A Special Father’s Day Celebration

I mentioned in my previous post that my parents split up when I was a little kid, I grew up without a father, though I’m a Papa’s girl. Unfortunately, I’d never experience how to celebrate the Father’s Day. But I remember my father as a very sweet guy and a very good cook, nothing beats his pininyahang manok and ginataang kuhol. And for me that’s one of the best dishes I ever tasted in my whole entire life, yes indeed! Though we didn’t have the chance to bond some more. If you grow up together with your father, you are one of the luckiest kid, really! Because it’s really hard when you’re looking for someone to defend you, iba pa rin talaga pag andyan ang Tatay mo. Ayan tuloy I just am starting to become Emo na. Haha! Anyhoo, I know he is a good father to his new family now and I wish him all the happiness. Just wanna say Happy Father’s Day, Papa! I will always be your little “Yayon” (It’s the bulol version of “Sharon” , that’s our term of endearment when I was a little kid).

Moving forward, though I didn’t experience how to celebrate the father’s day, this time I make sure that I’m giving my husband, Cj a special father’s day celebration. I make sure that we’re celebrating it like it’s his first father’s day though it’s was his 2nd father’s day already! Last Saturday, June 16, we had an advanced celebration for the father’s day since Cj has work on Sunday (BOO!). The day started with a sweet kiss from Me and Cyler, of course.

Happy Dad’s Day, Hon! We love you so muchoo!

Father and son on their matching outfit! Yellow is the color of the day!

The little Cj. 🙂

That day was Cyler’s monthly check up also, so after our appointment with Dra. Vienne we went to Glorietta. We had a simple lunch at Spaghetti Factory in Glorietta 5 cause I’m craving for their seafood pasta and seafood pesto pizza. It wasn’t our first time to dine there, we’ve been there several times. Hubby and I really loves their seafood pesto pizza, yan talaga yung binabalik-balikan namin dun besides from their pasta. They only have two branches, one in Glorietta 5 and one in Ayala Center Cebu. Not to mention the super affordable prices plus the friendly crew. At Spaghetti Factory you can play around with the many different pasta shapes available, just combine it with your favorite sauce and create your Personal Pastalicious Perfect Pasta. I like the Farfalle or commonly known as bow tie pasta.

The order taker

Since it’s father’s day ako muna ang photographer. 🙂

After having a sumptuous lunch, we went to The Ramp but this time I didn’t shop for myself… pinag shopping ko ang asawa ko (pwera yabang ah)! It’s my father’s day treat to him. He rarely buy his new clothes because he wanted to save more for the family. So, this time ikaw naman ang mag shopping, Hon. 🙂 You’re such a generous and doting father to Cyler. Oh, I learned how to be Frugalicious because of him. And thanks Hon for teaching me that.

Bagay sayo yan, Hon! Mas lalo kang gwa-gwapo dyan! 🙂

After our shopping galore we went home with a happy Daddy, Baby, and Mommy. 🙂

I’m so happy to have you both in my life!

More photos below:

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It was a tiring but a fun, fun father’s day for us! Our simple celebration became extra special because we have you, Hon! God gave me… you. Happy happy Father’s Day again! Cyler and I love you so much!!!!

Daddy, I love you! XOXO

P.S. Let us all celebrate the father’s day like it’s our first father’s day celebration! 🙂

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