A Working Mom’s Dilemma

Nowadays, a working Mom is usual to all of us. Before, mothers are supposed to stay at home and are assigned to take good care of their family but now it’s so hard to do that because of the high cost of living. Both parents need to work in order for the family to survive, of course you want to give the best to your child. And you want to secure your family’s future, sino ba namang may ayaw, diba?! And so, here comes my dilemma as a working Mom. Normally I try to keep my home life to my professional life separate. My Mom used to go here in our house on weekdays to look after Cyler while Cj and I are working. So, that’s are basic set up. Unless my son get sick, our basic set up become a big ‘ol mess.


The sick little baby. 😦

Last Sunday, Cyler gets a high temperature, a 38 degrees stupid high temperature plus a runny nose. It was his first time to have a fever, so we’re clueless why he had a fever then. And then I remember that he is teething again and three molars are peeking through his gums, that’s terrible for a baby. Three molars is no joke.


Our little gum drop, Cyler was having a hard time then but still he was able to manage to play just to forget the pain (at least for a moment).

Cyler has a high tolerance in pain, he doesn’t cry even when he’s not feeling well but I can see how he struggle because he can’t eat and sleep well. And he started to become clingy and irritable. It was Monday and he was still sick, and so I immediately file an emergency leave. On those days, work has to be put on back burner. I texted Dra. Vienne to tell her about Cyler’s condition and I asked her what could be the best thing to do which she responded very quickly. She said that we should continue giving him Paracetamol (for pain and fever) and Disudrin (for colds) for 3 to 4 days. She also mentioned that if the fever subsides and colds clear up, I can discontinue the medicine earlier. And she told me that if the fever persist we should bring Cyler to her. I told her that Cyler is teething again and she said that it can be the cause of the fever. What I really love about Dra. Vienne is that she answers all my queries even thru text, we’re so lucky to have her as Cyler’s pedia. Having a helpful Mom and pedia is really a blessing.I went back to work on Tuesday since my mom was there to look after Cyler and my husband was there too. His sched is more flexy than mine cause he can work from home especially when times get rough for our son. I’m lucky enough to have a mom and husband who graciously step in when my job is too hectic to miss.

His fever subsided last Wednesday, thank God! So, we didn’t bring him to Dra’s clinic anymore. His cold was still there and he got cough also, but it’s not terrible unlike the first few days. And he is totally fine now. Thank you so much, Lord! I O U a bunch!

My company aren’t a monster who refuse to grant a day off or make me feel guilty about taking good care of my child. But there are days when I have a million things to do and I don’t have a choice but to go to work and leave my sick child at home. The guilt feeling was there, really, but I don’t have a choice because I have a deadline to meet. I feel the type of guilt that I would imagine comes with committing a crime. I want to stay at home and take good care of my little one but sometimes I really need to work. Hay. Project deadlines is sometimes a bitch especially when you want to file a leave but your deadline stopping you from doing it. So, that’s one of my biggest dilemma as a working Mom.

There are times when juggling your family life and professional life wasn’t easy especially on those days when you can’t leave your work. Every time that daily routine gets off-balanced, one side of the scale gets neglected and there’s nothing you can do about it. Sick days are just one of those work-life crossovers that muck up the waters for working mom. It’s a good thing that you always have a back-up system around you, like your Mom or your relatives who can look after your sick child especially when your job is too hectic to miss.

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