The Little Snorlax

Sleeping is Cyler’s ultimate habit when he was still a little baby. Now that he is a toddler we can no longer force him to sleep because he can sleep on his own. His usual routine is to sleep, eat, play, sleep, eat, play, yadah-yadah, that’s the happy life of a baby (sarap noh? hehe). Well, one of my favorite things to do as a mother is to stare at my child while he’s sleeping, I love it, really. It may sound boring to other people but for me it’s not, looking at him while sleeping IS priceless. And it makes me feel proud every time I look at this little and cute creature, he brings immense joy to my heart.

Just wanna share some of Cyler’s adorable photos while he’s sleeping. He looks so cuteee while sleeping, most of the time I end up kissing his cheeks!

So, here it goes..

How in the world can you resist that?! He’s my angel in disguise.

His “I’m drunk with milk look”(tagay pa! este gatas pa!). He was three months old here.

The old wive’s tale says “Kapag ang bata tumutuwad na pag natutulog, nanghihingi na daw ng kapatid”. Oh well, I say “di po totoo yun imagination lang nila yun.” Haha!

Obviously, this is his favorite sleeping position.

He looks soooo cute with this sleeping position!

Showing some leegss! Woot! woot! :p

Sorry Mommy, I got drunk with my milk again! Hik! :p

sleep like a big boy

straight body and… cross legs?! (This photo was taken this morning)

These are just part of his many sleeping positions. Oh btw, Snorlax is a Pokemon species known as a sleeping pokemon.

He is the first thing that I see and think of when I wake up, and the last thing that I think of before I go to bed. I guess, I will just allow him to sleep on his own bed when he is old enough, uhmmm.. like 35 years old? I think that’s old enough. Hihi


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