Cyler’s First Ride! Beep! Beep!

Today, Cyler received a wonderful gift from his doting Tito Jus (remember him? our official graphic artist on Cyler’s birthday). Cyler received a BICYCLE! Cyler was so happy with his new bike, he immediately ride on the bike when he saw it. Jus was very doting to his nephew and to all of us, wala akong masabi sa kabaitan ng batang yan, as in. Cyler really love the bicycle that you gave to him!

Here’s Cyler’s first bicycle ride…

Beep! Beep! Make way for Cyler!

Wanna ride? 🙂

First drive!


Riding a bicycle is one of the things that I enjoy when I was a little kid. I’m glad cause my little shaolin kid, Cyler was able to enjoy the same thing too. Seeing him enjoying his first ride is priceless. This is just one of his many-firsts! Thank you Tito Jus for the awesome bicycle, I really appreciate it!


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