Cyler’s First Ride! Beep! Beep!

Today, Cyler received a wonderful gift from his doting Tito Jus (remember him? our official graphic artist on Cyler’s birthday). Cyler received a BICYCLE! Cyler was so happy with his new bike, he immediately ride on the bike when he saw it. Jus was very doting to his nephew and to all of us, wala akong masabi sa kabaitan ng batang yan, as in. Cyler really love the bicycle that you gave to him!

Here’s Cyler’s first bicycle ride…

Beep! Beep! Make way for Cyler!

Wanna ride? 🙂

First drive!


Riding a bicycle is one of the things that I enjoy when I was a little kid. I’m glad cause my little shaolin kid, Cyler was able to enjoy the same thing too. Seeing him enjoying his first ride is priceless. This is just one of his many-firsts! Thank you Tito Jus for the awesome bicycle, I really appreciate it!


Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: The Outfit

Holla! I have some pahabol for the party details — the outfit! 🙂 Of course, hindi pwdeng mawala yan. Everyone was asking for the outfit details , so here it goes…

For Cyler’s outfit I decided to forgo the costume cause the main character in our theme (which is Charlie) used to wear green whole body suits which is not ideal for Cyler because he sweats a lot. So, I decided to look for other outfit that matches the theme. I want clothes that he can wear not only to the party but to every occasion as well. For his top, we purchased this checkered polo at Gingersnap, I really like the polo when I first saw it because it’s super cute and bagay na bagay sa bagets! The inner shirt he wore was from Gap, it’s simple but when he wore it.. it rocks! The kakki colored jeans was from Gingersnap also, it really goes well to the color green top. The shoes was from Nike, I bought the shoes 5 months before the party. When I saw it in Rustans I didn’t hesitate to buy it cause I really love the design plus the color combination of lime green and white, perfect for the theme!

Green checkered polo from Gingersnap and Green shirt from Baby GAP

Shirt from Baby GAP

Pants from Gingersnap

Rubber shoes from Nike

For me, I wore a green dress —  not your ordinary dress. A dress to kill they say. 🙂 Umiral nanaman ang kakikayan noh?! I really love dress cause it’s very comfy and so girly, not to mention very kikay. 🙂 They thought that they we’re in a debut when they saw me in the party. Hahaha! Actually, it was a 7 ways dress, I bought it The Ramp.

7 Ways green dress from The Ramp

You can wear it in 7 ways or more.  Depends on your imagination, mood and taste! 🙂

seven ways dress

For my husband, Cj  we bought this green checkered polo at Folded & Hung. Actually, we’ve been looking for his polo the month before the party but nothing suits to his taste. Luckily, we we’re able to buy his polo the day before the event. Finally, may pumasa din sa taste ng lolo ninyo! Suddenly, I realize that mas maarte pa pala sakin yung asawa ko. My gulay! Oh well, Filipinos are just fashionably fierce. It matches Cyler’s polo too and it’s really nice. 🙂

Checkered green polo from Folded&Hung

I do believe that when you wear something it’s important that you feel comfortable in wearing it and make sure that you can handle it because if not you’ll end up feeling uneasy and you might loose your self-confidence too. If you feel good on what you wear you will also look good. Self- confidence is the key, yes it iz!  Always remember the saying — “The true beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  🙂

And remember, we Filipinos are fashionably fierce! 🙂

A Working Mom’s Dilemma

Nowadays, a working Mom is usual to all of us. Before, mothers are supposed to stay at home and are assigned to take good care of their family but now it’s so hard to do that because of the high cost of living. Both parents need to work in order for the family to survive, of course you want to give the best to your child. And you want to secure your family’s future, sino ba namang may ayaw, diba?! And so, here comes my dilemma as a working Mom. Normally I try to keep my home life to my professional life separate. My Mom used to go here in our house on weekdays to look after Cyler while Cj and I are working. So, that’s are basic set up. Unless my son get sick, our basic set up become a big ‘ol mess.


The sick little baby. 😦

Last Sunday, Cyler gets a high temperature, a 38 degrees stupid high temperature plus a runny nose. It was his first time to have a fever, so we’re clueless why he had a fever then. And then I remember that he is teething again and three molars are peeking through his gums, that’s terrible for a baby. Three molars is no joke.


Our little gum drop, Cyler was having a hard time then but still he was able to manage to play just to forget the pain (at least for a moment).

Cyler has a high tolerance in pain, he doesn’t cry even when he’s not feeling well but I can see how he struggle because he can’t eat and sleep well. And he started to become clingy and irritable. It was Monday and he was still sick, and so I immediately file an emergency leave. On those days, work has to be put on back burner. I texted Dra. Vienne to tell her about Cyler’s condition and I asked her what could be the best thing to do which she responded very quickly. She said that we should continue giving him Paracetamol (for pain and fever) and Disudrin (for colds) for 3 to 4 days. She also mentioned that if the fever subsides and colds clear up, I can discontinue the medicine earlier. And she told me that if the fever persist we should bring Cyler to her. I told her that Cyler is teething again and she said that it can be the cause of the fever. What I really love about Dra. Vienne is that she answers all my queries even thru text, we’re so lucky to have her as Cyler’s pedia. Having a helpful Mom and pedia is really a blessing.I went back to work on Tuesday since my mom was there to look after Cyler and my husband was there too. His sched is more flexy than mine cause he can work from home especially when times get rough for our son. I’m lucky enough to have a mom and husband who graciously step in when my job is too hectic to miss.

His fever subsided last Wednesday, thank God! So, we didn’t bring him to Dra’s clinic anymore. His cold was still there and he got cough also, but it’s not terrible unlike the first few days. And he is totally fine now. Thank you so much, Lord! I O U a bunch!

My company aren’t a monster who refuse to grant a day off or make me feel guilty about taking good care of my child. But there are days when I have a million things to do and I don’t have a choice but to go to work and leave my sick child at home. The guilt feeling was there, really, but I don’t have a choice because I have a deadline to meet. I feel the type of guilt that I would imagine comes with committing a crime. I want to stay at home and take good care of my little one but sometimes I really need to work. Hay. Project deadlines is sometimes a bitch especially when you want to file a leave but your deadline stopping you from doing it. So, that’s one of my biggest dilemma as a working Mom.

There are times when juggling your family life and professional life wasn’t easy especially on those days when you can’t leave your work. Every time that daily routine gets off-balanced, one side of the scale gets neglected and there’s nothing you can do about it. Sick days are just one of those work-life crossovers that muck up the waters for working mom. It’s a good thing that you always have a back-up system around you, like your Mom or your relatives who can look after your sick child especially when your job is too hectic to miss.

Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: Jam Masalonga Photography

Here’s my final post for my supplier reviews. So, i’m done with the following reviews: theme, lootbags and prices, candy buffet, details and DIYs, cake, food and venue, party hosting, and last but never the least –the Photographer. Shakey’s has their own tie up photographers but when I checked their tie up vendors on the net I am not really impress with their works. And so I looked for other photographers. Shakey’s doesn’t allow any outsider photographer. So here’s the biggest challenge to me but still I went for it. I’ve talked to so many photographers but I find them so pricey cause they costs from Php7000 to Php11000 pesosesoses, my gulay! Good thing my office mate, Jayson recommended his Photographer friend to me. Her name is Jam Masalonga a freelance Photographer and a graphic artist. And so I checked her site immediately. I was stumbled upon the rave reviews about her and when I saw her works my jaw literally dropped–it was awesome, yes indeed! She is not a professional photographer but her works looks like a pro. I was really amazed when I saw all her shots. Jam Masalonga is the brain (and beauty) behind the awesome photos of Cyler’s birthday party. I’m not really fond of video that’s why I didn’t get any video coverage at all and for me it’s not necessary. My main concern was to get a photographer. I was really looking for a good photographer that offers a cheap price (with great services!) and I think she is the perfect one for me. Friends, you won’t believe me.. I only pay (drum roll please)…. Php4000 petot and it includes the photo book and 4R 30pcs prints already. Super duper affordable diba?! Btw, prices may vary so it’s better to asked her first, okay?! 🙂

Working with her is a such a blessing because she delivered well, not to mention that she doesn’t have any assistant when she’s doing the photo coverage. Oh, we didn’t tell Shakey’s that she’s our official photographer, I told Jam to pretend like she’s one of our guest. Kaya secret lang natin ‘to mga friends ah?! Hihihi 🙂

Meet the Birthday Boy! 🙂

I noticed that she loves stolen shots because it looks so natural in the photos. I also had so many demands to her especially when she’s editing the photos already, I told ya I’m very maarte when it comes to details. Of course, I don’t want to regret at the end especially if its money matter. Working with me wasn’t easy but Jam has given me so much patience and she’s very accommodating. She thought that I didn’t like her work kasi ang dami kong pinapabago sa kanya and I said “No, I really like your work maarte lang talaga ako when it comes to details.” Oh, yes I mean it. Thank you Jam for being so nice to me despite of my kaartehan. 🙂

She did a job well done, well it’s pretty obvious in the photos. I received so many compliments with the photos, they really thought that I hired a professional photographer. Jam is very humble, hindi mo mapag kakamalang Photographer because she is a shy type kind of person. I was starstruck to her when we meet at Glorietta to get the final photos to her because she looks really great when I saw her that time. I also had the chance to catch up with her when we meet there. She’s very kind talaga wala akong masabi.

So friends, if you’re looking for a good photographer I HIGHLY recommend Jam Masalonga to all of you. She’s really good and easy to talk to, you won’t regret in getting her. And if you want to give ’em a call kindly leave your email address in my comment box and I’ll send her contact number to you as soon as I can. 🙂

More photos here:

Check out her site: Jam Masalonga Photography

Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: Host by Leny’s Party Needs

Hi everyone, so here it is the center of the party– the party host! I do believe that a super bonggang party with a boring party host is still a boring party and I’m happy to tell you that our party host did a great job because they were able to keep the party alive. “Hilarious”– that’s how my guests describes my party hosts. They didn’t do something different or magical but what makes it different was that they have a great sense of humor and very natural. Everybody was laughing at all their banats/jokes. If you look at the host they almost look like a tambay sa kanto (charot lang kuya!) but when they started to talk everybody listens to them, even me who was so busy entertaining the guests was literally hooked to them.

Leny’s Party Needs is Shakey’s tie up party supplier so I didn’t have any choice but to get them. I really wanted to get a different party host but then Shakey’s didn’t allowed us. I was planning to get Flooch because I really like the reviews about him. I first saw Flooch reviews at Maqui‘s blog post and she said that he is a really good host cause he makes everyone laugh and he is good in keeping the party alive and that’s my ideal party host. I mentioned in my previous birthday post that I wanted all my guests to be happy and when I say happy it literally means that I wanted them to laugh hard and enjoy the entire program of the party. Before the party started I talked to the hosts and told them “Kuya, galingan ninyo ah. Pasayahin ninyo yung mga guests namin ng bonggang bongga ah! Kundi patay kau sakin (joke!).” and they replied “Opo, Ma’am, promise!”. I was really surprised because I didn’t expect them to be THAT hilarious. The party started off  with an opening prayer, followed by the games. Everybody was laughing to all their jokes, kahit ata hindi joke nag-mumukang joke. Wahaha! Ganun ka-benta yung mga banat nila. Even my boss who attended the party then was laughing hard to them. I was hesitant in getting them at first but when I was looking at the crowd and saw them having fun, ay natuwa talaga ako and I didn’t regret in getting them at all. One of my friend can’t get over them kasi super tawa daw sya ng tawa which I think is a good sign that the host is very effective in entertaining my guests, right?!

Another thing that I like about them was  they entertained the kids  and kids at heart very well. Most of the kids are participating in the games.

Her name is Kiray

The party hosts wowed me when I saw my super duper shy type niece, Kiray talking in front of the crowd. This little girl would rarely talk to people but on that day the party the host was able to make her sing and talk in front of the crowd. Two-thumbs up for that! Napa-bilib talaga nila ako dun, in fairness to them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They also did some balloon twisting while the guest are eating, they gave it to all the kids. It was just a simple balloon twisting but the kids liked it a lot. Simple joys. The kids appreciates the balloons and was very happy with their balloons. It serves as a give away to the kids also. Seeing my guests having fun and enjoying the party was really heartwarming and its priceless, really. All the hard work that we exert for this party was really worth it.

They prepared four games for the kids and 1 game for the adults. The game for the adult was really funny cause the girl’s team won the game but then the host announced that it was just a practice (everybody says HUWAT?! and started laughing) at the end of the game the boy’s team won, the sad part is natalo pa yung girl’s team. Haha!

The most awaited part of their hosting was the magic show it’s wasn’t a serious magic show though. The magic show turned into a funny show. Everybody can’t get over with their funny…errrr…magic show. My office mates and friends said ” ang lupit ng host ninyo ah”, umm.. joke ba yan?! Teehee! Oh well, they really did a good job, it feels so great to hear all the positive outcome that I received from my guests.

 I only pay Php2,500 for the party host it includes the balloon twisting and the magic show already. BTW, Leny’s Party needs also offer the following: Clown/Magician Services, Face Painting ,Bubble Machine,Balloon Arrangements, and a lot more ! I didn’t chose the clown because most of the kids are afraid of them (including me!), so I chose their Magician costume instead.

I’m so happy how it all turned out because they were able to make the entire party alive. Our guests went home with gas pain due to over laughing. Yikes! 🙂 Happy to say that we didn’t go over budget and I think you don’t really need to spend much penny just to make a good party. The program of the party is the most awaited moment of your guests aside from the food so make sure that you’re getting the right party host for your party. Remember, a super bonggang party with a boring party host is still a boring party. 🙂

Leny’s Party Needs and General Merchandise Contact Info:

Contact Numbers: 984-73-64*925-59-67*566-73-04

Like them on Facebook: Leny’s Party Needs

Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: Food and Venue at Shakey’s Quezon Avenue

Disclaimer: Party packages may vary from time to time so better to contact the branch first so you’ll get updated with their current and updated pricelist and amenities.

