Brushing your Childs Teeth can be Fun!

Nowadays, brushing your babies or tots teeth is the most frustrating times of the day. But I’m glad to say that I haven’t experience that…so far. And I hope I will never experience that in the near future. As I mentioned on my previous blog post The Tooth Hurts, one of Cyler’s favorite habit is brushing his teeth. He never give us a hard time when we ‘re brushing his teeth, it’s always a fun time for us. We make this simple routine into a special time for our family.

Here’s our usual brushing routine:

  1. First, I brush his teeth. Good thing he gladly lets us brush his teeth carefully and cheerfully. I usually used a tiny amount of tooth gel (I used Sansflou tooth gel for him, it is fluoride free and is safe to swallow). Avoid giving your child too much fluoride. Keep in mind that too much of it can lead to a condition called fluorosis, which causes white spots to show up on your child’s adult teeth.
  2. While I’m brushing his teeth, I used to sing the Colgate theme song (*Brush, brush, brush three times a day. Brush, brush, brush make cavities away*) or any other song that he really likes. Babies and Toddlers can easily get irritated and distracted especially when you are doing something on their body, and by singing that song, I am diverting his attention.
  3. When I’m done brushing his teeth, we let him hold the toothbrush and brush on his own. Always bear in mind that involving your child in everyday activities will help them learn.
  4. And viola! we’re done playing , I mean brushing! You could always turn this daily routine into a fun time. 🙂

Now, here’s Cyler while brushing on his own:

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Done brushing! Here’s a big smile from Cyler. ( Oh where’s your teeth baby?! Naubos ata kaka-brush. Hehe )

P.S . Replace the toothbrush as soon as the bristles start to look worn or splayed. 🙂

How do you find brushing your child’s teeth? 🙂


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