Where is Cyler?

Besides from peak-a-boo, Cyler loves to play hide and seek too. I wonder what’s the difference between the two? I guess in peak-a-boo the only thing that you are hiding is your face, in hide and seek it includes the whole body? LOL. Alright, never mind that. Before, we are the one who initiates this game to Cy. But now, Cyler is the one who initiates the game to us, so it’s vice- versa. Oh well, it’s a sign that he is now a toddler. Hay. Is this for real?! My baby is now a toddler?!

Alright, here’s Cyler while playing hide and seek with his Daddy (it’s scary version nga lang. Hehe).

Cyler: Daddy, where am I?!

Cyler, you look so scary here! May future kang bata ka!

Roarrr! Where is Cyler?!

Emote na emote lang ang bagets noh? Parang the grudge lang ang drama. Ang CUTE!


Manang-mana sa pinagmanahan!

With his silly smile

Tuwang-tuwa ang bagets!

Daddy: Cyler, I see you!

Oh well, I guess you’re not a baby anymore. You know how to keep yourself busy na. Should I accept the fact that you are now a Toddler?!.. OK! OK! Sige na, you win! But you will always be my bebe!


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