For the food and venue, our first choice was TGI Friday’s but when we checked their birthday packages I find it a bit pricey and they didn’t serve buffet in any parties. I really want buffet so that everybody will go home with a satisfied and full tummy, and of course I want food that will suits everybody’s taste buds, especially the kids of course. Our second choice was Shakey’s because aside from the fact that I’m a certified pasta-holic (is there such words?! LOL!) I know everybody loves pasta and pizza too. And who can resist their famous mojos, right?! 🙂 I’ve read on some forums that Shakey’s serve buffet in parties and so we decided to get them. The biggest challenge here is to find a Shakeys branch that has a good and big function room that can accommodate more than 100 plus guests. After asking some of my friends and reading some forums finally I found the right Shakey’s branch that is perfect for Cyler’s first birthday party. Bonus points was that the branch was near to our place and to our guests since most of them are coming from North side. Shakey’s Quezon Ave. was the perfect venue for the party. They have three function rooms that can handle up to 300 capacity. I booked the Function A, it is good for 120pax plus they have their mini-stage pa. They also have their own fun zone (an arcade where kids can play after the party!) which I like the most. We booked them three months before the party. We reserved the 1pm-3pm time slot because I think this is the perfect time for the kids birthday party especially if you have relatives and friends who is quite far from the venue.

Venue: Shakey’s Quezon Ave

Instead of getting their usual party package, I ordered twelve Monster Meal Deal. Shakey’s Monster Meal Deal is good for 10 to 12 pax. I read on some forums that they serve it as buffet on a birthday parties and so I asked Shakey’s to serve it as a buffet. The number of confirmed guest was below 100 but then almost 150 guests showed up on the day of the event and so I added another set of Monster Meal Deal. What I also like about having the reception in a resto is the assurance that there will be food for everyone even if more than expected guests show up. The place was really jam packed so the crew added more chairs to the venue. Mejo sumikip na nga lang ng husto. Well expect the unexpected during parties!

These is what we had in the buffet:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shakey’s has their own tie-up for the theme, they only have Barney and Justice League but good thing they allowed me to have different theme. They only allow you to change your theme if your theme is not a Disney characters. We only get their food and venue and the rest was personalized. We didn’t get their mascot too cause most of the kids are afraid of them (including the birthday celebrant). Another good thing was that they also allowed me to have my own candy buffet (no corkage as of this time). They don’t allow any brand of ice cream too cause they have their own ice cream there, other foods are not allowed except to sweets. But they will ask you to provide a waver for the candy buffet for food security purposes. The party time is good for two hours only, I think that’s the only downside. So, make sure to make the most out of it.

We also avail the tokens for the Fun Zone so that the kids can play there after the party. I gave 5 tokens/kids. The giant pizza was free when you buy Ph1000 worth of Tokens, not bad and its super sulit, right? They allotted three crews for the party and I didn’t receive any complain from our guests, which is good. They were able to accommodate the 150 guests plus they also gave me a free Shakeys Super Card as a token. How thoughtful, right? Everyone loves the Shakey’s Pizzanatic Card because of the tons of discounts and freebies, including a free pizza for every pizza delivery order with drinks to match. We only pay a total of Php21,000++ (read disclaimer above because as I mentioned prices may vary from time to time so call up or visit the branch first, ok?) for the food (it includes the venue already) and tokens. Suffice it to say, this frugalicious Mommy was very happy because it didn’t hurt our bank account..that much. Heehee And I guess it’s cheaper compare to the other venues.

So, if you’re looking for a big venue that serves great food that the kids and kids at heart will surely love I highly recommend Shakey’s Quezon Avenue! You can also check the nearest Shakey’s to your place and inquire for their birthday packages. 🙂

Shakey’s Quezon Avenue Contact Info:

Lot 3, Blk. W-3 Quezon Ave. corner Abad Santos St., Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Heroes Hills
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number
(+63 2) 351-0221, (+63 2) 351-0223

Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: Rounding Up the Details and DIYs

So, here it is the most exciting part of party planning– the party details and DIYs!  My husband, Cj would always ask me why do I need to DIY it if there’s a ready-made available in the market, I simply said “nothing beats DIY cause it’s unique”. Agree?! It’s still different when you do it yourself cause it was really self-fulfilling especially when you receive lots of compliments from other people. And besides I am really OC when it comes to details. 🙂

Balloon Decor: JD’s Party Shop

We really don’t want to spend much money for the decorations. So, this OC and Frugalicious Mommy look for suppliers that offers cheap price with good services. And so, after checking various forums and websites, I finally found the perfect balloon decor supplier for my son’s birthday party, it was JD’s Party Shop. I was stumbled when I checked the rates and packages. It was the most friendly budget balloon packages! The regular balloon packages ranges from Php2,000 to Php5,000. I just checked their site now and I found out that they have budget friendly balloon packages now that ranges from Php1,500 to Php3,000 only it includes the transpo fee. Sayang di ko na naabutan yang promo nila. Hehe  You can check out the prices here. The prices may vary if there’s an additional balloons. The one that I got was the regular balloon packages. In my case,  I ordered the regular balloon package 3,000-A,   but since I modified the designs and I added more balloons and our total bill became Php4,300. But its fine cause it was still cheap compare to the other balloon suppliers that sometimes costs more than Php10,000 pesosesoses. The regular balloon package 3,000-A consist of 50pcs ballonderitas without ribbon, 2pcs- 7 layer pillars with star mylar, 1 link cake arch and 10 simple centerpiece. Ms. Jesslyn of JD’s Party Shop is very accommodating despite of my demands. We corresponded via email and text too.  I booked them last March, we just meet at Trinoma Mall.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Supposed to be the table centerpiece is a number mylar but unfortunately it wasn’t available to their balloon suppliers and so they changed it into star mylar instead. I was sad and hesitant at first but when I saw the centerpiece on the event I was surprised cause I love how it turned out. They arrived early at the venue and they finished the set up at 12pm, 1hour before the party started. Not to mention that Jesslyn and her assistant did the whole set up and they’re both girls pa. Hat’s off to the both of you! Oh well, what can I say? you did a great job! 🙂

Message Board:

The message board was DIY also. I got this idea from Smart Parenting May issue. Instead of buying a guest book, we just made our own message board. It was printed in oslo paper, thanks to my CIL Jus (our official graphic artist)  for the layout design. And then I added colorful pens cause I know not all the guests  have their pens on them. The kids were able to take home the colorful pens too. 🙂

I asked the guests to drop their messages in the fish bowl. 🙂


Nowadays, invitation cards is not necessary at all since we are using the events in Facebook. But of course we need to attach the soft copy of the invitation and map to Facebook event. We only print 20 copies of invitations, we distributed it to our big boss’ at the office and to our neighbors and relatives who is near to our place. For those who live in  far places we just invited them thru Facebook events.


All  party tags was DIY-ed. We also had “Thank You” cards in every table. My initial plan was to put the characters of Charlie and the Numbers in the table just like what I did in the candy buffet  but I decided to forgo it cause not everybody will notice that especially if they’re not so OC  and Usi like me. Hehe

Thank you cards


The party hat is my favorite in all the DIYs, cause its super cute! I really enjoyed doing the party Hats ,yes I did! I got the idea in the awesome site Oh Happy Day. My BIL, Kuya Francis, my CIL,Sharmaine and my sister, Isang helped me in doing the party hats. We used cartolina ,ribbons, crêpe paper in this party hat. The number 1 center design was made by my CIL, Jus (I owe him a lot!), it was printed in a sticker paper. You can check the easy-peasy step on how to make a party hats here.

Even the kids likes it too! Most of the time the party hat wasn’t noticed by the kids but this time (surprisingly) most of the kids wore  the party hats!


