I Hate Shoes!








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I hate shoes!


I hate.. that I love my shoes so much!

Don’t you just love these shoes?! And can you resist those?! PUH-LEAASE! Don’t lie, I know you want it too! Hihi

Alright, I admit I’m a shoes lover or should I say addict?! These are my price possession, my addiction, and my kakikayan will not be complete without these, after all I’m just a girl. I think thats more appropriate now. Ha!

Tell me something about your price possesion girls and gays?! I’d love to hear it! 🙂

Happy friday!!!!


Thank You So Much Mom Center!

I am happy to tell you that I am now a certified MomCenter Blog Partner. Actually when I started (that was five months ago) blogging I really wanted to join MomCenter Blog Partner however I’m to lazy to register. Oh well, may kasabihan po tayo “Mahirap labanan ang katamaran”. Surprisingly, last month I decided to finally join in. Mainly because their the best parenting partner.

Mom Center Philippines is a fast-growing, free online community with over 70,000 members. It’s an online parenting site and forum for all expectant Mums, new Mums and Mums with infants and young children. It’s not only a forum for parents; it is also a buying guide where products and services related to child-rearing are periodically reviewed and featured. They feature everything that a every parent needs– from toys, baby clothes, baby stuffs, gadgets, and even skin care products for mommies because they believe every mom is a woman that deserves a treat. They also features courses and events relevant to mother and kids too. And they also have so many contest for babies and families, so there are more chances of winning!

It was so easy to join (and I didn’t expect it), all you have to do is to register at Mom Center and email Ms. Arbee Panga of Mom Center, so she can officially include your site to Mom Center blog list. Here’s the good thing — one of your post can be feature on their site, now how good is that, ayt?! After exchanging emails with Ms.Arbee I received a wonderful gift from them. I got the token right away because their head office is just one cartwheel away from our office. 🙂

I received Cycles and Cradle gift pack from Mom Center. Yay!

Oh, thank you so much Mom Center! We really liked it so much because we’ve been using these products too!

Thank you Mom Center for the wonderful gifts! – Cyler

I’m very happy and glad because having them as my blog partner is one of the best thing I did for myself and my blog. I know I made the right choice. To all mommas out there, you can also join Mom Center. Today is the right time to join their community! And thanks again Mom Center!

Visit their official site: MOMCENTER PHILIPPINES

The Importance and Benefits of Breastfeeding to Mother and Child

August is the Breastfeeding month. Lots of mom bloggers shared their thoughts and story about breastfeeding, and as a tribute I also wanted to share my breastfeeding story.

Even before Cyler was born it was already set in my mind that I will breastfeed my son, even if my mom didn’t nurse me when I was a little baby. I know breast milk is still the best milk for my baby and the benefits of breastfeeding extend well beyond basic nutrition. When Cyler was born I was so happy because I’m one of the lucky mom who is capable of producing breast milk, not all moms are blessed with abundant milk, right? So this newbie momma was really happy. Nursing my baby for the very first time is very emotional, the bond that it give us was extraordinary, it’s like we’ve known each other for the very long time. I didn’t expect THAT I am capable of nursing him, considering that I have a small breast (size doesn’t really matter though). For a first time mom like me, it can be very difficult although it’s a natural process that every mom has to go through. I admit it was really hard and having the right support is crucial to successful breastfeeding.

Cyler’s first glimpse to the world. Our first ever bond. 🙂

I remember myself crying because it was really painful especially when the boobs become engorge, I don’t have a choice but to pump it from time to time in order to ease the pain. Despite of that I feel so blessed because I had abundant supply of breast milk for Cyler. It takes few weeks for me and my baby to get the hang of it, but as time goes by it gets a lot easier. I undergone C- section but I chose not to rest because I know that I need to take care of my baby, I need to wake up in the middle of the night to nurse him, I need to carry him and cuddle him, I know he needs me and he depends on me. And I guess I made the right choice, Cyler is the main reason why I recovered so fast. Some says nursing can’t be successful for the mother who had a c-section, I say — hell no! This is not really true. As a matter of fact breastfeeding can help normalize the experience of an operative birth and it also reduces your stress level.

I am not complaining even if it really hurts on the first suck, what I’m trying to say is being a mother means a lot of sacrifices. Breastfeeding is the most wonderful gift from God, so share it with your child.

When I go back to work after my maternity leave, what I did was I used to nurse him before I go to work and I need to come home early to breastfeed him, but I know it’s not enough. So we started giving him formula milk, suddenly after few weeks Cyler decided, on his own, to weaned, just like that, and I’m feeling bereft. I’ve tried forcing him to but that only resulted to either chuckles from him or really annoyed baby, and the saddest part– he didn’t want my breastmilk anymore. Sad to say Cyler weaned that early, just like that. It was really devastating because I only breastfeed him for three months.

Oh, I remember he never get sick when I’m still nursing him until he weaned, that’s the only time he get sick. Truly, weaning is not just about breastfeeding thing or parenting attachment, it’s also about your baby’s health. Breast milk is packed with vitamins and nutrients that your baby needs, and is also packed with disease-fighting substances that protect your baby from illness. Studies have shown that breastfeeding can reduce a child’s risk of developing certain childhood cancer.

