthday-party. OMG! Did I say first birthday party?! I can’t believe he is turning one next month!

Lemme share our mini-celebration for our little boy. Last saturday, we went to Trinoma Mall (as usual), to celebrate our little boy’s 11th month. I told Cj that I wanna go to Greenbelt coz I want to attend the mass there at 6pm but he said “Wag na mainit ngayon” at the back of my mind I said “Pag sa ibang mall ba kami nagpunta lalamig ang panahon?”. Hay.

Anyhoo, here’s Cyler while on our way to the mall.

He prefers to stand when he's inside the car coz he want's to see whats outside.

But he used to sit down when he’s tired already.

Wearing his cute mickey mouse neck support

It's like Mickey's hand supporting Cyler's neck. sweet!

Anyhoo, when we arrived at the Mall we went straight at Tokyo Tokyo ( Para daw rice-all-you can and so japanice. #MasabiLang), since madami na kaming gutom.

We ordered the following:

Beef misono and Pork Tonkatsu

Shrimp and Veggies Tempura

California Maki from Tokyo Tokyo


It's Cyler (who's so busy watching Charlie and the Numbers on my phone), me, my CIL Jus, my sister Isang, and of course my loveydududz Cj.

After the sumptuous merienda, yes merienda pa lang yan. Hehe We went to Timezone for a carousel ride. We want Cyler to be able to experience the carousel ride for the first time. The place was a bit hot and crowded kaya naman nairita agad ang bebe namin. The hot weather affects his mood too and so he is not on the mood to ride on the carousel but I insisted. Because I don’t want that moment to pass by, I want it to be memorable.

First Carousel ride!

He is so relaxed with Mommy.

He was just thumb sucking the whole time.

After the carousel ride, we braved all the Boutiques to look for Cyler’s outfit for his first birthday.

He prefers to walk most of the time, two thumbs up for that Cyler!

Lakas lang maka-model diba, kung maka-pose wagas! =p

And because of that super model pose, here’s my kikay outfit details (anong konek? wala gusto ko lang isingit! Hehe).

Skin tone pants from The Ramp, Sandals from Alberto and Top from Charlie, available at SM 😛

I guess it was a fun, fun celebration for Cyler. I can see it in his face.

It's good to see him having so much fun!

We forgot to buy the most important thing- cake! So we just bought the cake the day after the celebration, we bought it to the nearest bakeshop in our place. It’s better than never, riiight?

Here’s Cyler together with Mommy and Daddy while blowing his cake.

Happy 11th Month, sweetie! We love you so muchooo!

P.S. What’s next?!…Cyler’s 1st Birthday Party! I’m so eggcited and I just can’t hide it! Wait for my post about the theme, diys, details and many more! 🙂


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