The tarpaulin was a gift from our doting friend, Lhei and his hubby, Hansel. Thank you guys for this wonderful gift. I really love the layout ah, in fairness! And of course, what I really like about the tarp? It’s unique! 🙂

Hmmm.. what else?! I guess that’s all the details and DIYs. Oh, I’m really blessed to have worked with such really good suppliers who really delivered. Special  thanks to my very kind and generous family and friends who helped us in organizing this birthday party. I owe you a lot! 🙂

JD’S Party Shop Contact Info:

Visit their site:

Mobile No: 0946-5422493; 0915-8635414



Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: Sweet Creations by Mums

Sweet Creations by Mums was my first and only choice for Cyler’s birthday cake because I really love all her works. I have seen all her works and I must say that it was superb. On Cyler’s christening we decided to forgo the cake since it’s not necessary. Instead of cake, we had cupcakes that serve as a give away to our guests also. But since it’s our son’s first birthday, we need to have a cake, of course. And for me, his cake must be very special and when I say special it means it must be one of a kind. I know a party with a big cake with a boring party host is still a boring party, but hey it’s one of the most important thing in a birthday party too. We had 8×4 two layered cake with 3D designs, it costs Php4000. The prices may vary and it depends in the size and flavor. The bottom and designs are all edible, but the top is not edible it is made of styro. The cake supplier was very accommodating which is a plus for me. She doesn’t have any idea about the theme but she still accepted my order. From time to time I would visit her fan page to check out her new creation. We booked her 5 months before the party, oh diba excited lang? Hehe

Now how in the world can you resist that?! The birthday cake was superb! 🙂

Another thing that I like about her work is that she is very detailed.

Charlie with Number 1 and Po and Piz

I told her that number 1 should be the candle and she was able to do it! Good job! 🙂

She did some researched regarding the theme and she even watched Charlie and the Numbers just to meet my desired design. I have so many request to her and she was able to do it. I even ask her to include the biplane in the cake design and she was able to do it. 🙂


I am so happy because she was able to deal with my OC-ness and she’s very easy to talk to, which I really like the most. Armed with our great ideas and creative juices we were able to make a very special cake. I am so glad because I got so many compliments with the cake though the guests didn’t had the chance to taste it. I brought some cake to our office and my office mates said that it’s not too sweet just right, very moist and siksik. It was a chocolate flavored cake with chocolate filling in every layer. Even my boss who is not fond of sweets did like the cake. I usually don’t eat fondant cause
for me it’s too sweet but when I tasted her cake surprisingly I started to eat the fondant cause it wasn’t too sweet and it wasn’t hard unlike other fondant cake. 🙂

I got really excited when I first saw the photos of the cake on her fan page and this is what she posted when she uploaded the photos of the cake “When I first heard of the Theme/Motif I had NO idea what Charlie and the Numbers was. I had to look at You Tube to check if there’s any video of it. I find it weird at first as the NUMBERS have eyes and hands but then I got hooked and found myself watching 4 episodes already.” Oh well, what else can I say? You did a job well done! 🙂

I also ordered the cupcake to them. I ordered the cuppies to them one week before the party because my first supplier backed out, but good thing was that they were able to accept my order even though they only had 1 week prepping time. The cupcake costs Php40 including the topper. It depends on the design and flavor. Joan Tuazon is the brain (and beauty) behind the awesome cakes of Sweet Creations by Mums. I must say that she is very professional and friendly. You can see how good she is just by looking at her works. She was able to deal with all my OC-ness too, from time to time I would ask her about the cake and would tell her to include this and that but she never complain. Thank you Joan for being so kind to me and for the patience you have given me. 🙂


I HIGHLY recommend Sweet Creations by Mums to all of you. You won’t regret in getting them cause their really good and very professional. It’s worth every penny! 🙂

For inquiries please feel free to contact them anytime.

Like them on Facebook: SCBM

Tel: +632 – 477 – 9874
Mobile: +63927 – 251 – 1922

Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: Lootbags and Prizes

So here’s my third post for Cyler’s birthday party. First is the theme then the candy buffet and now the lootbags and prizes. Cyler’s lootbags are specially made because we couldn’t find any ready made loot bags out there that fit the party’s theme. I searched various websites and forum and I found Pixie Pen Graphics Online shop. I realized that being an internet savvy is a big help, really. Pixie Pen offers personalized party favors like personalized loot bags, invitation, ballpen, note pad, bagtag, photo magnet, birthday standee, etc. Not to mention they sell it in cheaper price, perfect for frugalicious Mommy like me. What I like about them is that they are really easy to talk to and very accommodating. They were able to deal with my OC-ness and kaartehan, yes I’m very maarte when it comes to details. I ordered 40pcs large PERSONALIZED LOOT BAG, it costs Php30/ea only. They have different loot bags sizes Small – 3.5″ (W) x 6″ (H) – P25.00 each and Large – 9″ (W) x 5.75″ (H) – P30.00 each. We corresponded via email and text. I was hesitant at first to contact her but I gave it a shot and so I emailed her about the theme to which she responded very quick! Their store is located at Marikina. I deposited my payment through BDO then my Mom picked up the loot bags at SM Marikina since my Mom lives at Antipolo. I pay additional Php50 for their transpo fare.

The Lootbags

The Loots

For boys

For girls

We bought most of the loots at Divisoria. The coloring books was DIY also. Hubby did the layout of the characters and my CIL, Jus did the cover layout. What went inside? Well, we have coloring books, crayons,silly-sticky- hands, pick-up sticks, ruler with sharpener and assorted candies from S&R. For the girls, I added two pony tails. Of course di pwedeng mawala ang ka-kikayan. Thanks to my BIL, Kuya Francis and my CIL, Sharmaine for helping me packed all the lootbags. Oh, I really enjoyed packing the lootbags! 🙂

The Prizes

We also bought the prizes goodies at Divisoria. As much as possible ayoko talagang tipirin yung prizes of course nag effort yung mga winners sa games diba? The prizes contains two toys and we also added some biscuits. Most of the toys are mind game toys because I really love fun learning toys for the kids. I also bought the prizes paper bags at Divisoria for Php10.oo/each only. The party host told me to prepare 20 prizes but we prepared 21 prizes.

I am so happy because the kids were surprised and very happy to their prizes and lootbags. You may check out the loots prices here.

P.S. I’ll be posting more of the party details tomorrow(promise!) because I need to go now. Hope these details will help you! 🙂

Pixie Pen Contact Info:

Tel No:(02) 668- 9253
Mobile No: 0949-6831214;0915-2946069;0922-8704838
Like them on facebook: Pixiepen

Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Themed Birthday Party: Candy Buffet

I have attended lots of birthday parties and I noticed that the Candy Corner wasn’t noticed by most guests and even by the kids and I guess the main reason behind that is because the design is not so catchy to the eyes and tummies. And so, I spend much time conceptualizing the candy buffet on how to make it feast for both eyes and tummies. As I mentioned in my previous birthday post, I want the theme to be consistent in everything — this includes the candy corner. My BIL, Kuya Francis and my CIL, Jus helped me out in conceptualizing the design for the candy buffet. The candy buffet didn’t hurt our bank accounts (that much), since most of the sweet treats were gifts. I got really inspired by all the candy buffet that I saw in the awesome site Hostess with the Mostess.