If I have a choice I will still nurse Cyler, but he weaned, just like that. So to all the mommies and mommies-to be please breastfeed your child even if it hurts (and hard). You think you don’t have milk (I also did!)? Yes you do! You just don’t see it. Trust your bodies– you have milk!

Cyler was two months old here, now tell me does he looks like starving? Do you think my milk is not enough?

You think it will make you losyang?! No, it’s not true! It will make you feel better and eventually will make you look better.

This is me six months after giving birth to Cyler. Now tell me do I look like losyang?.. Slight lang naman diba?! ;p

And here’s some of the importance and benefits of breastfeeding to you and your child:

• Breastfeeding protects your baby from illness. Numerous studies shows from around the world have shown that illnesses and infections occur less often in breastfed babies and are less severe when they do happen.
• It also protects your babies from allergies.
• Breastfeeding benefits not only the baby but the mother as well. It help new mothers shed the baby weight. It’s true, because it happened to me even if I only breastfeed for three months. I lose weight so fast!
• Breastfeeding may boost your child’s intelligence.
• It also helps your child from obesity.
• It also reduce stress level and your risk of postpartum depression. I feel relaxed while breastfeeding.
• And it also reduce your risk of cancer. Numerous studies have found that longer women breastfeed, the more they’re protected against breast and ovarian cancer.

Source: www.babycenter.com

These are just some of the good benefits of breastfeeding. I am encouraging all mommies and mom-to-be to breastfeed your babies. Our child’s health is the most important to us, so start nursing your child. Be glad and be proud of it! Breastfeeding is God’s gift for all of us moms, so let us share it with our child (or donate it). 🙂

The Drama Prince

Last weekend, when Cyler woke up I saw him emoting in the bed. He was not moving, he had this supah sad face look and I really don’t know why. I kept on kissing his cheeks and tickling his kili-kili (axilla) kaso deadma lang ang bagets. After few minutes he started jumping in the bed and started laughing. Weird.

So, I came across this idea that he was just emoting, in fairness to him he really knows how act. May future kang bata ka!

Here’s some of his dramatic pose:

Oha! Dinaig pa pose ko!

To the highest level ang drama ng bagets namin! PAK! Spell sad face.. C-Y-L-E-R! Am I right or right?!

I think we’re going to have a drama prince here! Watchuthink guys?!

P.S. I’ve been hibernating these past few days because I was so busy being a mom, wifey, and career woman. But dont you worry b’coz I have so many chikas and happenings to share, so watchout for that!

Gotta go, sago! 🙂

The Good Housekeeper

One night, Cyler grabbed the feather duster in our room and then he looked at me (with “Mommy, can I play this” look). He was waiting if I’m going to say “No!”, but I didn’t react because I was waiting for his next step too. I was expecting him to play the feather duster and put it on his mouth, BUT I was surprised because he swept the floor instead! And so, I immediately grabbed the camera and took photos of him while he was sweeping the floor. Oh, I guess he always see me sweeping the floor that’s why he does it also. Toddler usually imitates what they see. His memory and dexterity are getting better and better nowadays. Good job Cyler! 🙂

Look how he carefully swept the floor. 🙂

Cyler on household chores. 🙂

He also cleaned our fan!

Hey Cyler you’re not yet done cleaning, you still have so many toys on the floor! 😛

Your majesty, what am I gonna do next? 😛

I bet he sees the feather duster as a toy, and he doesn’t know that he’s already doing a household chores. This simple housework turns into a fun time. 🙂

You’re the cutest and most adorable housekeeper in the world!

Mommy, I’m tired already. Can I seat while cleaning the puzzle mats?

I think he does it for about thirty minutes, I was just watching him and I can’t help but smile. This simple housework helps him to improve his dexterity and muscle control, it also taught him how to be diligent. And it only shows that your kids always follow or imitate what you are doing, so from now on I’ll be a good example to my son (of course), especially on doing the household chores. So help me God. Haha! I didn’t know that by sweeping the floor I already teaching Cyler how to do it and how to be diligent. Wow, good job Anak! 🙂

A picture of a happy and diligent toddler! 🙂

Alright, so next time Daddy will teach you another housework… which is washing the clothes! 🙂

Home Sweet Home at My Hometown!

Hooray for the looong vacay! Last week we spent our long vacay in Antipolo (my hometown). Boy oh boy, we had a wonderful stay there, sad to say hubby didn’t enjoy his vacation that much because he has work to do. BOOO! He was working on Sunday and Monday, now how terrible is that, right? Anyhoo, it was Cyler’s 3rd time here, still everything seems new to him. Everyone was so happy to see him again after six months. You know what he did in our whole stay there? He walked and played A LOT, as in A LOT! Our house is a bit spacious so he had a wide space for running. So my little one runs here and there, he’s so handful! We can’t let him run alone because he’s still in a stage of balancing. So everyone’s patience and energy was tested by Cyler. Tahee! 🙂

We also celebrated Mommy’s (Cyler’s great grandma) 85th birthday, that’s the main purpose of our vacation. We want to be part of Mommy’s special day. Could you imagine she’s 85 years old now, I wish I can live that long. Thank God for giving her a wonderful life and hopefully more years to live.

