Good As New

Unfortunately, at some time of our lives most of us will experience an accident. Wether we like it or not, it’s the way of the future. I mentioned on my “Plans For The Holy Week” blog post that we’ve been into a car accident last month. It was really horrible cause it was my first time to experience that and hopefully it’s the last, thank God cause hubby and I are safe. It happened one morning while we’re on our way to work, when the taxi in front of us stop suddenly in the middle of nowhere, hubby tried to stop but it’s too late. It happened along Ayala here in Makati. Good thing, there’s a traffic enforcer on site, so he saw what happened. He immediately approached and checked us, good thing we are safe, but the car has been damaged. I can’t open the front seat door and the front right side of the car was dented. We’re shocked and devastated, sino ba namang hindi maba-baliw dun?! Kalerkey! Eto lang nasabi ko after the accident “Hala! Anong nangyare hon?!” , I keep on saying that a number of times para akong sirang plaka, hindi talaga ako maka-get over. My gulay! Good thing, the car is insured. Whew! Baka umiyak ako ng dugo pag hindi naka-insured yung kotse.

After the police investigation we headed to Makati Police Station to get a police report, in fairness to Manong Taxi Driver he was there. We’re the one at the back when the accident happened, remember backing vehicles are always presumed at fault. That’s why we didn’t explain our side anymore, anyway the traffic enforcer saw what he really happened. But Manong Driver was insisting that it was our fault. Nakakaloka! Sarap pingutin! LOL The police officer didn’t believe him cause they saw what really happened. Belat! Manong Driver, chos!

Moving forward, 3 weeks after the accident the insurance company approved our claims. Ang tagal makuha diba?! 48 years lang, anyway it’s better than never. Choosy pa ba kami?! The total damage cost Php18,000 pesosesoses, and here’s the good thing the insurance covers everything, we just pay the participation fee which cost Php2000 only (buti nalang talaga! Kung hindi iiyak bulsa namin ng bonggang bongga!). Now I believe on the saying, there’s always a rainbow after the rain. 🙂

Finally, the long wait is over, the car is good as new now. Makaka- pasyal na uli ang bebe namin! 😉

Before and After:
Good as NEW

Here are the things I learned from that incident:
• First thing to do is ask for assistance, call a police immediately, and ambulances, if necessary.
• Relax, don’t panic, panicking won’t help you.
• Get the other driver’s information and car information. Be sure to write everything down.
• Talk to the authorities, let them handle the situation.
• Contact your insurance company and notify them, make sure your insurance covers everything.
• Take photos of the vehicles and accident scene.
• Let your insurance speak with the other drivers insurance company.
• Wether you’re a driver or pedestrian always stay alert.
• And last but never the least- everytime you get behind the wheel, you accept responsibility, so ensure the safety of you and your pasengers.

Remember, no matter how careful you are, there’s still so many careless and reckless driver out there, so it’s always better to be prepared and ready cause you’ll never know what will happen next.

P.S. Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road!

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