Presenting our very own Candy Buffet

We had various candies in the buffet like gummy bears, gummy worms, jelly, lollies, assorted candies, smarties and marshmallows c/o of my CIL, Ate Gigi. Most of the candies are bought from S&R and SM Supermarket. The candy buffet also had cookies, I bought 4 boxes of cookies at S&R for Php99/box only. The cookies caught my attention when we went shopping at S&R cause it’s very colorful, the designs was so cute and was really catchy to the eyes. When I tasted the cookies, I find it not too sweet, the taste was just right and it melts on your mouth, and I think it’s perfect for the kids!  My office mate said that his son love the cookies from the candy buffet. And we also had chocolate flavored cuppies or cupcake from Sweet Creations by Mums (they’re my cake supplier too). The cupcake cost Php40/ea including the topper. My CIL, Jus made the design layout for the topper, we just gave the soft copy of the design to our supplier and they are the one who print it out.  Most of the guests said that the cupcake was very moist and not too sweet, just right. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to taste it cause it was almost wipe off even before the party started! Everybody likes it! Supposed to be our supplier for the cupcake was my previous supplier, the one that I had in Cyler’s Christening, but one week before the event she backed out due to personal matter, which is totally understandable. Even though she wasn’t able to accommodate our order, she still allowed us to borrow her cupcake tower, how nice,right?! Another good thing was my cake supplier, Sweet Creations by Mums was able to accept my order for cuppies even if they only had one week prepping time. God is really good all the time! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And of course, if there’s upside there is also a downside. Last March, I saw a cake-pops promo at Ensogo the price was really cheap and so I bought 4 dozens of it. After buying, I immediately called the supplier  for my reservation. The pick up date I gave them was June 2, the day before the event. Fast forward June 2, we went to the bakeshop to pick up my orders. I approached the counter and asked for my reservations then she told me that I don’t have any reservations to them. WATDA.. FUDGE! Na-highblood ang lola ninyo! Imagine, I called them twice, tapos sasabihin nila wala?! Oh common, mamon, hamon! Anyare?! My goodness! They told me to re-schedule my reservation and I said “NO” because we need that tomorrow. I told them that if they won’t make it today they need to refund my money. They are selling cake-pops but they don’t have any cake pops available on their shop, now how in the world was that? My gulay! So, they don’t have any choice but to refund my money.  Super duper EPIC FAIL! The name of the bakeshop was Ciocolato Cupcakery it is located at Hobbies of Asia Macapagal Blvd.,Pasay City. Oh well, first impression lasts they just gave a negative impression to their shop. I hope you won’t experience this epic supplier tragedy. Alright, forget about the cake pops mishaps, the party must go on no matter what happened.

Anyhoo, here’s some of the DIYs in the candy buffet:

The cast of Charlie and the Numbers

Birthday banner c/o my in-laws

Personalized name banner

Moving forward, besides from the yummy treats we also had DIYs on the candy buffet. We print all the characters of Charlie and the Numbers in a short bond paper; we cut it, glued it on a stick and poke it into the Styrofoam. We also had a birthday and name banner in the candy buffet.  And I also added some “eat me” sign in every cups and candy container. And viola! Our candy buffet was indeed very appetizing for both eyes and tummies to all our guests. I’m so happy because everybody loves the candy buffet not only the kids, but the kids at heart as well. The sweets are almost wipe off even before the party started. Good thing there’s still few more left for the late comers. Also, it feels so great with all the compliments that I received from our guests, it was priceless. Thank you so much! 🙂

Special thanks to my BIL, Kuya Francis for helping me conceptualizing this candy buffet and the party as well, to my CIL, Ate Gigi for the candies, to my CIL, Jus for all the designs layout, and to all our guest for munching the yummy treats! 🙂

Sweet Creations by Mums Contact Info:

Tel: +632 – 477 – 9874
Mobile: +63927 – 251 – 1922

Like them on Facebook: SBCM

Charlie and the Numbers Themed Birthday Party

Hi everyone, finally here’s my special post for Cyler’s first birthday party! Six months ago, we started planning for our little boy’s first birthday party. I have seen so many birthday parties but I’d never try to plan any. It was my first time to organize a birthday party(yes it is!)  and this was a big challenge for me and my husband, Cj. As much as possible we want the party to be simple but of course special for it’s our son’s first birthday and we want the guests to have fun and enjoy too.

The first thing we had to think about it was the THEME, of course. Everything starts in the theme. We had a  couple of criteria for the theme: (1) should be  Cyler’s TOP favorite (2) must be unique (3) it should be silly and at the same time fun (4) simple but rock. And the perfect theme that goes to our mind was… CHARLIE and the NUMBERS! Charlie and the Numbers is a program from BabyTV , a television channel for infants, toddlers, and their parents which cover all early learning skill and developmental milestones for toddlers. We are fans of Charlie and the numbers and I have mentioned in my previous blog post that Cyler go loco when he watches this cartoon. Cyler was literally hypnotize once he started watching this cartoon, with his eyes wide open without blinking. So, I guess we meet all the criteria and this is the perfect theme for our little boy’s first birthday party! And so, it has been decided that we’re gonna having a Magical Numbers Birthday party for Cyler!

Welcome to the Magical Numbers Birthday Party!

Venue: Shakey’s Quezon Ave

Party Details and DIYs

On the other hand, thing about the theme is that it is not common in the Philippines. It’s not even familiar to anyone here, only two(including us) out of ten Filipinos are familiar with the theme. Charlie and the numbers is available at Destiny and Sky cable only, but you can also visit BabyTv site and download the iPhone App of this. Anyhoo, back to my topic, I browse various websites and forums but I couldn’t find that theme. Geez! The only thing that we saw about Charlie and the Numbers theme was a birthday cake(oh at least..meron). Whew! So, here comes the biggest challenge still we went for it. Armed with our bright ideas and creative juices, my OC-ness and OA-ness began. I got so many party ideas from various websites like Hostess with the Mostess, Oh happy Day and Smart Parenting magazine. I want the theme to be consistent in everything from the little to big details. And of course, it should be budget wise as well. And the most important thing to me, it has to be memorable, fun, and happy not only to us but to every guests who will attend the party. Fast forward to June 2012, we had a Magical Numbers Birthday party for Cyler.

Meet the Birthday Boy! 🙂

I didn’t require the guests to wear any costume at all because I want all the kids especially the babies  to feel comfy on their attire. I’d make sure that all our guests will go home with a happy face and full tummy. I didn’t worry about Cyler anymore because he is used to crowded environment. The birthday celebrant was taking a nap when the party started but his Lolo forced him to get up and so he started to felt uneasy and a bit clingy when he woke up. Although he didn’t cry, actually he rarely cry and when he do it’s for the strangest reason. The very talkative and cheerful Cyler was missing at that time, but it was totally understandable.

Moving forward, good thing after a few minutes he was in a good condition again and he allowed everyone to carry him over and over, that’s why I kept on finding him the entire time. We didn’t had the chance to take more pictures because I was insanely busy entertaining our guests and Cyler was always missing in action. The guests kept on coming from time to time.  Cyler was busy minding his own business and  just thumb-sucking the entire time, you will noticed that in most of his photos. Thumb sucking makes him feel so comfy, that’s why we allow him to do it. Cyler was so curious by the different people who carry him and the different surroundings, so he had his signature “Curious Frown” look the whole time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Less than 100 guest confirmed but on the day of the event almost 150++ guests showed up! BOOM! Box office diba?! But it’s totally fine, the more the merrier! And it feels so overwhelming cause all our relatives and friends were all there and became part of that very special day. Again, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to say ‘thank you’ to all the people who came and became part of the most awaited day of our son. We appreciate all your time and effort.

