My Tots First Haircut at Cuts for Tots!

One of the big milestones in everyone’s life is their first haircut.  My son, Cyler had his first-ever-haircut last Sunday, July 01, 2012 at Cuts for Tots, Trinoma. As mentioned from my previous post, Cyler’s hair was long back that’s why he used to scratch his nape from time to time. And so, we decided to finally have his first haircut. My initial plan was to have his hair trim but he ended up with semi-bald hair.  The hair stylist told us that it doesn’t look good if he will just trim it because Cyler’s front hair was super thin and  he said that it will look like the same if he will just trim the hair. He said “Mas kakapal po ang buhok niya kapag ginupit lahat”  and finally after that convincing words from the hair stylist it has been decided that Cyler will going to have a semi-bald hair.  Kakapal naman pala ang buhok eh… sige GO! Haha! If you’ll notice Cyler’s hair is really thin and I guess he inherited that from me. My hair was bald when I was a little baby. Mama (my mom) told me that Cyler’s hair is more  thicker than mine when I was in that age. Now that’s the tale of Cyler’s hair.

On the other hand, Cyler get easily irritated when someone’s touching his head that’s why I was (really) worried because he might freak out when someone cut his hair. I’ve heard so many horrible first hair cut stories and of course nobody want’s to experience the same thing. For some, their trepidation gives way to tears at the sight of the scissors, the long cape surrounding them, or the tall chair they sit in.. but surprisingly our little shaolin was behave the whole time. I guess he is aren’t quite sure what is happening to him.

Cuts for Tots is one of the best kiddie salon and I am happy because all their staff are indeed kid friendly. They really know how to handle a squirming child. They have the conventional barber’s chair for every kids and each cutting station is positioned in front of flat screen TV so kids can watch their favorite cartoons while having their hair cut. Cyler was hooked by the cartoons and was watching the entire time. The hair stylist kept on talking to Cyler the entire time too.  Our little shaolin was minding his own business and didn’t mind those razors and hands.  Cuts for Tots has expertly trained barbers who make generous accommodations for their young clients. The salon was indeed kid friendly.

The haircut costs Php295, I know it was a bit pricey but believe me it’s worth every penny because the salon offers everything that a typical one can’t.   Cuts 4 Tots offers personalized customer service through hairdressers who are highly skilled, patient and love working with children. They make sure that HAIRCUT TIME IS FUN TIME! I just am amazed how cleanly they can cut hair although Cyler keeps turning his head this way and that. They also offering membership program that costs Php100 and gives 10% discount to members.

We also avail their First Haircut Certificate for an additional of Php195. The certificate includes the before and after picture of your child’s first hair cut and a lock of hair for posterity. It takes two to three weeks before you claim the certificate, they will inform you via text. They also give free treats after the hair cut. It was a toy or a lollipop. Sad to say we forgot to get the treats because of too much excitement and joy to our son’s first hair cut. Geez! Better luck next time. 🙂

My little boy looks like a big boy now! 🙂

Generally, I am happy with our Tots first hair cut at Cuts for Tots, I must say it’s worth every penny.  It’s the best kiddie friendly salon in town! 🙂

For more info:

Check out their sites: Cuts for Tots

P.S. Remember that you are not alone and that little ones from generations long before you have all survived — the First Haircut.

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