Improvise Boxes and Buckets

From time to time, I have these light bulb moments and I never jot it down and share it to anyone. Today, I decided to do so. Allow me to share it with you guys. Improvising, is one of the best things that I learned when I became a mom. When Cyler was born, the house became a big mess . Most of his stuffs can be found anywhere in the house, especially his toys so it just gathered dust and  it is prone to germs as well. Cyler is very sensitive to dust, I guess most of the kids are allergic to dust. He also loves to put everything on his mouth and I need to make sure that everything is germ free (at least 95%).  So I decided to put his things in a container, so it won’t get as much exposure to dust and germs. The question here is should I buy a new storage container for that? Remember ever since I became a Mom, I’m trying to be a Frugalicious as much as I can.

There are numerous items that can serve as a resource and the most useful and versatile thing that I found are boxes and buckets. Since I’m trying to be a Frugalicious Mom (malapit na, promise!), as much as possible I don’t want to buy new storage containers, unless it’s necessary. So what did I do? I reuse boxes and buckets! And viola! I have my storage container in an instant!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the improvised boxes and bucket:

We can use these super cute buckets from our fave fast food restaurants

Toys are now dust and germs free!

You can also use it as toiletries storage.

You can also use an empty boxes as well.

gift boxes from your fave stores

Toys are germs free- check!

Stylish and very useful boxes

A box can be used to store a variety of gear and food items.

You can also keep your kikay accessories inside the box.

By doing this you are not only improvising, you are also organizing,  and recycling as well. Nakatulong kapa kay Mother Earth! Oh diba bongga?! These buckets and boxes is not only a storage container, it can be  a tool box, plant container, water container, a toy, etc. Your resources in any situation are limited only by your imagination and your need.

Let us all reduce, reuse and recycle and save mother earth!

Please share your thoughts, I'd love to hear from you!

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