Love, Mommy: The Birth Of Cyrus Schuyler

Dear Cyler,
The most awaited moment of my life finally arrived. It was my weekly checkup when the doctor’s found out through my ultrasound that my amniotic fluid was leaking already. I was almost one week overdue then, so the doctor decided to induce me. We went back home to get all the things that we needed for your arrival. I was admitted to the hospital on May 27,2011 at exactly 9pm. I went straight to the labor room, I feel really nervous and so excited at the same time. I feel nervous cause it was my first time to be admitted at the hospital, I hate the smell of the hospital, really, and I feel dizzy every time I smell blood. But I am ready to conquer my fear just for you, sweetie. I am also too excited cause I can’t wait to see the miracle inside me, which is of course you, Cyler. I can feel you in my tummy at that time, you would move the whole time. I get so distracted by the other woman inside the labor room, she started to freak out and she’s freaking me out too. And so, I asked  permission from my OB if I can stay in our room, luckily she allowed me to stay in the room until the morning. They started to induce me at 12am. I’m trying to sleep but I can’t cause I’m starting to feel the pain, I tried to visualize calm and serene thoughts. And indeed, I got into a very relaxed state and I fell asleep. I feel very calm cause you’re Daddy and your grandmother was on my side the whole time. When the morning came, they bring me back to the labor room and they induce me again, I was only 1cm at that time. After 3 hours they checked me again, and it still 1cm. Oh, it was already set in my mind that I am going to have a normal delivery but I was already expecting and preparing myself for a C-section delivery, I was praying hard at that time. They check me again at 12 noon and nothing happens it was still 1cm. After 12 hours at the labor room, your Daddy and my OB finally decided to give me an emergency Cesarean delivery. You’re Daddy was really worried about us, he knows that we are both having a hard time and he wanted to ended up the pain, that’s why we decided to have a cesarean delivery. It was 3pm when they finally bring me to the OR and I had an epidural. I feel so dizzy, but I fight my dizziness cause I want to see you’re arrival. Finally the long wait is over, you we’re born at 4:00pm on May 28, 2011. You weigh 7lbs, such a big baby that came from a little Mommy. I really cried when I saw you. I love you instantly. It’s like I’ve known you for a long time. You are so quiet and you didn’t cry. Your Daddy and your Grandma was so excited to see you.

All of our family and friends came to the hospital to welcome you to the world. Everyone was so happy to see you. Cyrus Schuyler (pronounce as Skyler) was the name Daddy and I picked out for you. Cyrus means a persian God and Schuyler means sky, it’s like God in the sky. You are the best gift that God has given to us. Three days later and it was time to take you home already. Daddy and I feel so blessed because you are in a good condition and a very healthy bouncing baby boy. Everything has change since you we’re born, our life become more meaningful. And we we’re so happy that you are home at last! I love it when I’m cuddling you in my arms and for the first time I discover the true meaning of motherhood. You make me realize how good is life.

Cyler, the day you we’re born was the happiest moment of my life.


Happy birthday, baby!

I love you to the Nth power!


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