The Health Benefits Of Dancing

Dancing is one of my passions (hindi lang halata, hehe), it is also a form of exercise. Belly dancing and modern dance (like hiphop, jazz, pop rock, etc) is what I like the most. Yes, I love belly dancing,but it seems like belly dancing doesn’t like me. Anyhoo, hubby and I used to go at the gym twice a week, one hour dance class is I guess enough for me to stay fit and at the same time to enjoy and have fun. I’m not a weight conscious or what , it’s just that I like to dance. Dancing gives an overall sense of my well being cause it really boosts my self-confidence and build my social skills. Sometimes, I feel really sexy when I’m dancing (ansabeeee?! Hayaan nio na kahit sa sayaw lang maging sexy. Haha), besides it’s not every time naman. Hehe When I was young I used to join the school dance production, I even join cheer dance competition, ganyan ako ka-adik sumayaw. Hehe Actually, Cj loves dancing too, that’s one of our common interests. We also noticed that Cyler loves dancing too, cause he used to jump and wiggle his body (May future kang bata ka!) whenever he hears music. #SigeNaNga!

Anyhoo, now that I’m a mother and a wifey, I know it’s hard to squeeze my time cause I need to spend most of my time with my family. But reality check- I’m only a HUMAN. I need a me-time too. And so I am trying to balance everything- my work, family, friends, including me-time. My family is the best stress reliever, but sometimes it is also important to give yourself a break. A time to reflect, to enjoy, and to do what really makes you happy. Remember that a happy wifey makes a happy home. They say that once you become a mother you can no longer have a social life, it’s definitely not true. You can still do what you want but not everything of course, you still need to give up something for your family. You just have to balance everything, remember that there is always time for everything. Bear in mind that having me-time will not make you a bad parent, you just need to set a limitation. Personally, dancing is part of my life, it also benefit my health. Besides being fun, dancing has many positive health benefits.

And here’s some of the healthy goodness of dancing:
• It benefits every part of the body, including the mind. The experts say that exercising causes the body to produce endorphins, chemical that can help a person to feel more peaceful and happy.
• And of course if you feel better, you will also look better.
• Achieving your desired weight can boost your self-confidence too.
• Improve posture and muscle toning.
• It benefits our heart and cardiovascular system.
• It reduces stress.
• It decreases a person’s risk of developing certain diseases like high blood, diabetes, cancer or any kinds of diseases.
• Dancing is tremendously beneficial in keeping us young. Who want’s to be forever young?! (Itaas ang paa at iwagayway!) #Kaloka!

I know it’s really hard to include exercise in your insanely busy schedule, especially if you’re a working Mom like me, but believe me one or two hours of work out is enough to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. Remember, you need to be healthy for your family. So why don’t you give it a try, make dancing/exercise a part of your daily habit. You can also do it yourself at home, by simply stretching your arms and legs, or you can also dance together with your family whenver you hears music. It’s a perfect bonding time for your family too. There is also lots of available video about dancing and exercise, just simply browse the net. But still it’s important to check with your own medical provider before starting any new form of exercise, especially if you are over 40, pregnant or have medical problems.

I guess, that’s it pansit!

So gals and guys what are you waiting for? Let’s all dance to health!! 🙂


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