Overall, the party went well and was great. I am very happy with the good feedback’s that I received from our guests. The party host did a great job too, they are indeed hilarious!  All our guest went home with gas pain due to over…. laughing. Yikes! The party host was able to kept the party alive which I liked the most. Four thumbs up for that, including my foot thumb! Teehee! They really did job well done.  🙂

Our vendors did a great job as well because they we’re able to meet all my expectations, actually it’s beyond my expectations. The suppliers doesn’t  have any idea about the theme but they gave so much time and effort researching for it. Hats off to all our suppliers! You really made this Magical Numbers Birthday party impossible and a wonderful thing to do! Btw, if you want to ask anything about the party details, supplier names, contacts and other stuff, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possible.

Special thanks to our dear friend, Lhei and his hubby Hansel for the awesome tarpulin, my CIL, Ate Gigi for the sweet treats in the candy buffet, my, CIL Jus for all the design layout, my sister, Isang and CIL, Sharmaine for helping us doing all the DIYs, to my BIL, Kuya Francis for helping me conceptualizing the whole party and of course to my husband, Cj for his undying support for I won’t be able to do this without his help . Again, many thanks to all our family and friends for being part of this special day of our son, Cyler. We really appreciate it, thank you so much!  🙂

Btw, here’s the run through of our suppliers. I’ll make a reviews about them on my next post, so watch out for that!

Venue: Shakey’s Quezon Avenue

Cake and Cuppies : Sweet Creations by Mums

Balloon Decor : JD Party Shop

Loot Bags: Pixie Pen

Party Host: Leny’s Party Needs & General Merchandise

Photo Coverage: Jam Masalonga

DIYs and other Details: Divisoria, National Book Store

Sweets: S&R, SM Supermarket

A Special Father’s Day Celebration

I mentioned in my previous post that my parents split up when I was a little kid, I grew up without a father, though I’m a Papa’s girl. Unfortunately, I’d never experience how to celebrate the Father’s Day. But I remember my father as a very sweet guy and a very good cook, nothing beats his pininyahang manok and ginataang kuhol. And for me that’s one of the best dishes I ever tasted in my whole entire life, yes indeed! Though we didn’t have the chance to bond some more. If you grow up together with your father, you are one of the luckiest kid, really! Because it’s really hard when you’re looking for someone to defend you, iba pa rin talaga pag andyan ang Tatay mo. Ayan tuloy I just am starting to become Emo na. Haha! Anyhoo, I know he is a good father to his new family now and I wish him all the happiness. Just wanna say Happy Father’s Day, Papa! I will always be your little “Yayon” (It’s the bulol version of “Sharon” , that’s our term of endearment when I was a little kid).

Moving forward, though I didn’t experience how to celebrate the father’s day, this time I make sure that I’m giving my husband, Cj a special father’s day celebration. I make sure that we’re celebrating it like it’s his first father’s day though it’s was his 2nd father’s day already! Last Saturday, June 16, we had an advanced celebration for the father’s day since Cj has work on Sunday (BOO!). The day started with a sweet kiss from Me and Cyler, of course.

Happy Dad’s Day, Hon! We love you so muchoo!

Father and son on their matching outfit! Yellow is the color of the day!

The little Cj. 🙂

That day was Cyler’s monthly check up also, so after our appointment with Dra. Vienne we went to Glorietta. We had a simple lunch at Spaghetti Factory in Glorietta 5 cause I’m craving for their seafood pasta and seafood pesto pizza. It wasn’t our first time to dine there, we’ve been there several times. Hubby and I really loves their seafood pesto pizza, yan talaga yung binabalik-balikan namin dun besides from their pasta. They only have two branches, one in Glorietta 5 and one in Ayala Center Cebu. Not to mention the super affordable prices plus the friendly crew. At Spaghetti Factory you can play around with the many different pasta shapes available, just combine it with your favorite sauce and create your Personal Pastalicious Perfect Pasta. I like the Farfalle or commonly known as bow tie pasta.

The order taker

Since it’s father’s day ako muna ang photographer. 🙂

After having a sumptuous lunch, we went to The Ramp but this time I didn’t shop for myself… pinag shopping ko ang asawa ko (pwera yabang ah)! It’s my father’s day treat to him. He rarely buy his new clothes because he wanted to save more for the family. So, this time ikaw naman ang mag shopping, Hon. 🙂 You’re such a generous and doting father to Cyler. Oh, I learned how to be Frugalicious because of him. And thanks Hon for teaching me that.

Bagay sayo yan, Hon! Mas lalo kang gwa-gwapo dyan! 🙂

After our shopping galore we went home with a happy Daddy, Baby, and Mommy. 🙂

I’m so happy to have you both in my life!

More photos below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a tiring but a fun, fun father’s day for us! Our simple celebration became extra special because we have you, Hon! God gave me… you. Happy happy Father’s Day again! Cyler and I love you so much!!!!

Daddy, I love you! XOXO

P.S. Let us all celebrate the father’s day like it’s our first father’s day celebration! 🙂

Things You Should Know About Me

I’ve always wanted to share my offline life to my fellow readers because I want you to know me better. So, this time please allow me to share some snippets of my offline life. I got this idea from the awesome site manilamommy. But this time the question is more on how motherhood change my life, I got some of the questions on SP June 2011 issue and I also added my own questions. 🙂

20120617-190126.jpg Who is this kikay mommy? (Photo taken last November on our 1st Wedding Anniversary) 🙂

