Heaven and Eggs with Katey Perz

Last sunday, May 19, we had a lunch date with Cyler’s godmother Katey Perz, she’s my former office mate.  Kate is her real name, but I usually call her Katey Perz or Mars (short for Kumare), and she calls me Mallows. How sweet noh?! Hehe This lunch date is very precious and special to us cause this is her advance birthday celebration. We barely see each other now because she’s working now in Malaysia (truly Asia). Anyhoo, we dine at Heaven and Eggs in Glorlietta. It was her birthday treat for us, she decided to have a breakfast buffet. Heaven and Eggs’ buffet breakfast is available from 7am to 1pm , buffet is at P399++. H&E bright interiors is divided into three areas: the porch, the courtyard or garden and the heaven.

Welcome to H&E

I love that yellow couch!

Welcome back Mars!

From left to right: It’s  Mareng Katey Perz, my hubby Cj, the kulilit(short for makulit na bulilit) Cyler, Me, and Rachelle.

Here’s what they have on the buffet:

Different spreads for bread

They have six variety of main dish to choose from

There’s garlic rice, seafood tempura, pesto pasta, beef with broccoli etc..

Cooking station

I ordered cinnamon french toast.

Soup of the day and Goto with different variety of sauce you can choose from.

Egg station

I chose ham and cheese for my omelette.

Cereal Station

They have three different cereals. They only have the normal milk though.

They also have different sauce for pancakes

They also have fruit station but unfortunately I forgot to take some photos of it. Sowie!

After having lunch, we surprised the birthday girl… Tadaa!

Surprised Mars! Here’s our birthday gift for you!

Mars, hindi ka naman masyadong na-surprise noh? hindi halata. 🙂

Mareng Katey Perz surprised me as well!

She gave me Vincci shoes from MYS! OMEGAD!

Blue Wedge shoes is love!

You really know what I want. Thanks a bunch Mars!I really love VNC shoes, superb!

Here’s some of my VNC shoes..

Adik lang diba?! Hihi

I love VNC shoes cause most of its shoes are made from synthetic material. And it’s very lightweight, it’s not masakit sa paa like any other brands out there. And lastly, it’s proven and tested. 🙂

Another surprised birthday gift from Ninang Katey to Cyler:

Books from Malaysia with Love!

Colorful long sleeves from Old Navy

Animal printed long sleeve from Old Navy

A formal body suite from Old Navy

Thanks a bunch Ninang Katey for the wonderful gifts! You’re such a doting Ninang to Cyler and friend to me.  Pang isang buong taon naba ‘tong gift na ‘to? LOL!

Together with my doting kumare, Katey Perz.

Ninang Katey and her inaanak, Cyler

Till next time Mars!

It’s was indeed a full of surprises lunch date with Ninang Katey!  Thanks Mars for the treat and surprises. I hope we surprised you too. Have a safe trip and take care always. We love you so muchooo! Till our next food trip! XOXO

Heaven and Eggs info:

Unit 104 G/F, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center

Makati City, Metro Manila

(02) 818-2792


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