So Call Me, Baby!

These past few days, we noticed that Cyler was so fascinated in the word “baby”. He always say “bey-bey” (as in Baby). Beside from hearing it from us, he also learned that from watching Brainy Baby ABC. He used to laugh when he see babies on the TV screen, not just an ordinary laugh — he literally laugh-out-loud with matching head banging. My gulay! He was really fascinated with babies these past few days and I wonder why…. Hmmm..

One night, I saw Cyler wrapping himself up in a blanket. But he looks so adorable! He pretends like a little baby here.

So call me, baby!

Spot the baby!

Just look how he struggle wrapping himself in the blanket. 🙂

Oops! I’m too big for this blanket!

He was giggling when I’m calling him “baby”. What’s with the word baby?! I’m still clueless right now.

Giggling to the max!

It was nice to see him pretending like a little baby, I find it really cute. A baby pretending like a baby. Hehe

Look at those smile!

Sometimes, he keep on saying “bey-bey” while he’s crying. Oh, I really wonder why. Sweetie, you don’t have to pretend like a baby because you will always be my one and only baby! Okay?! Don’t get jealous, Hon because you’re also my baby.. my baby damulag! 🙂

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