Cyler’s 1st Birthday Bash!

May 28, 2012 was Cyler’s first-ever-birthday! Besides from his “Magical Numbers Birthday Party” we  also had a simple celebration at home for our son’s 1st birthday. Our initial plan was to go out since the main celebration is on June 3 but his Lola (My MIL)  insisted that we need  to have a mini-celebration  at the house. And so, we had a simple celebration at home.  This celebration was sponsored by his Lola, the only food that we purchased was the cake. She’s really a very doting Lola to her apo.  🙂

Out initial plan was to go to the nearest church in our place but due to my shopping mishaps we went to Greenbelt chapel instead. We wanna give thanks and glory to the Lord for giving Cyler a wonderful and healthy year. Cyler never had any serious illness(even fever) ever since he was born and we hope that there will be more healthy years to come. He is indeed a very happy and  healthy baby, thank God for that!

Happy 1st birthday to me! I’m so happy today!

First thing that we did was to dropped by at Rustans to get the purchases that we left there 3 days before his birthday. Geez! Thank God it’s still there and we got it! Whew! Cyler play for awhile before we go to Greenbelt Chapel. The little boy was hooked by the lego inside the play area cause he really loves blocks. Oh, I also  like the mini play area inside the kids section at Rustans dept. store. It’s the perfect place for all the kids and kids at heart cause it’s for free!

Tons of legos!

Look how serious he is.. my gulayness!

Cyler: Me likey!

Daddy: Cyler pansinin mo naman ako..
Cyler: La-la-la.. Hmmm..

Mom: I love you Cy! Happy 1st birthday!
Cyler: I still wanna plaaay…

Kikay Mommy Outfit of the Day: Pink dress from Cinderella, Belt from SM dept. store, and Brown Bejeweled Sandals from Charles and Keith

We had our lunch at Bonchon . It was my first time to dine here and I instantly fell in love with the chicken plus it’s so mura pa. Perfect for all frugalicious pipz out there, including me, of course! It was so sulit! I like the soy garlic flavored chicken, you can also mix and match it with the spicy one.  No need for any sauce because the chicken itself is very flavorful. I didn’t used my fork anymore, the best way to eat the chicken is by using your bare hands. Swear! Sarap ulit-ulitin! Also, Bonchon  has a modern fast food resto feel.

I love you a Bonch-on!!!

Tagal naman ng order ko!

Kailangan talaga naka taas pa ang paa, Cyler?

Cyler, what’s with the look?

Kailangan din labas dila?! 😛

As usual watching his fave cartoons ‘Charlie and the Numbers” while waiting for our order.

Like baby, like Daddy? Ay parang baliktad, sige hayaan ninyo na. Haha!

After having lunch, we went to the supermarket and bought all the ingredients that I need for my ‘Eggplant Parmigiana’ cause his Lola requested for it. After that we went home immediately cause I need to cook pa.

We had a simple celebration at home together with our relatives. It was a great celebration cause all our closest family members was there.

Just a simple salo-salo for our son’s 1st birthday.

We have Eggplant Parmigiana(requested by madlang pipz), Lumpiang Shanghai, Suman (for prosperity), Pansit (for long life), Leche Plan, Blueberry chiffon and of course a birthday cake!

Cyler turns one!

Make a wish! Wishy, wishy, wish, wish, wish!

Happy Birthday Cyler! We love you so muchoo!

It was indeed a tiring but fun day for all of us. I am so grateful for having a complete and happy family. My only wish for my son is that may he have a good, healthy, and long life. We will always be here for you, sweetie. And like what I always say, may he grow in love and with God.

More photos below:

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 Happy 1st Birthday, Cyler! I looooveeee Yooouuuu!

P.S. Guys wait for my post on Cyler’s Magical Numbers Party! Can’t wait to share it with you! 🙂

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