Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: Food and Venue at Shakey’s Quezon Avenue

Disclaimer: Party packages may vary from time to time so better to contact the branch first so you’ll get updated with their current and updated pricelist and amenities.

For the food and venue, our first choice was TGI Friday’s but when we checked their birthday packages I find it a bit pricey and they didn’t serve buffet in any parties. I really want buffet so that everybody will go home with a satisfied and full tummy, and of course I want food that will suits everybody’s taste buds, especially the kids of course. Our second choice was Shakey’s because aside from the fact that I’m a certified pasta-holic (is there such words?! LOL!) I know everybody loves pasta and pizza too. And who can resist their famous mojos, right?! 🙂 I’ve read on some forums that Shakey’s serve buffet in parties and so we decided to get them. The biggest challenge here is to find a Shakeys branch that has a good and big function room that can accommodate more than 100 plus guests. After asking some of my friends and reading some forums finally I found the right Shakey’s branch that is perfect for Cyler’s first birthday party. Bonus points was that the branch was near to our place and to our guests since most of them are coming from North side. Shakey’s Quezon Ave. was the perfect venue for the party. They have three function rooms that can handle up to 300 capacity. I booked the Function A, it is good for 120pax plus they have their mini-stage pa. They also have their own fun zone (an arcade where kids can play after the party!) which I like the most. We booked them three months before the party. We reserved the 1pm-3pm time slot because I think this is the perfect time for the kids birthday party especially if you have relatives and friends who is quite far from the venue.

Venue: Shakey’s Quezon Ave

Instead of getting their usual party package, I ordered twelve Monster Meal Deal. Shakey’s Monster Meal Deal is good for 10 to 12 pax. I read on some forums that they serve it as buffet on a birthday parties and so I asked Shakey’s to serve it as a buffet. The number of confirmed guest was below 100 but then almost 150 guests showed up on the day of the event and so I added another set of Monster Meal Deal. What I also like about having the reception in a resto is the assurance that there will be food for everyone even if more than expected guests show up. The place was really jam packed so the crew added more chairs to the venue. Mejo sumikip na nga lang ng husto. Well expect the unexpected during parties!

These is what we had in the buffet:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shakey’s has their own tie-up for the theme, they only have Barney and Justice League but good thing they allowed me to have different theme. They only allow you to change your theme if your theme is not a Disney characters. We only get their food and venue and the rest was personalized. We didn’t get their mascot too cause most of the kids are afraid of them (including the birthday celebrant). Another good thing was that they also allowed me to have my own candy buffet (no corkage as of this time). They don’t allow any brand of ice cream too cause they have their own ice cream there, other foods are not allowed except to sweets. But they will ask you to provide a waver for the candy buffet for food security purposes. The party time is good for two hours only, I think that’s the only downside. So, make sure to make the most out of it.

We also avail the tokens for the Fun Zone so that the kids can play there after the party. I gave 5 tokens/kids. The giant pizza was free when you buy Ph1000 worth of Tokens, not bad and its super sulit, right? They allotted three crews for the party and I didn’t receive any complain from our guests, which is good. They were able to accommodate the 150 guests plus they also gave me a free Shakeys Super Card as a token. How thoughtful, right? Everyone loves the Shakey’s Pizzanatic Card because of the tons of discounts and freebies, including a free pizza for every pizza delivery order with drinks to match. We only pay a total of Php21,000++ (read disclaimer above because as I mentioned prices may vary from time to time so call up or visit the branch first, ok?) for the food (it includes the venue already) and tokens. Suffice it to say, this frugalicious Mommy was very happy because it didn’t hurt our bank account..that much. Heehee And I guess it’s cheaper compare to the other venues.

So, if you’re looking for a big venue that serves great food that the kids and kids at heart will surely love I highly recommend Shakey’s Quezon Avenue! You can also check the nearest Shakey’s to your place and inquire for their birthday packages. 🙂

Shakey’s Quezon Avenue Contact Info:

Lot 3, Blk. W-3 Quezon Ave. corner Abad Santos St., Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Heroes Hills
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number
(+63 2) 351-0221, (+63 2) 351-0223


22 thoughts on “Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: Food and Venue at Shakey’s Quezon Avenue

    • Hi krisella, no worries! It’s nice to know that you find this post useful, shakey’s q.ave is indeed a pefect place for birthday celebrations.And oh thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  1. Hi. Nice review. Just want to ask about the hosts.Well, from your comments it seems they are articulate. I pressumed their mode of language was english?:) My son will be celebrating his 7th birthday this April 2013 and woul really love to hold it here at Shakeys. Majority of his classmates are English speaking so would like them be comfirtable and have fun. Thanks!

    • Hi Len, thanks for dropping by! Anyhoo, as for the party host actually their mode of language can be either english or tagalog, depends on the costumer’s request. They can adjust based on your demand. 🙂

  2. Nice review! 🙂 We’re also planning to have my baby’s 1st birthday at Shakeys near Eastwood City. What was Cyler’s birthday theme? I got excited when I read that we can decide on our own theme but got down hearted when I saw they don’t allow Disney Characters. I want Cinderella sana for my baby girl. 🙂 sana they would allow face paint, salon/nail art booths, btw are the balloons free or may fee?

