Charlie and the Numbers Themed Birthday Party

Hi everyone, finally here’s my special post for Cyler’s first birthday party! Six months ago, we started planning for our little boy’s first birthday party. I have seen so many birthday parties but I’d never try to plan any. It was my first time to organize a birthday party(yes it is!)  and this was a big challenge for me and my husband, Cj. As much as possible we want the party to be simple but of course special for it’s our son’s first birthday and we want the guests to have fun and enjoy too.

The first thing we had to think about it was the THEME, of course. Everything starts in the theme. We had a  couple of criteria for the theme: (1) should be  Cyler’s TOP favorite (2) must be unique (3) it should be silly and at the same time fun (4) simple but rock. And the perfect theme that goes to our mind was… CHARLIE and the NUMBERS! Charlie and the Numbers is a program from BabyTV , a television channel for infants, toddlers, and their parents which cover all early learning skill and developmental milestones for toddlers. We are fans of Charlie and the numbers and I have mentioned in my previous blog post that Cyler go loco when he watches this cartoon. Cyler was literally hypnotize once he started watching this cartoon, with his eyes wide open without blinking. So, I guess we meet all the criteria and this is the perfect theme for our little boy’s first birthday party! And so, it has been decided that we’re gonna having a Magical Numbers Birthday party for Cyler!

Welcome to the Magical Numbers Birthday Party!

Venue: Shakey’s Quezon Ave

Party Details and DIYs

On the other hand, thing about the theme is that it is not common in the Philippines. It’s not even familiar to anyone here, only two(including us) out of ten Filipinos are familiar with the theme. Charlie and the numbers is available at Destiny and Sky cable only, but you can also visit BabyTv site and download the iPhone App of this. Anyhoo, back to my topic, I browse various websites and forums but I couldn’t find that theme. Geez! The only thing that we saw about Charlie and the Numbers theme was a birthday cake(oh at least..meron). Whew! So, here comes the biggest challenge still we went for it. Armed with our bright ideas and creative juices, my OC-ness and OA-ness began. I got so many party ideas from various websites like Hostess with the Mostess, Oh happy Day and Smart Parenting magazine. I want the theme to be consistent in everything from the little to big details. And of course, it should be budget wise as well. And the most important thing to me, it has to be memorable, fun, and happy not only to us but to every guests who will attend the party. Fast forward to June 2012, we had a Magical Numbers Birthday party for Cyler.

Meet the Birthday Boy! 🙂

I didn’t require the guests to wear any costume at all because I want all the kids especially the babies  to feel comfy on their attire. I’d make sure that all our guests will go home with a happy face and full tummy. I didn’t worry about Cyler anymore because he is used to crowded environment. The birthday celebrant was taking a nap when the party started but his Lolo forced him to get up and so he started to felt uneasy and a bit clingy when he woke up. Although he didn’t cry, actually he rarely cry and when he do it’s for the strangest reason. The very talkative and cheerful Cyler was missing at that time, but it was totally understandable.

Moving forward, good thing after a few minutes he was in a good condition again and he allowed everyone to carry him over and over, that’s why I kept on finding him the entire time. We didn’t had the chance to take more pictures because I was insanely busy entertaining our guests and Cyler was always missing in action. The guests kept on coming from time to time.  Cyler was busy minding his own business and  just thumb-sucking the entire time, you will noticed that in most of his photos. Thumb sucking makes him feel so comfy, that’s why we allow him to do it. Cyler was so curious by the different people who carry him and the different surroundings, so he had his signature “Curious Frown” look the whole time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Less than 100 guest confirmed but on the day of the event almost 150++ guests showed up! BOOM! Box office diba?! But it’s totally fine, the more the merrier! And it feels so overwhelming cause all our relatives and friends were all there and became part of that very special day. Again, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to say ‘thank you’ to all the people who came and became part of the most awaited day of our son. We appreciate all your time and effort.

Overall, the party went well and was great. I am very happy with the good feedback’s that I received from our guests. The party host did a great job too, they are indeed hilarious!  All our guest went home with gas pain due to over…. laughing. Yikes! The party host was able to kept the party alive which I liked the most. Four thumbs up for that, including my foot thumb! Teehee! They really did job well done.  🙂

Our vendors did a great job as well because they we’re able to meet all my expectations, actually it’s beyond my expectations. The suppliers doesn’t  have any idea about the theme but they gave so much time and effort researching for it. Hats off to all our suppliers! You really made this Magical Numbers Birthday party impossible and a wonderful thing to do! Btw, if you want to ask anything about the party details, supplier names, contacts and other stuff, just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possible.

