Stupendous Hot Saturday (Part II)

After 48 years, here’s the continuation of our Stupendous Hot Saturday. Sorry, it takes too long before I post this, cause I was insanely busy preparing for my little boy’s 1st birthday party. My goodness! Did I say birthday party?! I can’t believe he’s turning one soon. Parang kailan lang.. gosh! I’m so speechless, I just can’t imagine how time flies. Anyhoo, going back to my topic, we went to Bonifacio High Street after our appointment with Dra. Vienne. BHS is one of our fave hangout place, cause it’s relatively unpopulated and it’s a good place for family pictorial. ayt?! 🙂 I know you’re gonna ask me what did we do there, oh well, we had an endless pictorial there. Hehe

Lemme share our extravagant pictorial at BHS.

Look at that pose! Who teach you that Cyler?!

Ang cute diba?! 🙂

You looks like a little boy here Cyler. My gulay!

The little boy is so busy playing in the grass. I like that!

I grew up surrounded by nature in my hometown at Antipolo, for me nature is the best play ground. And I want Cyler to be able to experience the same thing.

Kikay Mommy Outfit of the Day: Green Dress from Folded&Hung, white sandals from Charles & Keith, Watch from Swatch. That’s it pansit!

Cyler’s outfit of the day: white sleeveless from Baby Company, Jeans from Guess, Shoes from Florsheim Kids

He was wearing a polo shirt from Gingersnap that day, but due to the hot weather we changed his shirt into sleeveless. Lakas lang maka-Robin Padilla ng outfit niya. He is the cute and innocent version. LOL

Lez do the walking Mommy!

And of course mawawala ba naman ang family picture?! 🙂

Cyler: Magtanim ay di biro, maghapon naka-yuko

Mommy: Cyler, later kana magtanim.
Cyler: Hmmmp!

Dog’s are welcome to BHS

This is taken at Serendra.

Meet my SIL Tenten, my CIL Dawn, and my BIL Kuya Francis.

After the never ending unofficial family photo shoot, we went to Brothers Burger to have some snack. Brothers Burger is one of our fave burger in the whole wide world. Their place is not so cozy, but they’re burgah(burger) is supah good, the patty is so thick and juicy. I also love they’re hot bites, hindi talaga yan nawawala sa order list ko. I like the teriyaki sauce that really compliments the supah crispy chicken, for me it’s one of the best finger food ever.

Introducing Brothers Burger

Brothers Burger for me!

Hot bites for everyone!

while waiting to our order, pictorial muna!

While we are eating, this little boy is so busy watching his fave cartoon “Charlie and the Numbers”. Tuwang-tuwa ang bagets!

After having snack, we decided to go home cause it’s getting dark already (ay gabi na pala talaga!Hehe). But before we go home…. pictorial muna uli. Nyahaha! Pasensya na adik lang. Hehe

I love you so much Cyler!

The End.

P.S. I have so many things that I wanted to share with you guys, but just like what I said I-am-insanely-busy this past few weeks. I’ll make a post when I have free time, promise (cross my heart)! I’m trying to squeeze my time but there’s so many things that I need to prepare for Cyler’s 1st birthday party eveeerrr! Keri ko ‘to! (Aja!)I’m so eggcited naaa! I’ll make a post about that soooooon! Gotta go sago! XOXO

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