Christmas in July

While I’m browsing and reminiscing Cyler’s baby photos, one of his photos suddenly caught my attention. This photo was taken last December 2011 when Cyler meet and greet Santa Claus for the very first time. Oh, I never experience that when I was a little kid. That’s why for me it was a magical moment for Cyler because my boy is one of the lucky kids who was able to meet Santa at the very young age. I know that Cyler didn’t appreciate it at that time but I know when he grow up and he see this picture of him together with Santa he will feel glad because he got the chance to meet Santa when he was still a little baby.

So here it is.. Guy’s meet and greet Santa Claus!

Cyler meets Santa! He was six months old here. 🙂

Look how happy he is, though he didn’t know who is that white-bearded fat man wearing a red coat. They look soooo adorable! HO! HO! HO! 😛

Some kids began to cry when they saw Santa, surprisingly and luckily my little boy was able to sit and chat with Santa Claus! This was taken at Rustan’s Department Store, 3rd Floor at the Kids section area. We are looking forward to meet and greet Santa again this coming December! HO! HO! HO! 🙂

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