Special thanks to our dear friend, Lhei and his hubby Hansel for the awesome tarpulin, my CIL, Ate Gigi for the sweet treats in the candy buffet, my, CIL Jus for all the design layout, my sister, Isang and CIL, Sharmaine for helping us doing all the DIYs, to my BIL, Kuya Francis for helping me conceptualizing the whole party and of course to my husband, Cj for his undying support for I won’t be able to do this without his help . Again, many thanks to all our family and friends for being part of this special day of our son, Cyler. We really appreciate it, thank you so much!  🙂

Btw, here’s the run through of our suppliers. I’ll make a reviews about them on my next post, so watch out for that!

Venue: Shakey’s Quezon Avenue

Cake and Cuppies : Sweet Creations by Mums

Balloon Decor : JD Party Shop

Loot Bags: Pixie Pen

Party Host: Leny’s Party Needs & General Merchandise

Photo Coverage: Jam Masalonga

DIYs and other Details: Divisoria, National Book Store

Sweets: S&R, SM Supermarket


34 thoughts on “Charlie and the Numbers Themed Birthday Party

  1. My son is a big fan of Charlie and the numbers as well. He will turn 1 on November 23, my husband is left to plan for the event as I am away from the Philippines and won’t be home until 2 days before the big event. Your blog post will be very helpful for my husband to picture how I would want the balloons, decors, hats, candies and cakes to be…he’s a visual person, he delivers best when he sees how things are made and done. We will also touch base with your suppliers, I love the numbers on the candy buffet….who made them? Thanks!

  2. my daughter just turned 1 , mejo madugo ung nagastos s party nya. gusto sna nmin sa 2nd birthday makasave ng konti compared sa una kya ngaun palang palang nag cacanvass na ako.. bec of this post, naexcite ako agad for december. hehehe

  3. It’s hard to believe that you only spent around 35k+ for this superb & fab party! 🙂 Ang galing naman, very well-conceptualized & detailed po kasi. 🙂 Super Like! 🙂

  4. Hi Sha, I’m glad that you have conceptualized Charlie and The Numbers Birthday theme, I was desperate to have one for my son’s 1st birthday. He is avid fan of Charlie he claps and jumps every time he hears it on Baby TV. He is only 6 months old then when I came back for vacation and this is our first song that we have enjoyed together. ( drama…drama..drama)
    I have only 1 month to organize things your blog is really wonderful, an awesome start to change my previous theme..hehehe. ( I’m sorry Mahal) I hope you don’t mind if I we’ll touch base with your suppliers so my husband will have pattern and ideas. I just hope we can make it. I just want my son to remember that it is our favorite when he grows up. ( teary mum, living away from your family is so hard esp. in this especial occasion.)
    So thank you and all the best with your blogs xx

    • Hi Myles, thank you for all the kind words. I feel you. You’re right, leaving our kids is one of the hardest part of being a parent. If we can only stay with them 24/7 we will! But we have to work for their future, so don’t fret you’re not alone. 🙂

      On the other hand, of course you can contact all my previous supplier on my son’s 1st birthday. You can check all my supplier reviews on the lower left widget of my site. All details was stated there, including their contact numbers and site. I suggest you start contacting them tomorrow so you can avail their product and services. Wishing you goodluck on your son’s birthday preparation and advance happy birthday to him!

      • You can check the nearest Shakeys branch to your place. I live in Antipolo too back when I was still single, that’s my hometown! 🙂

        Diba meron ng Shakey’s Antipolo? Try mo mag inquire sknila. 🙂

  5. Hello.

    I want to start out by saying you did a magical job on your babies birthday! My baby boy, Dylan turns one this month and he LOVES baby tv! He loves charlie and the numbers! He starts to dance and clap to the song. Where can I get party supplies for this theme? Can you please email me at Happy New years!

    Thank you

    • Hi, thanks for the kind words! Btw, all my suppliers are based here in the Philippines. You can check out all the details of my suppliers at the left side widget of my blog, I mentioned every details in each post.


    My son’s second birthday is coming up. And since he loves charlie and the numbers I was looking for ideas and saw your ideas.
    I’m from the Netherlands and couldn’t really find great ideas, so I started searching in English and immediately found yours.
    Thank you so much for your post!!!

    • Hi what do you mean items? Sorry I got a bit confuse coz I’ve used a lot of items in this party. Do you mean the items from the loot bags? If yes, then those are from Divisoria. Divisoria is located at Recto, Manila.

  7. hayss!! after 5 hour searching i found this.. my son is also a big fan of charlie and his turning 1 next month and were planning to have this theme like yours, ..I got all the details, Thanks Ms. Sha .. very informative ,, thank you so much!!

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