How Motherhood Changed My Life

I’m a child of a broken family, I admit that growing in a broken family wasn’t easy. My parents were separated from each other when I was 7 years old. The day when my parents got separated was the worst day of my life. It was very painful, yes indeed, but I have to accept it. And it’s really hard to live  without your parents behind  you. From that day I also promised myself that I won’t let it happen in my own family. Not even in a glimpse. Life is indeed unfair, but despite of that, I try to be strong and be optimistic in every aspect of my life. I never asked God why did it happen to us because I know he has a purposed. My faith is my strength. Whenever I recall my childhood, I see a happy little girl, who loves to laugh all the time though deep inside, her situation in life really breaks her heart. At an early age I learned how to be independent as well.

My Tita(Aunt)Nanin became my second mother, she supported me and my siblings all the way, from financial, emotional to spiritual needs. I owe her everything; I wouldn’t be able to achieve all my dreams and goals in life without her. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for being there always, though we’re far from each other right now, I know that she knows how much she mean to me and how much I love her. The word thank you is not enough to show how blessed I am for having such a great Tita like her. As I write this post, I can’t stop this tears from falling. Sorry for the dramarama, I told you I’m a drama queen. Hehe

When Cyler was born, I forget about myself,  it’s always him first because I want to give him the security, happiness, attention and loving family I never had. Motherhood taught me so many things and here’s some of the things that I learned from being a mother.

  • Family first and forget about yourself, it’s easy to forget about yourself because you are giving so much of yourself.
  • Being a mother is the biggest challenge I had to deal with but it is the best job in the world. Kudos to all the parents out there!
  •  Motherhood taught me how to give unconditional love, because once you become a mother you need to give everything to your family without asking anything in return. It’s your duty and responsibility to take good care of them as long as you live.
  • My family is my top priority above anything and I’m ready to sacrifice everything for them. And I promised that I’m gonna give the best of the best that I can give them.
  • Motherhood brought out the best in me and it’s so indescribably fulfilling being a mom. Watching my child grow and learn on his own is indeed priceless.
  • I learned to balance my time. No matter how hectic my schedule is, I always make sure that I am  giving my family a quality time.
  •  I learned to love and value myself , I know my family needs me.
  • Beside from God, my family is the most important thing in the whole wide world. 🙂

Nevertheless, being a mom is the toughest job on earth but I’m embracing motherhood and I love being a mom! Thank you, Cyler, for teaching me all these. There are a lot things that I learned from being a mother. Countless even. If I dictate it here one by one, ay naku hindi na kasya! Bonggang bonggang space ang kakailanganin ko! At baka makatulog na kayo kaka-basa dyan! 😛

They rock my world!

P.S. Our life here on earth is just a temporary assignment and the true life is the eternal life with Jesus. So while you’re here on earth be the best and give the best to your love ones especially to your family. Remember, you will only live once so make the most out of it! 🙂


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