For My Uber Amazing Readers

Lemme just share with you some of the good and nakaka-lokang feedbacks that I received from my “Uber Amazing Readers” for the past two months. As a newbie kikay blogger it was really heartwarming when you know that other people appreciates and relates to your post. At first I was skeptical in making this blog because I’m not sure if someone will hesitate to read this, but I feel overwhelmed when I received so many feedbacks from my readers! #AkalainMoYun!

Here are some of the feedbacks from them(tunay po yan at hindi kathang isip lamang. Hihi):

At first may discrimination, sabay bawi?! Kaloka! Haha! But thanks coz you appreciate everything in this blog. Mukha lang po akong loko-loko, pero hindi naman po ako ganun sa tunay na buhay. Haha! Minsan muka din akong snatcher pero hindi naman talaga. Haha! Just kidding.

You are indeed an unkabogable readers! Binuhay ninyo ang natutulog kong Blogger na kaluluwa. #FeelingLang

Sorry for the bitin stories, you know naman that this kikay mommy is always in hurry. But don’t worry, i’m trying to squeeze my time just to make sure that i’m sharing something new at least every week. Minsan nagpapa-miss lang talaga ako sa inyo! Chos! #MayMasabiLang

Buti naman nag-enjoy kayo sa pagba-basa kasi ako hindi. Chos!

Anyhoo, the reason why I enjoy and keep on writing a post because I know that I have an uber amazing readers out there who appreciates this blog (eh kayo naman pala dahilan, sila po sisihin ninyo. Haha!). Again, thanks a bunch! You know who you are!

Thanks for following the adventure of this Kikay Mommy and the whole Ricafort family!

-Kikay Mommy Sha

P.S. Do you think I have the “K” to make a facebook fan page for my amazing readers?! #FeelingeraLang 🙂

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