Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: Jam Masalonga Photography

Here’s my final post for my supplier reviews. So, i’m done with the following reviews: theme, lootbags and prices, candy buffet, details and DIYs, cake, food and venue, party hosting, and last but never the least –the Photographer. Shakey’s has their own tie up photographers but when I checked their tie up vendors on the net I am not really impress with their works. And so I looked for other photographers. Shakey’s doesn’t allow any outsider photographer. So here’s the biggest challenge to me but still I went for it. I’ve talked to so many photographers but I find them so pricey cause they costs from Php7000 to Php11000 pesosesoses, my gulay! Good thing my office mate, Jayson recommended his Photographer friend to me. Her name is Jam Masalonga a freelance Photographer and a graphic artist. And so I checked her site immediately. I was stumbled upon the rave reviews about her and when I saw her works my jaw literally dropped–it was awesome, yes indeed! She is not a professional photographer but her works looks like a pro. I was really amazed when I saw all her shots. Jam Masalonga is the brain (and beauty) behind the awesome photos of Cyler’s birthday party. I’m not really fond of video that’s why I didn’t get any video coverage at all and for me it’s not necessary. My main concern was to get a photographer. I was really looking for a good photographer that offers a cheap price (with great services!) and I think she is the perfect one for me. Friends, you won’t believe me.. I only pay (drum roll please)…. Php4000 petot and it includes the photo book and 4R 30pcs prints already. Super duper affordable diba?! Btw, prices may vary so it’s better to asked her first, okay?! 🙂

Working with her is a such a blessing because she delivered well, not to mention that she doesn’t have any assistant when she’s doing the photo coverage. Oh, we didn’t tell Shakey’s that she’s our official photographer, I told Jam to pretend like she’s one of our guest. Kaya secret lang natin ‘to mga friends ah?! Hihihi 🙂

Meet the Birthday Boy! 🙂

I noticed that she loves stolen shots because it looks so natural in the photos. I also had so many demands to her especially when she’s editing the photos already, I told ya I’m very maarte when it comes to details. Of course, I don’t want to regret at the end especially if its money matter. Working with me wasn’t easy but Jam has given me so much patience and she’s very accommodating. She thought that I didn’t like her work kasi ang dami kong pinapabago sa kanya and I said “No, I really like your work maarte lang talaga ako when it comes to details.” Oh, yes I mean it. Thank you Jam for being so nice to me despite of my kaartehan. 🙂

She did a job well done, well it’s pretty obvious in the photos. I received so many compliments with the photos, they really thought that I hired a professional photographer. Jam is very humble, hindi mo mapag kakamalang Photographer because she is a shy type kind of person. I was starstruck to her when we meet at Glorietta to get the final photos to her because she looks really great when I saw her that time. I also had the chance to catch up with her when we meet there. She’s very kind talaga wala akong masabi.

So friends, if you’re looking for a good photographer I HIGHLY recommend Jam Masalonga to all of you. She’s really good and easy to talk to, you won’t regret in getting her. And if you want to give ’em a call kindly leave your email address in my comment box and I’ll send her contact number to you as soon as I can. 🙂

More photos here:

Check out her site: Jam Masalonga Photography


10 thoughts on “Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: Jam Masalonga Photography

  1. Hi Kikay Mommy Sha! I just read some of your blog and I hope you could help me in contacting your photographer during your son’s birthday. I saw the pictures of the event and the shots are so amazing. I would like her to be the photographer of my son’s 1st birthday party this coming June. I hope you could help me with this. Thank you so much in advance and more power to your blog! (”,)
    God bless your family!

  2. hello mommy sha! seen your blog today & photo’s of your son’s bday. and now i’m decided to book the 7th bday of my daughter at shakeys q.ave, also may i know the contact number of your photographer?tnx a lot & God Bless…

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