When the Baby is Sick

Our little boy Cyler is sick and has been down with stuffy nose for 6 days and cough for 2 days now. Last night, it was already accompanied by vomiting. I guess we need to see his pedia, unfortunately she’s on leave until May 13. We’ll just check for a new one for the mean time. Anyhoo, it really breaks my heart to see him suffering from those viruses.


The kawawa bear. 😦

When the baby is sick, Mommy get so paranoid and tremendously worried. A Moms job isn’t easy especially when the baby is sick. It is also one of the hardest thing for a new mom to go through and it is very hard to watch your baby feel bad. And it’s hard to decipher a sick baby coz they can’t say how they really feel. If I could only take all those pain away (sigh).


Mommy’s hugs and kisses are still the best remedies.

P.S. Get well soon Anak!

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