Goodies from Divisoria is Love

Going to Divi (as Divisoria is fondly called) is always an experience, and not only because it’s a great place to spend your hard-earned-money. Divi has all the things that you need and you can get it for the cheapest/lowest price evaaah! You can still haggle to get a great discount, just make sure you know how to deal with the tinderas. It’s the perfect place for all shopingera’s out there coz nothing beats shopping there!

Anyhoo, last February hubby and I braved Divisoria. Our main target was to buy some stuff for Cyler’s 1st birthday. It was only a 20mins ride from our house so mga 2 tumbling at 1 kembot lang andun na kami. Good thing my hubby is familiar to the place, I’ve been there a number of times pero naliligaw pa rin ako. Ang dami naman kasing pasikot-sikot diba, nakalaloka! Plus I don’t have the sense of direction pa, so, what gonna happen to me diba?! Waley na! Anyhoo, we went straight to Divisoria Mall because there are lots of Toy shops there.

I just found out that there is really a toy haven inside Divi Mall.

Parang gusto kong pakyawin lahat!!

“Pili lang Ati, Koya”. can be heard in the most stores. I must say, there is no dull moment in Divi. Everybody has they’re own business.

Anyway, here are the loots that I bought for Cyler’s birthday party:

Rubix Cubes 120pesos/pack

Balls 100pesos/pack

Snake and Ladder 10pesos/each

Bingo 4 Line Up 10pesos/each

Pick-up-sticks 70/pack

Ponytail 55/pack

Ruler with sharpener 55/pack

Silly-sticky-hand 55/pack

Mind game toys- 120/pack

Oh boy, look at these toys and the prices! Oh-My-Gulay! I’m gonna die! Chos! This is the perfect place for a kuripot na shopaholic like me!

Btw, here are the two things that I considered in buying toys: (1) should be Educational (2) should be colorful and silly fun learning toys. And I guess we achieved our goals. As in achieve na achieve! PAK!

Btw, here are the things that we bought for Cyler:

Wooden puzzle – 70pesos

Wooden Blocks – 210pesos

More educational and eco-friendly toys for Cyler. These is the cheapest version of Boikido (sana tumagal, diba?! Hihi)

And last but never the least

Colorful Puzzle Mats – 4pcs/160pesos
More space for Cyler. 🙂

It was a great shopping bonding for me and my hubby. I didn’t buy anything for myself,akalain ninyo yun?! Di ko din akalain eh! THAT is first time in the Philippine history! I sweeaarr! A shopingera like me can’t leave the mall or a place like Divi without buying anything for myself. I guess that’s how motherhood taught me, it’s always family first and forget about myself or my own desire.

Actually, we wanted to buy more stuff at that time but then hindi na namin kayang buhatin lahat sa dami ng nabili namin. We didn’t bring our car, so no choice. Hindi na kaya ng powers namin magbuhat pa.Tapos umiiyak na ung mga kili-kili namin sa init. Kamusta naman, diba?! 🙂

Btw, I have a favorite shop at 168 Mall madalas kong puntahan yun before whenever I’m in Divi. The name of the store is Juana, they also have a branch in Greenhills. Sayang hindi ako nakadaan. Next time I will surely go there and i’ll share about that to all of you.

I guess, that’s it pansit!

P.S. Wala pa ring tatalo sa Divisoria!
I shall return Divisoria! Bwuhahahaha!


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