Cyler’s First Trip to Tagaytay (Part I)

Tagaytay, one of my favorite places in the world. It’s our barkada’s favorite destination ever, we’ve been here so many times! I’d lost count already. Tagaytay is considered a quick escape, the mountain city is just one and a half hour drive from Manila. We love this place coz it’s cold, it’s beautiful, it’s a perfect place to relax, fresh air, and there’s more to Tagaytay than the cold weather. Last december, our trip to Tagaytay became extra especial coz this time we have our new barkada member, his name is Cyler. Hehe

Lemme share with you our overnight trip to Tagaytay.

Sight Stop: Taal Vista Hotel

We didn’t check in on the hotel, we just had a day tour. Good thing, they allow a day tour inside the Hotel. What did we do inside the Hotel? Did we eat? No. We just had some pictorial and bought some pasalubong there. Hehe I love the chilly air that envelopes the entire place and the cozy ambiance of the hotel, it’s perfect for pictorial. Hihi

Don’t you just love the candy house?! It’s so sweeet!

Look at those priceless smile.. we love this place!

Thanks Tita Cat for Cyler’s sailor outfit. 🙂

I love these guys so muchooo! They’re my hubby’s college friends that soon became my true friends.. 🙂

The insiders.. 😀

Taal Volcano behind us.

Cyler was 6 months old here. 🙂

Taste Stop : LZM Restaurant

It’s quietly located on top of Magallanes Square. They have the best BULALO and boneless BANGUS ever! The bulalo here is to-die-for. It’s a must try, the food are very affordable. The prices range from Php100 to Php 300 only. It’s one of our favorite resto here in Tagaytay. LZM resto is one of the best Filipino restaurants I have ever been to. I highly recommend this resto to all of you!

Go loco with their boneless BANGUS!


It’s lunch time! Mommy is this BULALO?

Rest Stop: Hotel Dominique

Hotel Dominique is our ultimate favorite hotel here in Tagaytay, I must say. We’ve been here soooo many times! Hotel Dominique opened its doors in 2003. It is located along Aguinaldo Hi-way, a few meters away from the Tagaytay Rotonda and a few minutes away from Tagaytay’s famous view strip where the casino, restaurants and other tourist destinations are. Actually, we used to stay here every time we visit Tagaytay. We spend most of our time in the hotel, we just sleep-eat-relax-sleep-eat-relax. The quaint Swiss chalet façade (ansabe?!) hotel interiors were refreshing to the eyes. The room rate came with free breakfast -toast, butter, jam, scrambled egg and a choice of hot chocolate, coffee or tea. When it comes to room, we usually get the Casitas with Attic. It’s a studio type with attic, bath w/ tub, king with pull-out, 1 queen & 1 single beds, televisions with cable, aircon, and it is good for family or large group. They have mini-pool and karaoke bar too, so there’s so many things that you can do inside the hotel.

Welcome to Hotel Dominique! 🙂

The hotel view

Look how cozy is the room.

I just wanna lay down the whole time!

The restaurant touches of various European accents are charmingly fused with traditional Philippine design:

Perfect family bonding! 🙂

Our crazy room mates! 😛

Jackets on! Hoods up!

More photos here ..

Venture to enjoy a unique experience…come to Tagaytay!

To be continued….

For more information about LZM Restaurant:
LZM Restaurant
Magallanes Square, Tagaytay City
Silang (414-0477), Tagaytay (413-4549)
Restaurant hours: 10AM – 8PM on weekdays, 10AM – 10PM on weekends

For inquiries and reservations in Hotel Dominique:
Front desk mobile # 0917-866-4140
Tel nos.: (02)529-8173 . (02)529-8182 . (046)4130531
Telefax: (02)529-8173 . 529-8182

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