Cyler Got A New Playmate!

Today, we took Cyler at Doc Vienne’s clinic in St. Lukes, Global due to his on and off cough and colds. Last weekend he was vomiting already and his cough is getting worse. So, I texted Docky this morning and she told me that she wants to see and check Cyler. So, I filed an emergency leave right away and took Cyler to Doc Vienne’s clinic. While waiting for our turn Cyler when to his favorite spot where the table maze is. A pretty little girl went to that same spot and started playing with Cyler.


Come on Cyler, don’t be shy! 😛

The little girl is four months older than him.


Lil’ Girl: Tita, he’s not even looking at me. 😦

Cyler didn’t know how to play with the little girl, I think we need to teach him how to play with the other kids because he is not used to it. And he doesn’t have any playmate in our house aside from us. His cousin Lucas is month older than him but they rarely see each other because our home is really far from their place, like south to north. But I wish that they can be best of friends.

Anyhoo, the little girl kept on touching his arms pero deadma lang ang bagets! Hay naku Cyler chicks yan!


Ayan nag pose nalang si little girl. Cyler kasi ayaw pansinin! 😛

Oh well, better luck next time sweetie! 🙂

Btw, Dra told us that Cyler’s cough is no longer viral because it’s getting worse than before. She recommended antibacterial medicines for Cyler. The good news is Cyler has a strong immune system, it naturally fights the bacteria and viruses inside him. She mentioned that Cyler vomits due to his phlegm. And there’s nothing to worry about. The medicine will take effect after three to four days, so hopefully his cough and colds will subside already. Oh, now I’m relief. Wew! Thank God! 🙂

And I hope next time Cyler will gain more friends and more play dates with his cousins.

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