So here it goes:
1. How I spend my ME-TIME: I usually spend it at the spa, I love getting pampered especially when I’m having a bad day at work.
2. The best parenting advice I’ve ever received: Enjoy every minute of your son’s childhood cause the next thing you know they would be opting to be on their own.
3. Being a mother has helped me become more: Selfless, my family is my top priority now among others. It’s always my son, then my husband, Cj, and then I’m the last person to attend to.
4. One thing that I miss when I became a mother: Actually, I miss wearing two piece! Hahaha! I can’t wear it again cause I have stretch marks on my tummy. But I don’t care and I don’t complain cause stretch marks symbolizes my motherhood. 🙂
5.The greatest lesson motherhood has taught me: To love unconditionally and how to be patience, yes patience is the key! Having a picky eater son and husband is no joke! Hehe
6. One thing I never knew about motherhood: I took care of my siblings while growing up, so nothing was new to me, except to the fact that I’m taking care of my own kid now. That’s when my OA-ness and OC-ness began.
7. The best thing about being a Mom: It’s the happiness that I get when I’m seeing my child grow. I also had my instant stress reliever, Cyler has a great sense of humor, he never fails to make me laugh.
8. And the hardest: Seeing him in pain especially when  he’s teething and getting sick. It really breaks my heart. 😦
9. A favorite family hangout: Mall and our room! Our room is the only private place where we can bond, do whatever we like to do, play and laugh until the morning.
10. I never leave home without my: iPhone! Because I have my email there, my contacts, I can blog there, search the net, tweet, post on FB, Cyler can watch his fave cartoons there when we’re traveling, I can call and text there, in short I have everything there! Not to mention I haven’t deleted my inbox messages in my phone since November 10,2010(the date
when I purchased my phone). Haha!
11. I think the greatest invention for Mom is: TV and iPhone, it has so many educational app for kids. I can feed Cyler while his watching his fave cartoon Charlie and the Numbers!
12. Favorite bonding time: Reading books before bedtime, playing peak-a-boo, giving him a bath, feeding him, brushing his teeth, ay lahat na ata! Basta involved ang bagets precious time yun sakin. 🙂
13.A book we’re currently reading: I read random short stories to her like Hugs and Kisses by Christophe Loupe, Dr. Seuss and Thomas the train.
14.My proudest moment as a Mother: To be able to witness my child’s achievements, no matter how big or small. Especially when people say that Cyler is very mabait and easy to deal with because he never throw tantrums and he doesn’t cry(when he do it’s for the strangest reason).
15. The things my child got from me: Many people say that Cyler looks like his Dad, so I guess he got my kadaldalan. There are times that Cyler would talk non-stop even though we can’t understand what he’s saying.
16. The last thing I did with my kid: We went to the church to
give thanks to the Lord. I gave him a bath and then I feed him. He is currently sleeping now that’s why I’m taking this opportunity to blog. Hehe
17. The toughest thing about being a Mom: Enforcing discipline and waking up at night. I’m Snorlax type and it’s really hard for me to stay up late that’s why most of the time Hubby is the one who stays awake at night especially when our son is on call center mode. Nyahaha!
18. I’m very proud of the fact that: I have stretch marks! Hahaha! What a woman go through when they’re pregnant and giving birth is no joke. Agree mga mommies? 🙂
19. Greatest thing you’ve learned when you became a Mom: Spend less money on the stuff I want. I am a terrible shopaholic before, motherhood has taught me to spend wisely. Oh, yes I became a Frugalicious mom. 🙂
20. Who are the man behind your success: There are only three-man in my life — God, Cyler and Cj. 🙂
21. Motto in life: “You can mess up with me, but not with my child.”

That’s it pansit!

Now it’s your turn: In the comment box you can answer one question or you can ask me another question! Go ahead, I’d like to hear it! 🙂


I mentioned on my previous post that one of my little boy’s favorite drink was vitamins, yes he likes vitamins so much! Some babies usually have difficulties taking their vitamins, but my son quite enjoys it, though he is a picky eater like his Daddy. Hay. But I don’t complain. Maybe the little boy is not ready to eat something new or maybe he is afraid to go out on his comfort zone.

Anyhoo, here’s Cyler’s initial reaction when I’m about to give him vitamins.

He giggles and get too excited!

He had his monthly check-up with Dra.Vienne today and I mentioned to her that Cyler became a picky eater. She recommended an appetite vitamins to Cyler. Oh-uh vitamins again, I’m pretty sure that Cyler will be happy for this! Geez! The name of the vitamins was Mosegor,  it’s a daily vitamins and he will take this for 3months. This vitamins cost Php800++ pesosososes! My goodness, muntik nakong himatayin sa presyo!  Let’s see the result and I let you know about it. Dra.Vienne said that we’re on same boat cause she also experienced the same thing to her own child. She gave me some tips on how to teach my child to eat but I will try it first then I let you know if it works for this little picky eater. I really hope that this technique will help this little boy to eat some more. *cross finger*

Dear vitamins, sana pagkain kana lang din para kumain ng kumain si Cyler .  🙂

More! More!

Anyhoo, back to my topic I really don’t know why he likes vitamins so much, maybe because he is used to the taste or he likes the orange tangy flavor of his vitamins? Whenever I say “Cyler, here’s your vitamins!”, he giggles and sometimes he grab my hand because off too much excitement.  I’m still glad because he was able to take his vitamins though he is  a picky eater. A picky eater in a good way I say because he likes veggies than sweets. He likes  spinach, broccoli, sweet peas, and squash. Oh well, I just want him to gain more weight. That’s why sometimes I end up forcing him to eat. Sorry, sweetie. Mommy just want to make sure that you are getting enough nutrients for your body needs.

Ummm.. Mommy, no more vitamins? I want some more ! 😛

This is  one of our favorite bonding time with my baby as a newbie mom. And I hope every moms experience the same way too! Having a picky eater child is one of the most challenging part of being a parent but I’m embracing it with arms wide open! I know nag-uumpisa palang ako but I love it and I don’t complain!  🙂

P.S. Friends, if your child is picky eater too and you know some techniques that works to your child.. please, please let me know! THANKS! 🙂

Introducing Baby Jesus to Baby Cyler

I always say that I want my child to grow in love and with God because I want my child to become God fearing and to build his “faith” in God. Of course every parents wish that too. I believe that if a man believes in God, he can do anything with God who strengthens him. And God will lead him to the right path. I guess, this is the biggest challenge to all the parents and this is the most important thing that we can teach to our child — to become “God fearing” and to have “faith”.

I was introduced to God by my Tita Nanin when I was a little kid. I was very active in our church at Antipolo before and I’m a child of daily vacation bible school or DVBS. It was fun and I really enjoyed it, at the same time I was able to build my faith with God at an early age. And now, I want Cyler to be able to learn and experience the same thing too.

When I found this book at Booksale I immediately bought it coz it’s very kid friendly and at the same time it’s like a baby bible. Lemme share the content of this book to all of you. The title of this book is “Mary and Baby Jesus” by Zonderkidz.

So here it goes..

That’s it! The book was simple but the content have it all. It’s all about Baby Jesus, our Lord and saviour. I usually read this book to Cyler almost every night because I want him to be able to familiarize with Jesus and to build his faith at this early age. I believe that this the best time to teach him how to grow with God.

So, share your first bible experience with your child, I love to hear it! 🙂

Independence Day at Amana Waterpark Resort

As I promise on my previous post, here’s my official post for our family outing at Amana Waterpark resort. The resort is located in Santisima St. Brgy. Bagong Barrio, Pandi, Bulacan. It’s almost a 7 hectares of developed leisure resort surrounded by a wide green of farmland, which makes it more a breathing place of fresh air of nature surrounding the place. The family outing was sponsored by our balikbayan relatives Mama Encar and Papa Semmy, they’re both on hubby’s side. It was also their farewell party for the family.

The Montegrejo Clan

Splish, Splash!

Mommy, I super like the water!

Cyler: I’m one of the ‘big’ boys!

The resort was 40 minutes to 1 hour drive from Manila. The resort claim to be the biggest area of wave pool in Bulacan with 3,500 square meter of wave pool area and showcase 13 type of wave with the newest wave technology that came from Canada and Germany. It wasn’t my first time to experience a wave pool, my first wave pool experienced was in Club Manila East at Taytay, Rizal. Aside from the wave pool, one of their biggest attraction are the life-size cartoon character figurines.

With Shrek and the rest of the family! 🙂

Hubby and our bundle of joy, Cyler.

Justice League

They also had carousel and mini train inside the resort vicinity, which I found very unique. And also who could not enjoy the same Horse ride and zipline that Baguio and Tagaytay has, yup they also have this on their resort.


Choo! Choo!

Cottages are inspired from different tourist destination such as Tagaytay, Boracay, Palawan, Baler, Laoag and many others in the Philippines. We reserved the Vigan room for Php 2,200, I think the price is a bit pricey because the room is too small and it can only occupy one bed. You can check out the room rates here.

Vigan Cottage

Nipa Hut Cottages.

