Giga Baby Products

I wasn’t able to buy Jar of Love as mentioned from my previous post and so I look for another baby products that is good for colds, fever, and flu and I was stumbled when I saw Giga baby cold rub. When I opened it, I instantly smell the mint, the smell is very relaxing and perfect for those blue days.  Giga Baby cold rub is an n effective yet gentle and safe soothing rub. It is intended to relieve babies of discomfort due to colds and cough. I was really opting to buy it since Cyler had a recent colds and cough , I don’t want to use those cold rubs for adults because it was too strong for Cyler. And I’m glad cause I found this perfect cold rub for my baby boo — the Giga Baby Cold Rub.

Gently soothes and comforts your child.

When I applied it to Cyler, he instantly got into a very relaxing state. I noticed that he’s no longer coughing in the middle of the night and I think this cold rub really soothes my little shaolin. It also helps him to sleep soundly at night.  Before, he used to wake up in the middle of the night because he was so irritated by his colds and cough. And now — goodbye to those blue days! Another good thing was his cold was instantly gone after two days. It’s really effective, I say. Every night I used to massage him with cold rub so that he can sleep better, I’m using it also. I always ask Cj to massage me using this cold rub because I really love the aroma and effect of it, especially this past few days because I was insanely busy at work. I was working over the weekend for the past two weekends now and going home very late at night. I’m not happy about it because weekend is so precious to me and it’s family time. Hay.

Here are some of their baby products:

Giga Baby Products

This cold rub costs Php100++ petot only (sorry, I forgot the exact amount), I also bought this at Sesou Nature Source, it was really cheap but the effects was really good. Plus it’s 100% natural, which I love the most. I think it’s much cheaper if you buy it online it only costs Php95.Oh, I’m really an eco-Mommy! I checked their official site but it’s not working properly but you can check this multiply site. Oh, I really love products that will not harm my little shaolin. Besides from baby products they also have home care and pet care products. I’ve read many rave reviews about Giga Baby and I’m happy because I found good baby products that is perfect for my delicate Tot. So, for my son I am only trusting these baby products, it’s clinically proven and tested. 🙂

How about you? What organic/natural products do you use? Share your feedbacks, I love to hear it. 🙂

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