My First Swim!

Today, we just had a family outing at Amana Water Park. It was Cyler’s first swim everrr! Our little one had a great time,yes indeed! You can see it in most of his photos. Just wanna share some of his photos in the water, we’re just so happy that Cyler enjoyed his first swim! Actually, it was a biglaang outing and I’m not really prepared. Good thing, I was able to buy Cyler’s swim shorts and bath robe last night after office, it was a last minute shopping. Whew! Anyhoo, that’s fine cause we really had a greaaaat time! 🙂

Friends, here it is…

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Amana Water Park!

Look at those big smile! ^_^

Me likey!

Together with her Tita Isang, my sibling.

I loooove the waterrrrrrr!

With Mommy, of course! 🙂

I just love seeing those smiles, it’s priceless, really!

Sorry guys, this is just a teaser, I will post more of our Amana adventure on my next post (promise!) cause I am uber tired today, really. Please forgive me! 😛

Chao! 🙂

P.S. Happy Independence Day! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! 🙂

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