A Jar Of Hope Saves the Day!

Cyler is very fond of insect bite and I guess most babies too. Our little shaolin got a terrible scar on his right leg when he was eight months old because of insect bite. We rushed him to Dra.Vienne’s clinic then because we can’t figure out if it’s a chicken pox or what. It was swelling and watery, and it looks like a chicken pox but Dra said that it’s not a chicken pox, it was an insect bite. She also said that all insect bites are allergic reactions and the size of the reaction depends on the degree of allergy your child has. Oh my, the praning Mom in me has began. Bites from insects in children can be itchy and painful. Dealing with insects is one of the most challenging part as a Mom too. Hehe Since then I always staple an insect repellant lotion and cream to Cyler’s closet.I also got paranoid every time I see some insects around the house. I used to spray Baygon everyday in our room, that’s how paranoid I am when it comes to insects. I hate them, really.

Moving forward, I was stumbled upon the rave reviews of Indigo Baby Products from Mommy Maggie Musing’s blog. The Mom behind that awesome blog was my CIL, her name is Maggie, the brain and beauty behind that awesome mommy blog. I find her post about Indigo Baby’s Product very useful. What I really love about this product is that it’s all 100% natural. I’m a big fan of organic products so when I saw her post about Indigo Baby I visited the Indigo Baby’s multiply site immediately. I instantly fell in love with all their products, it’s organic haven, indeed! The price was very affordable plus the fact that the product was all natural. I also like how they name their products, it’s so unique and cool. Soul sisters Monica and Denise are the Mompreneurs behind these awesome baby products. They advocate breastfeeding and practice attachment parenting. IndigoBaby is their brainchild, a collaboration of products to enrich you and your baby’s life.

When all things fails, A Jar Of Hope saves the day!

I checked their reseller outlets and visited the nearest one to our place but they also have delivery. They ship worldwide! I visited their reseller outlet at Trinoma, but sad to say not all their products are available at the store. The only available items then was the Jar of Hope and Sleepy Head spray. I was planning to buy the Jar of Hope and Jar of Love, but I ended up buying Jar of Hope and cold rub from Giga Baby (I’ll make another post about this product, so watch out for that!) only. The Jar of Hope only costs Php390 petot! The store name was Sesou Nature Source, they used to sell organic products and one of those are baby products like Indigo Baby, Giga Baby, and a lot more. Buying this was just in time because Cyler had a recent insect bite on his forehead when we got home. It was big and swollen. My gulay! And so, I immediately opened the Jar of Hope and applied a pea size of it on Cyler’s forehead, where the bite was. After two days, the swelling was gone.Oh, I love the chamomile scent of the Jar Of Hope, it was very relaxing.

Now I don’t have to worry about the insect bite because I know a Jar of hope will always save the day! Thank you Yummy Mummies of Indigo Manila for creating such a wonderful and very useful products for our babies! Indigo Baby is a one-stop online baby shop for green and hip parents like us. 🙂

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