    • Hi Ana, it was Charlie and The Numbers from BabyTv channel. The balloon wasn’t for Free, I had a different supplier for the balloon. We only get the food and venue at Shakeys and everything was personalized. And yes you can add other booths, but I think they have their own tie-up suppliers for that. So you can ask the branch if you wish to use other themes.

      Thanks for dropping by, BTW. 🙂

  3. Good thing I stumbled upon your blog! I love the review! Very, very informative. I think they have a corkage fee for “dessert items”. Am I right? Now, I was wondering though if they also have a corkage fee for the candy station?

    • Thank you! No, they don’t have corkage fee for the candy station or dessert items, you just have to sign a wave form and submit a letter that stating they’re not valuable for any food poison cases. 🙂

  4. How much did you spend? (all in all) including the balloons, DIY stuffs, etc..
    i’m considering shakeys din kasi for my baby’s first b-day 🙂
    thanks 😀
    *love the pictures and the concept 😀

    • Hi Mommy Sarah, I guess approximately less than 35k which I think we didn’t go over budget. Pinaka-expensive na siguro na binayaran namin is yung food from Shakeys which is totally understandable. Super sulit ng package nila, busog pa ang mga guests 🙂

      • Hi! i just want to share that I spent around yes 35k for my son’s 7th bday party last April 13.bulk of the expense came from food which cost around 19k ( 8 MMD and a pizza (2k) which was just an add on since my son wanted to blow a candle from a pizza). I had a different party theme which is why I hired a party host which did magic tricks and balloon twisting that cost me 2,750.i bought a cake which cost 3k, balloons arranged cost 2,200 (pillar balloons, balloon popper and 20 hanging balloons) a photobooth that cost me 4,700 ( I already included the 1k corkage fee for electricity).the rest were loot bags and prizes, tarpaulin, invitations.I would say the cost was pretty reasonable since I was able to execute my son’s party theme since my son really insisted. The accredited party host of Shakeys were okay. by the expenses i had broken down, more or less this can already give you a basis on where you want to add or lessen or to prioritize. Ingress was ok but became tight because the party before us extended so I had only 30 mins to set up. Not bad at all for a 7th birthday celebration. Overall, it was okay.of course you cannot argue with the food. It was great!

      • Hi Len, same here I also spent around 35k for my son’s 1st birthday, that includes everything- DIYs, photographer, cake, candy buffet,party host, loot-bags, prizes, party loots, and food. I didn’t get any photobooth or face painting or something because I want the guests to focus on the party program instead. And yes, you’re right you don’t have to spent a lot of money just to have a nice party. 🙂

  5. Thanks Mommy Sha 🙂
    I saw the lootbags that you had for your baby’s birthday!
    it’s very nice! personalized pa talaga ha..
    I want that too for my baby! haha (gaya-gaya?)
    haha.. how much did you spend for that?

    • Hi Sarah! Thank you for appreciating the details and my effort! LOL! It’s okay go ahead and personalized your baby’s lootbags too. Unique pag personalized! I mentioned the supplier in that post too, you can check it there. I guess the personalized lootbags cost around 30 or 25petot/pc. You can also check that in my post, the details was there. 🙂

  6. Hi! What are the names of your host? Baka kasi they have a lot of host and iba makuha ko. Thank you!!! And where did you get your prizes?

    • Hi Gail, I actually forgot their names. Pero you can ask Leny’s Party needs just send to them the link of my blog para makita nila ung pictures. Regarding the prizes, I bought that at Divi. 🙂

      • Hi Sha. Because if this blog I was able to get an idea of the party I wanted. Re the hosts, Just to share with you as this might be of help to your readers. In case the guys that hosted your party will not be available,
        I highly recommend Rey and jun ( assisting rey) also from Leny’s. He hosted my son’s bday party last april 13 at shakeys q.ave and he did great. during the planning stage of my party, I got really so particular with the host/s because all of my son’s classmates are english speaking and a tagalog host might not work. Leny recommended Rey. I went to one of Rey’s party hosting to check him out and even went to him to have a conversation with him. He speaks English with good diction. What is good about him was he honestly said that he will use taglish as the medium for hosting as he cannot execute his jokes and antics in pure English… Good enough. Party day came and it went well!!! Guests praised his hosting. I even gave him a tip for doing a good job.. Lol. I was happy because I did not spend so much on the hosts( rates are soo reasonable) and did not compromised the quality of the program. That all thanks again 🙂

      • Hi Len, good to hear that! And thanks for suggesting too! I feel grateful because I was able to help you in my own little way and thank you for the kind words. And yes, I must agree Leny’s Party hosting is really great, they’ve got the best (and cheapest!) host ever! Even my guest loves my hosts too! They really did a great job! Well done! Thanks again for all the suggestions! I love hearing all your comments and suggestions. 🙂

  7. Hi, I’m planning to celebrate my son’s 2nd Birthday there. If we will order 6 MMD and the Theme, how much po yung babayaran namin? May other expense pa po ba? How much service charge?

  8. Hi. You have an nfoemative blog. Gave me an idea where to celebrate my little one’s 1st Birthday.
    My Son’s birthday is in 3 months.. Shakey’s q ave is a good venue, halfway for all my guests. My concerns are.. How much did you pay for the corkage for the cake, photobooth, cady buffet? TIA

    • I didn’t pay any corkage at all I just signed a waiver that states that Shakey’s is not liable for any food poison since you’re bringing food from outside. But the cake is not allowed to eat there they’re very strict with that.

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