Cyler’s First Art Activity

I’m not a fan of art, in fact the only art I know is ka-ART-ehan. Hehe I took up computer engineering and we had a drawing subject then but I didn’t enjoy it because I don’t know how to draw and I’m not really into it. By God’s grace I pass my drawing subject. 🙂 #LakasManalangin

Anyhoo, Cyler has so many coloring books and crayons in our house, he got these from the previous kiddie parties that we have attended. But it was only stuck on his bookshelf. Since he already mastered his finger and palmar grasp I decided to teach him how to use crayons. He was so curious when he saw the crayons but he immediately grabbed it to me. At first he got overwhelmed with so many colors, so I decided to gave him two crayons at a time. First, I demonstrated to him how to use crayons, surprisingly he follows afterwards. Oh, I was expecting him to throw all the crayons .

He likes coloring so much. Yey!

Crayons lead to self-expression, and they help teach colors.

It allows your toddler to express herself through art.

Crayons are useful introducing children to the art forms of rubbings and crayon resist. Crayons are one of the first tools children can use to record their environment and imagination.

You did it, Cyler!

Art is a vital part of human development.

Toddler art activities help children develop fine motor control as well as early math skills and exercise their innate creativity.

He was so serious while doing this art activity, hmmm… is he the next Pablo Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh?! 🙂 #LibreAngMangarap

Ladies and gentlemen… I proudly present my son’s first art masterpiece… (Drum roll please!)


Anyare dyan, Cyler?! 😛

His masterpiece! (bahala na kayo mag-interpret!) 😛

This is all good and well, but, for parents who haven’t picked up a crayons in a while, it can be hard to branch out past crayons and markers. Good thing, Cyler loves his first art activity! Hooray! And remember, don’t expect a masterpiece just yet. Let your toddler do it on his own because toddler learns a lot while having fun.

Crayons are a fun way for children to practice beginning writing skills. Interesting colors are much more fun than lead pencils. This is also a great bonding moment for parents and child. I am now thinking for our next art activity. Any suggestions? 🙂


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