Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: Sweet Creations by Mums

Sweet Creations by Mums was my first and only choice for Cyler’s birthday cake because I really love all her works. I have seen all her works and I must say that it was superb. On Cyler’s christening we decided to forgo the cake since it’s not necessary. Instead of cake, we had cupcakes that serve as a give away to our guests also. But since it’s our son’s first birthday, we need to have a cake, of course. And for me, his cake must be very special and when I say special it means it must be one of a kind. I know a party with a big cake with a boring party host is still a boring party, but hey it’s one of the most important thing in a birthday party too. We had 8×4 two layered cake with 3D designs, it costs Php4000. The prices may vary and it depends in the size and flavor. The bottom and designs are all edible, but the top is not edible it is made of styro. The cake supplier was very accommodating which is a plus for me. She doesn’t have any idea about the theme but she still accepted my order. From time to time I would visit her fan page to check out her new creation. We booked her 5 months before the party, oh diba excited lang? Hehe

Now how in the world can you resist that?! The birthday cake was superb! 🙂

Another thing that I like about her work is that she is very detailed.

Charlie with Number 1 and Po and Piz

I told her that number 1 should be the candle and she was able to do it! Good job! 🙂

She did some researched regarding the theme and she even watched Charlie and the Numbers just to meet my desired design. I have so many request to her and she was able to do it. I even ask her to include the biplane in the cake design and she was able to do it. 🙂


I am so happy because she was able to deal with my OC-ness and she’s very easy to talk to, which I really like the most. Armed with our great ideas and creative juices we were able to make a very special cake. I am so glad because I got so many compliments with the cake though the guests didn’t had the chance to taste it. I brought some cake to our office and my office mates said that it’s not too sweet just right, very moist and siksik. It was a chocolate flavored cake with chocolate filling in every layer. Even my boss who is not fond of sweets did like the cake. I usually don’t eat fondant cause
for me it’s too sweet but when I tasted her cake surprisingly I started to eat the fondant cause it wasn’t too sweet and it wasn’t hard unlike other fondant cake. 🙂

I got really excited when I first saw the photos of the cake on her fan page and this is what she posted when she uploaded the photos of the cake “When I first heard of the Theme/Motif I had NO idea what Charlie and the Numbers was. I had to look at You Tube to check if there’s any video of it. I find it weird at first as the NUMBERS have eyes and hands but then I got hooked and found myself watching 4 episodes already.” Oh well, what else can I say? You did a job well done! 🙂

I also ordered the cupcake to them. I ordered the cuppies to them one week before the party because my first supplier backed out, but good thing was that they were able to accept my order even though they only had 1 week prepping time. The cupcake costs Php40 including the topper. It depends on the design and flavor. Joan Tuazon is the brain (and beauty) behind the awesome cakes of Sweet Creations by Mums. I must say that she is very professional and friendly. You can see how good she is just by looking at her works. She was able to deal with all my OC-ness too, from time to time I would ask her about the cake and would tell her to include this and that but she never complain. Thank you Joan for being so kind to me and for the patience you have given me. 🙂


I HIGHLY recommend Sweet Creations by Mums to all of you. You won’t regret in getting them cause their really good and very professional. It’s worth every penny! 🙂

For inquiries please feel free to contact them anytime.

Like them on Facebook: SCBM

Tel: +632 – 477 – 9874
Mobile: +63927 – 251 – 1922


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