Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: The Outfit

Holla! I have some pahabol for the party details — the outfit! 🙂 Of course, hindi pwdeng mawala yan. Everyone was asking for the outfit details , so here it goes…

For Cyler’s outfit I decided to forgo the costume cause the main character in our theme (which is Charlie) used to wear green whole body suits which is not ideal for Cyler because he sweats a lot. So, I decided to look for other outfit that matches the theme. I want clothes that he can wear not only to the party but to every occasion as well. For his top, we purchased this checkered polo at Gingersnap, I really like the polo when I first saw it because it’s super cute and bagay na bagay sa bagets! The inner shirt he wore was from Gap, it’s simple but when he wore it.. it rocks! The kakki colored jeans was from Gingersnap also, it really goes well to the color green top. The shoes was from Nike, I bought the shoes 5 months before the party. When I saw it in Rustans I didn’t hesitate to buy it cause I really love the design plus the color combination of lime green and white, perfect for the theme!

Green checkered polo from Gingersnap and Green shirt from Baby GAP

Shirt from Baby GAP

Pants from Gingersnap

Rubber shoes from Nike

For me, I wore a green dress —  not your ordinary dress. A dress to kill they say. 🙂 Umiral nanaman ang kakikayan noh?! I really love dress cause it’s very comfy and so girly, not to mention very kikay. 🙂 They thought that they we’re in a debut when they saw me in the party. Hahaha! Actually, it was a 7 ways dress, I bought it The Ramp.

7 Ways green dress from The Ramp

You can wear it in 7 ways or more.  Depends on your imagination, mood and taste! 🙂

seven ways dress

For my husband, Cj  we bought this green checkered polo at Folded & Hung. Actually, we’ve been looking for his polo the month before the party but nothing suits to his taste. Luckily, we we’re able to buy his polo the day before the event. Finally, may pumasa din sa taste ng lolo ninyo! Suddenly, I realize that mas maarte pa pala sakin yung asawa ko. My gulay! Oh well, Filipinos are just fashionably fierce. It matches Cyler’s polo too and it’s really nice. 🙂

Checkered green polo from Folded&Hung

I do believe that when you wear something it’s important that you feel comfortable in wearing it and make sure that you can handle it because if not you’ll end up feeling uneasy and you might loose your self-confidence too. If you feel good on what you wear you will also look good. Self- confidence is the key, yes it iz!  Always remember the saying — “The true beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  🙂

And remember, we Filipinos are fashionably fierce! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Cyler’s Charlie and the Numbers Birthday Party: The Outfit

    • Thank you, Abby! Why don’t you wear the dress?! Sayang! You’re pretty (prettier than me!) and I’m 101% sure that it will look good to you! This dress totally hides my fats… not to mention you can wear it on several ways. 🙂

      • You flatter me so much! I’m not a fashionista like you so it usually takes me a long time to get creative with my outfits, but you’re photo definitely make me wanna try it on soon! thanx 🙂

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