Also, they don’t allow any beverages inside the resort except water. I think they’re not really strict with the swimming attires cause I saw some people wearing colored shirts in the pool. Cyler really enjoyed the splash of the water, in fact we stayed in the pool for almost 2 hours. He just got scared in the wave, so, we decided to go back in our cottage. Oh, I forgot to bring his cleanser that day(oh-oh! it’s my momnesia again), so, I don’t have any choice but to use the only body wash in my toiletries. Good thing I brought my VMV Hypoallergenic body wash, the little boy’s delicate skin didn’t get irritated by the body wash. Wew! Lesson learned: double-check the diaper bag before leaving the house. After taking his bath, the little boy fell asleep and he slept for about 4hours. Daming pagod ng bagets!

More fun photos here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, it was a tiring but a great family bonding for the whole family. Cyler was able to enjoy his first swim, he surely did. We had SO much fun! Special thanks to Mama Encar and Papa Semmy for sponsoring this outing. Sa uulitin po! 🙂

The best thing in the world – Family!

Nothing beats the family bonding!

Amana Waterpark Contact Details:
Manila Line: (02) 299-66-12 or (02) 299-67-03
Tel #: (044) 661-23-83 or (044) 661-23-84
Cell #:
Sun : 0922-8708428 or 0923-7135874
Globe : 0917-8866220
Smart : 0908-8736353
Facebook Account:

Cool Dads Deserve a Cool Gift!

Pepper Lunch has a cool treat for all the cool Daddy’s out there! Take your dad to Pepper Lunch this Sunday and he’ll get a delicious Mochiko ice cream if he’s one of the first 50 dads dining in any Pepper Lunch branch this June 17, 2012.

Unfortunately,  we can’t go there cause Hubby has work  on that day. BOO! Anyhoo, if you’re husband or father is available this Sunday take him and treat him at Pepper Lunch this coming Sunday, June 17, 2012!  It’s the best father’s day treat ever! 🙂

Go to the nearest Pepper Lunch in your place !

Locations: Rockwell • Shangri-La • Alabang Town Center • Greenbelt 5 • Robinsons Ermita • SM Megamall A • Mall of Asia • Trinoma.

Visit their website:

Cyler’s Toy Rotation

Aside from clothes, Cyler received a bunch of toys on his first birthday bash. But we opted not to open all the toys because Cyler got overwhelmed with all the toys and was starting to loose his focus. So, we decided to open three toys that suits for his age. We noticed that he get bored easily with his new toys and he tried to open another toy. And I also noticed that he started to loose his interest on his books due to his fascination to his new toys. Which is I do not wish to happen. So, I had this light bulb idea again.
These are the gifts that he received on his first birthday bash.

Thanks for the presents! OOps! The baby is not included.

Our little boy go loco over his new toys! Oh, he received three Boikido, me likey! I mentioned on my previous post that as much as possible I want more eco-friendly toys for Cyler. That’s why when my friends asked me what gift do I want for Cyler’s birthday, I immediately say “Boikido”. Hehe

Unfortunately, we decided to kept it since we already open three new toys. Oh, it’s now four because he secretly opened another box.

Don’t know what to choose?

So here comes the light bulb idea —- I decided to have a “monthly toy rotation”. We randomly group his toys into two sets — he plays with one for the whole month, while the other set is kept out of his sight.

These are the 1st set of toys.

We hide most of the toys underneath the books. It became an instant book stand as well. 🙂

Mr. Pooh secretly hide some of the toys too.. Secret lang natin ‘to ah! Hehe

Now, who would have thought that there is a bunch of toys underneath the books? 🙂
Cyler is not a fan of stuff toys, so these stuff toys are just decoration for him.
Moving forward, after one month, we replace his toys with a second set. His face never fails to light up in excitement at the sight of his “new” toys. This taught him to appreciate his toys more and it has also kept us from buying more toys. It benefits the child and parent as well. Also, this keeps toys new and fresh, and interesting for the child.
P.S. Special thanks to Mr. Pooh and the rest of the gang for keeping Cyler’s new toys. 🙂

You’re the Man

This post was dedicated to my loving Hunky-hubby-slash-super-daddy, Cj. This is my husband’s 2nd Father’s Day already and I must say that he is absolutely doing a great job to our kid.  Between the two of us, he is the one who stays awake at night to play with Cyler when our little one is on graveyard shift and when I can’t get up. He is the one who wakes up early in the morning to prepares Cyler’s milk bottle. I was happy that I had him with me for the long haul. The man is understanding and patient, a perfect foil to my ka-kulitan and ka-sungitan. He even do  the laundry all by himself, yes he does it for us. Tigasin yan eh! He is also our family driver who can moonlight as a taxi driver for all the shortcuts he knows around the city.

Cyler was 2 months old here.

I am really blessed to have him as a partner, though sometimes we argue over little things, oh well, I guess it’s normal to all married people or couples. At the end of the day it’s still the two of us. Though he is a terrible picky eater and he doesn’t eat veggies, I still love him for who he is. His fart is the most terrible smell in the world, yes indeed, but I still love him. Nothing can change my love for you, Hon. He slept on the floor when my Mom or my sibling is with us to look after Cyler during weekdays and he doesn’t flinch.  Now, how in the world can you resist that? He is absolutely the perfect father who is willing to sacrifice everything  for us.

This is Cyler’s 1st Christmas eve.

He was there for me to support me when I was dealing with my postpartum blues after giving birth to Cyler. He was my caregiver and he never get tired of taking good care of us. He is a good provider, sensible but at the same time he can be silly, funny, corny and senseless. He always make us laugh even on his corniest joke. He is a big fan of basketball, in fact nobody can get his attention once he started to watch it. For me, he is perfectly imperfect husband to me and father to Cyler. He is the man, yes he is! I can’t imagine myself without him, like what I always say he is my cushion when I fall.

On our 1st Wedding Anniversary. 🙂

Hon, happy father’s day! Thank you for being such a role model and a very good father to our son.You are such a cool Daddy and having you in our life is such a big blessing. I could not ask for more. Thank you for always being there in our challenges and wins. I had you through thick and thin. For me, you’re the worlds #1 Daddy!  I can’t imagine myself with anyone else but with YOU.

We love you from infinity and beyond!

You’re the man! I love you! And happy father’s day again!

P.S. Happy father’s day to all the Father’s and father figure out there! Hat’s off to all the Father’s!

My First Swim!

Today, we just had a family outing at Amana Water Park. It was Cyler’s first swim everrr! Our little one had a great time,yes indeed! You can see it in most of his photos. Just wanna share some of his photos in the water, we’re just so happy that Cyler enjoyed his first swim! Actually, it was a biglaang outing and I’m not really prepared. Good thing, I was able to buy Cyler’s swim shorts and bath robe last night after office, it was a last minute shopping. Whew! Anyhoo, that’s fine cause we really had a greaaaat time! 🙂

Friends, here it is…

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Amana Water Park!

Look at those big smile! ^_^

Me likey!

Together with her Tita Isang, my sibling.

I loooove the waterrrrrrr!

With Mommy, of course! 🙂

I just love seeing those smiles, it’s priceless, really!

Sorry guys, this is just a teaser, I will post more of our Amana adventure on my next post (promise!) cause I am uber tired today, really. Please forgive me! 😛

Chao! 🙂

P.S. Happy Independence Day! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! 🙂