My Birthday Bash at Bulgogi Brothers (Part 1)

Last friday night, I celebrated my birthday with my friends/co-workers/kumare’s. Actually it was a post birthday celebration already, due to our insanely busy sched. It was my birthday treat so I’ve been thinking of a restaurant that has different type of cuisine and I can think of no better place to dine than Bulgogi Brothers. It was my second time to this resto and I can say that they have the best authentic Korean cuisine. It is located at the 3rd floor of Greenbelt 5, Makati. The restaurant has a modern interior, has a classy ambiance, with its display of wine racks, dark-hued couches . Also, they have LCD screen that plays K-Pop MTV inside the resto (the use of K-Pop hits brings cheer to the overall mood of the place) and tables with an induction oven in the center. The server’s will greet you “Annyeong-haseyo!” once you enter the place. I’m not really fond of Korean food but when I tried Bulgogi Brothers everything has changed. I must say, they have the best bulgogi ever! Btw, Bulgogi (Korean pronounciation: pulgogi) is a Korean dish that usually consists of marinated barbecued beef, chicken or pork.

The main cast

Bulgogi Brothers, a restaurant that uses titanium chopsticks, spoons, and serving plates, pays great attention to the littlest of details.

Free tea of the day

Free spinach salad and kimchi


The main dish:

Bulgogi Brothers Special (Php1495)

Their special assorted bulgogi is seasoned to perfection for the ultimate experience. Un-yang and Gwang-yang Style Bulgogi. Best ordered with Baekhwasubok. For 2-3 persons

Cooking time! My fave part.

The meat is cooked alongside the onions and sweet potato slices.

In Bulgogi Brothers, their servers will do the cooking for you. This prevents the diners from eating under-cooked or overcooked meals. But you can also do the cooking if you want to.

Sogogi Beoseot Bokkeum (Php395)

Stir fried beef with assorted vegetables (green pepper, red pepper, onion, bokchoy and button mushrooms). Best ordered with Chungha

Dubu Steak (Php245)

Fried crispy dubu (tofu) with teriyaki sauce and bean sprout. Best ordered with Bokbunja Bohae.

Bulgogi Bibimbap (Php395)

Great combination of various vegetable, bulgogi, and rice.

After our sumptuous Korean dinner, they surprised me with a cake and gift! Ay! Nakakainis talaga kayo, I’m not prepared! Chos!

Thank you guys for the cake and the gift! I really like it!

In fairness, I really like the gift, they gave me stylish blouse and accessories. It’s so kikay, I love it!

The Kikay Daddy’s! 😛

My certified Kikay barkada. 🙂

More photos below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, I guess we all went home with a happy and full tummy. Bulgogi Brothers is always the best, you must try it yourself. Thank you guys for making my birthday a very special day! Love ya’all!

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