My Shopping Mishaps

Last Saturday, we was so busy buying stuffs for Cyler’s upcoming birthday party. We went to S&R at The Fort, then to SM Supermarket Makati, and then to Rustans Department Store to make sure that we have everything that we needed for his first birthday party. I was so ngarag, losyang and super tired at that time cause while shopping I’m also taking good care of my little boy, but I don’t complain. I love what I’m doing and I enjoy party planning until…

First shopping mishaps: I bought a new pair of pants for Cyler at Rustans, when I got to the counter I presented my FSP2 card(Rustans membership card) as usual cause I’ve been using that a number of times. Sadly, I had to find out when I got to the counter that my FSP2 card wasn’t activated yet and I need to go to the concierge to be able to activate it and earn points. So I answered them with a big “WHATDA?! Why you didn’t tell me that from the start?!”. Oh, that REALLY sent chills to my spine. My goodness! I want to explode at that time, I tried to be calm, but I started to be a bit mataray (lumabas ang natatago kong mataray na kaluluwa bigla!) to the cashier. Besides, customer is always right, ayt?! Eh kasi naman noh, I really thought that I’m earning points, tapos hindi pala. Naka-kaloka! Diba?! Grabe! They assisted me at the concierge and they activated my card. So when I got to the concierge, I told them that they should inform me about that from the very beginning, cause it’s like I’m using that card for nothing. Nevertheless, I pay for that membership card, so it’s my right to complain. Right?! And it seems like I’m wasting my money for nothing. Hay. Epic Fail!

Second shopping mishaps: After that epic moment, we went to the breastfeeding station to take some rest, relax and feed Cyler. After that we decided to go home. Unfortunately, for some inexplicable reason… I left our purchases at the breastfeeding station. My gulay! I left it at the crib inside the breastfeeding station (oh my!momnesia attack again). Hay. Another epic failure! So, we went home without knowing that we left our purchases in Rustans. So the night passed by and I still don’t remember that I left something there. It was Sunday night already and we’re about to sleep when I figured out that there’s something missing on Cyler’s outfit for his birthday party. My eyes literally popped out and I shouted saying “Hon! Naiwan ko ata sa Rustans ung pinamili natin!” , it was 11pm then, I called Rustans immediately. Somebody answered the phone, oh, it was Manong guard he told me that I should call in the morning cause the mall was close already. And suddenly it sinked into my mind that it was late at night already, so I said “Ok” to Manong guard. Oo nga naman sarado na ung mall, kalerkey! Panic mode lang ang peg, sorry naman. We checked our place and the car hoping that it was there.. pero wala talaga, ni anino, wala talaga. Ayayay! Naiwan ko nga!

So the morning came, it was Monday already and it was our little boy’s big day. Our first plan was to go to the church near our place and attend the mass there, but we changed our plan and decided to attend the mass in Greenbelt chapel since we need to go back to Rustans to get the stuff that we left there. When we arrived at Rustans we went to the concierge and asked if they saw some shopping bag inside the breastfeeding station last saturday. Luckily, they got it and they returned it back to us. Thank goodness! Hay! Nakahinga ako ng bonggang bongga!

Lesson learned:
First, double check all your things or belongings before leaving the place. Check it twice or thrice! Wag ninyo na kong tularan. Pasensya na my momnesia lang, epekto ng epidural (but it’s true, believe me) #MasabiLang
Second, if you purchase a membership card to any stores, make sure it was activated and you are earning points especially if you pay for that card. Kasi sayang if you pay for it and you’re not getting any benefits. Ayt?!

So, to all the shoppingera’s and shoppingero’s out there, always get ready for that shopping mishaps!

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