The Little Bookworm

I am not fond of reading books, but ever since Cyler was born everything has changed. I wanted him to be able to experience those things that I didn’t experience when I was a little kid. As I mentioned before, I grew up in a broken family and I’d never experience reading books together with my parents. Whenever I see parents reading together with their child, I really think that it’s priceless. Reading is the best family bonding cause the child we’re able to learn while having fun with their parents. And so, when Cyler came to our life, I learned how to love books, really. I can say that I am now addicted to all children books especially to Dr. Seuss and Karen Katz books. Cyler, loves it too! He would listen attentively when I started reading books to him especially at night. I consider it as one of our precious moments. Just like what they say, minsan lang magiging bata yan so make the most out of it. I also want him to remember all the great things that we did together when he grow up. The impact to your child is different, especially when they feel that their family value them. It also build your childs self-confidence too, because they know that someone believes on him.

Now, reading become part of his daily routine. Sometimes, he would just grab the book and read it. He used to point his finger on the picture and narrates while reading. Reading to your child is the first step in instilling in him a love for reading.

Reading fosters imagination and the idea of possible worlds.

He narrates while reading, sometimes he would laugh at the picture

I guess, reading is one of the best thing that I did for Cyler, I hope he will continue reading as he grow up.

I also read in SP magazine that reading can promotes your child’s language and early literacy. Parents should keep in mind that kids primarily learn while playing and having fun, so reading should be fun activity for them too.

Hmmm.. what am I gonna read?!

He can turn the pages of the book on his own.

Most of his books are Dr.Seuss. Thanks to his cousin’s Seussical Birthday party for introducing Dr. Seuss to us. 🙂

Mommy, can you please stop taking pictures? Can’t you see I’m busy here?

As a parent, we are the most influential teacher of our child and for me it was a great accomplishment as a parent that you’ll be able to teach your child to love books at an early age. I’ve read on one of his books from Lamaze that even at very early age, children begin to understand the process of reading. A child and parents can bond in a warm and loving way through the experience of sharing book.

So, start reading books to your infant. Today is the perfect time to do that! Happy reading everyone! 🙂

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