To Switch or Not to Switch?

I am thinking if I’m going to switch from WordPress to Blogspot because I want to put ads on my blog site but WordPress has so many restrictions when it comes to advertising. I’ve read on their forums that they don’t allow advertisement unless you have your own domain. So what is the best thing to do? Do you have any out of the box idea?

Another thing is.. I found out that someone’s imitating my ideas and blog posts.. Hmm.. I think every blogger should always include the name of the site where they get the idea and give the credits to that specific site, right? ITS always a must. This one (really) got me thinking.. Anyway, this is not my main reason why I want to switch my blog site. I guess, we can’t control the world-wide-web, but bear in mind that credibility and integrity is they key to a successful site.

Watchathink guys?! Can someone tell me what is the best thing to do?!

Geez!!! I need some light! @_@

7 thoughts on “To Switch or Not to Switch?

    • I don’t want to name names bessy. Hay. Anyway, main concern ko advertisement! LOL. I want to earn extra income while enjoying blogging. Thats why I’m really thinking if I’m gonna switch to blogspot madali kasi mg add ng advertisement dun.

  1. Sha, I was also informed by my friends na may gumagaya din sa blog/mga posts ko. Haha! :p You’re right that it’s easier to put ads when you have blogspot. But I find it more difficult to personalize my blog (in terms of coding), some say that WordPress is better at this.

    • I think di na ata talaga yun maiiwasan. Part of blogging world, next time maglalagay nako ng disclaimer. Lol. Anyway, nag create nako ng blogspot accnt andun na din mga posts ko. Hahaha! Kaso I’m a bit hesitant, tinatamad ako mag layout uli! Hahahaha! Tapos ung mga followers baka malito(kala mo naman may follower nga talaga ako. Feelingera lang.)

    • Thanks for the link, Eric! Will read this one of these days, hopefully makapag decide nako bago pa dumami ng dumami ung mga posts ko. Hehe.. Actually, madami lang mag import and export ng posts from WordPress to Blogspot. Na-export ko na nga yung mga posts ko eh. Hahaha! Undecided lang talaga ako kung lilipat pa ba ko. I really want to add advertisement kasi. Hay. Anyhoo, thanks for the links, it was a big help. 🙂

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