Cyler’s Toy Rotation

Aside from clothes, Cyler received a bunch of toys on his first birthday bash. But we opted not to open all the toys because Cyler got overwhelmed with all the toys and was starting to loose his focus. So, we decided to open three toys that suits for his age. We noticed that he get bored easily with his new toys and he tried to open another toy. And I also noticed that he started to loose his interest on his books due to his fascination to his new toys. Which is I do not wish to happen. So, I had this light bulb idea again.
These are the gifts that he received on his first birthday bash.

Thanks for the presents! OOps! The baby is not included.

Our little boy go loco over his new toys! Oh, he received three Boikido, me likey! I mentioned on my previous post that as much as possible I want more eco-friendly toys for Cyler. That’s why when my friends asked me what gift do I want for Cyler’s birthday, I immediately say “Boikido”. Hehe

Unfortunately, we decided to kept it since we already open three new toys. Oh, it’s now four because he secretly opened another box.

Don’t know what to choose?

So here comes the light bulb idea —- I decided to have a “monthly toy rotation”. We randomly group his toys into two sets — he plays with one for the whole month, while the other set is kept out of his sight.

These are the 1st set of toys.

We hide most of the toys underneath the books. It became an instant book stand as well. 🙂

Mr. Pooh secretly hide some of the toys too.. Secret lang natin ‘to ah! Hehe

Now, who would have thought that there is a bunch of toys underneath the books? 🙂
Cyler is not a fan of stuff toys, so these stuff toys are just decoration for him.
Moving forward, after one month, we replace his toys with a second set. His face never fails to light up in excitement at the sight of his “new” toys. This taught him to appreciate his toys more and it has also kept us from buying more toys. It benefits the child and parent as well. Also, this keeps toys new and fresh, and interesting for the child.
P.S. Special thanks to Mr. Pooh and the rest of the gang for keeping Cyler’s new toys. 🙂


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