The Angry Birds and the Happy Toddler!

Warning: This post is loaded with cuteness!

The Angry birds and the happy baby

My husband, Cj was fascinated with these fluffy angry birds stuff toys, he bought these cute and fluffy stuff toys at Clippers gift shop when Cyler was two-months old. This little boy didn’t appreciate it then, oh well, what do you expect from a two month old baby? Pasensya na, adik lang talaga yung asawa ko minsan. 🙂

Anyhoo, Cyler is not a fan of stuff toys, he likes blocks and cubes so much, but these past few days we noticed that he started playing his stuff toys already and one of those stuff toys are his angry birds stuff toys. I feel glad cause finally he appreciates it because those angry birds are a bit pricey. LOL

His “Daddy, I’m waiting look”

Giggling to the highest level is dangerous to your tummy because it may cause gas pain. LOL

He likes playing these fluffy things together with his Daddy, they like throwing  it at each other. That’s how they play it. Cyler, started giggling (to highest level) when his Daddy throw these fluffy bird in his face, siya lang ata ang taong natutuwa pag binabato sa muka. #Kalerks

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His face never fails to lighten up every time he see these angry birds stuff toys. And he never fails to makes us happy too every time we see him happy. 🙂

P.S. I feel a bit sad today not because of the gloomy weather, but because we’re supposed to go at Antipolo today to visit my family there but due to the bad weather we postponed our plan. *sigh* Our last visit there was last Christmas , I miss my hometown. I miss the fresh and cold air, I miss my friends and family there, I miss everything. #EmoterangFrogToday

Anyhoo, bad weather can be a threat to any family, so stay safe and take vitamin C, just stay at home to avoid any accident.

2 thoughts on “The Angry Birds and the Happy Toddler!

    • Oo nga rh, super fuper uber meg miss ko na talaga ang hometown ko. Nararamdaman ko na ndi na tlga infant si Cyler alam na nya kung anong gusto nya at marunong humindi pag ayaw nya. Kalerks!

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