Meet “Boy Tumbling”

If Bubble Gang show in GMA 7 has boy pick-up, my little bunny, Cyler is definitely the certified “boy tumbling” in our family.


He always do this while watching tv, eating, playing, singing the Alphabet song, and even while talking with Mommy and Daddy. Oh boy, he does it everyday, I lost count already. I always hear his Lolo saying (or sometimes shouting) “Cyler, stop doing that!” because he got really nervous every time he see Cyler doing this thing.


At first I was also nervous and at the same time shock when I saw him doing this but I guess it’s normal to every babies especially to toddler. The more I say “stop doing that”, the more he does it. Oh well, I know that he’s no longer an infant anymore.


I read on SP magazine that kids really like seeing things upside down. And its normal to them because toddler behavior is very erratic, they want to try everything, as in everything. Every toddler mom knows that little kids cling to their routines like gum to a shoe. But whether a child behavior is irksome or worrisome, the good news is that most of these baffling behaviors are pretty normal and often fade away on their own.

After all, they’re notorious for being cute creatures of habit. 🙂


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