Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: Host by Leny’s Party Needs

Hi everyone, so here it is the center of the party– the party host! I do believe that a super bonggang party with a boring party host is still a boring party and I’m happy to tell you that our party host did a great job because they were able to keep the party alive. “Hilarious”– that’s how my guests describes my party hosts. They didn’t do something different or magical but what makes it different was that they have a great sense of humor and very natural. Everybody was laughing at all their banats/jokes. If you look at the host they almost look like a tambay sa kanto (charot lang kuya!) but when they started to talk everybody listens to them, even me who was so busy entertaining the guests was literally hooked to them.

Leny’s Party Needs is Shakey’s tie up party supplier so I didn’t have any choice but to get them. I really wanted to get a different party host but then Shakey’s didn’t allowed us. I was planning to get Flooch because I really like the reviews about him. I first saw Flooch reviews at Maqui‘s blog post and she said that he is a really good host cause he makes everyone laugh and he is good in keeping the party alive and that’s my ideal party host. I mentioned in my previous birthday post that I wanted all my guests to be happy and when I say happy it literally means that I wanted them to laugh hard and enjoy the entire program of the party. Before the party started I talked to the hosts and told them “Kuya, galingan ninyo ah. Pasayahin ninyo yung mga guests namin ng bonggang bongga ah! Kundi patay kau sakin (joke!).” and they replied “Opo, Ma’am, promise!”. I was really surprised because I didn’t expect them to be THAT hilarious. The party started off  with an opening prayer, followed by the games. Everybody was laughing to all their jokes, kahit ata hindi joke nag-mumukang joke. Wahaha! Ganun ka-benta yung mga banat nila. Even my boss who attended the party then was laughing hard to them. I was hesitant in getting them at first but when I was looking at the crowd and saw them having fun, ay natuwa talaga ako and I didn’t regret in getting them at all. One of my friend can’t get over them kasi super tawa daw sya ng tawa which I think is a good sign that the host is very effective in entertaining my guests, right?!

Another thing that I like about them was  they entertained the kids  and kids at heart very well. Most of the kids are participating in the games.

Her name is Kiray

The party hosts wowed me when I saw my super duper shy type niece, Kiray talking in front of the crowd. This little girl would rarely talk to people but on that day the party the host was able to make her sing and talk in front of the crowd. Two-thumbs up for that! Napa-bilib talaga nila ako dun, in fairness to them!

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They also did some balloon twisting while the guest are eating, they gave it to all the kids. It was just a simple balloon twisting but the kids liked it a lot. Simple joys. The kids appreciates the balloons and was very happy with their balloons. It serves as a give away to the kids also. Seeing my guests having fun and enjoying the party was really heartwarming and its priceless, really. All the hard work that we exert for this party was really worth it.

They prepared four games for the kids and 1 game for the adults. The game for the adult was really funny cause the girl’s team won the game but then the host announced that it was just a practice (everybody says HUWAT?! and started laughing) at the end of the game the boy’s team won, the sad part is natalo pa yung girl’s team. Haha!

The most awaited part of their hosting was the magic show it’s wasn’t a serious magic show though. The magic show turned into a funny show. Everybody can’t get over with their funny…errrr…magic show. My office mates and friends said ” ang lupit ng host ninyo ah”, umm.. joke ba yan?! Teehee! Oh well, they really did a good job, it feels so great to hear all the positive outcome that I received from my guests.

 I only pay Php2,500 for the party host it includes the balloon twisting and the magic show already. BTW, Leny’s Party needs also offer the following: Clown/Magician Services, Face Painting ,Bubble Machine,Balloon Arrangements, and a lot more ! I didn’t chose the clown because most of the kids are afraid of them (including me!), so I chose their Magician costume instead.

I’m so happy how it all turned out because they were able to make the entire party alive. Our guests went home with gas pain due to over laughing. Yikes! 🙂 Happy to say that we didn’t go over budget and I think you don’t really need to spend much penny just to make a good party. The program of the party is the most awaited moment of your guests aside from the food so make sure that you’re getting the right party host for your party. Remember, a super bonggang party with a boring party host is still a boring party. 🙂

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Contact Numbers: 984-73-64*925-59-67*566-73-04

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