Day 1: Play all day long!

First thing that he noticed was the grass. Told yah he likes nature so much!

This is my cousin Rex, he is completely incapable of hearing, yes he is deaf. But despite of that he is so smart and very kind. He is one of my closest cousin.

Cyler rarely laugh or even smile to strangers, surprisingly Rex was able to make him laugh without exerting extra effort. Hehe

One thing I love about our vacation — I had a quality time with my son! 🙂

This is what I really miss here– plants, fresh and cold air!

Cyler was busy watching TV while his cousin Civ striking a pose!

Our little bookworm was also mesmerize with the bookshelf in our house, however I forgot to take photos of him. We have lots of books in our house because my late grandfather loves reading so much.

Day 2: Mommy’s 85th Birthday Bash!

Happy 85th Birthday to the world’s Greatest Grandma!

The foods are from Kubyertos Catering. It was all delish! 🙂

Make a wish and blow your candle!

She can’t really walk now and all she wanted is to see all of us beside her. This made me cry. Hay.

They are nine siblings, three of them are working abroad. (From left-right: Tita Bing, Tita Nanin (I always mention her in most of my posts, she’s my second Mom and I grew up with her), Mama, Tito Boyet, Tito Aaron, Tita Mane (not included in the photo)).

From left to right: My sisters Sacha and Isang, Mama, Tita Lolit, and Cyler who is so busy watching TV. 🙂

Here’s my twin nephew, Roa and Askja! They are sooo adorable!

We also went to Antipolo Cathedral. They built a mall in front of the Cathedral, which I don’t really like. The attention of the people are diverted to the mall which is not good. I believe, the Church should be the center of all and this place should be holy. Anyway, wala nakong magagawa andyan na yan. This is just my point of view.

Cyler together with his Tita Anie (my eldest sister).

He walked here and there!

Here’s my super kaduper cute niece Civ, while striking a pose! Watta pose! 🙂

Cyler while munching some fries. Yum, yum, yum!

The balloon vendor was blowing some bubbles while I’m taking this shot. Para daw may effect. Hahaha! Nice idea Manong!

I am the official photographer that day that’s why I am not included on the photos, as you can see. But wait, I have my solo picture! Hahaha! Kala ninyo ah! 😛

Here I am and my kikay outfit of the day: Green dress from Cosmopolitan, The Ramp and Gold Spartan shoes from LYN. 🙂

Before bed time, Cyler played with his Tita and Lola! 🙂

Cyler while playing with his Lola Mane! Nothing beats that happiness!

Day 3: Walking and Baking!

Morning walk with Tita and Tito! 🙂

Walking with axe? San ang laban Cyler?! 😛

And again, he was mesmerized with the plants!

Look how happy is my toddler. Now how in the world is that?! 🙂

Before we go home, we baked some carrot cake (as mentioned from my previous post)! Together with my sister Isang and nephew Panong. 🙂

Here’s Civ while munching one of our ingredients. Hmmp! Kundi ka lang cute! 😛

Manang mana sa pinag-manahan! 🙂

And finally, it’s time to go home.. 😦

Oh well, like what I said in my previous post our stay there was not enough, super bitin! Cyler enjoyed his vacation there so much, I bet if he can talk he will tell me that he doesn’t want to go home yet. Hay. Anyway, there’s still more time, sweetie. It feels so great because I spent quality time with my family, unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet my friends because I wanted to give my whole time to my family. But I will definitely meet them on our next vacation there. Truly, a four day long weekend is a luxury to all working parents like us.

Also, I wish that God will give Mommy more time to live, if only I can stay beside her all the time and take good care of her, I will. But I also have my own family who needs me and I have my work here in Manila. Oh life. I know God is always with her, and I leave everything unto Him.

Life is indeed wonderful when you spend it with your beloved family. 🙂

Kubyertos Catering Info:

Check out their site: Kubyertos Catering

Phone Numbers:
Email Address:
info @ kubyertos.net

Catering by Kubyertos
420 Dama de Noche St.
Nieves Hills Subdivision
Angono, Rizal 1930

Big Bugs Band

Just wanna share Cyler’s new possession right now. Cyler loves watching BabyTV A LOT, as a matter of fact his first birthday theme was a programme from BabyTV also. I guess you already know the theme as I mentioned it from my previous birthday posts, yes you we’re right it was Charlie and the Numbers.

Big Bugs Band (Photo from BabyTV site)

Big Bugs Band is Cyler’s fave cartoon in BabyTV as of now, it ‘s really a big hit to my little shaolin tot. I have to admit I like it as well. Maybe because I love music a lot. Big Bugs Band is a spectacular 3D animated programme in which a group of bugs performs a variety of unique musical pieces to an audience of fellow animals in the woods. Each bug plays a different instrument – improvising, dancing and singing as the band introduces viewers to a wide variety of musical styles from different cultures around the world. I like how the different bugs plays different instrument and how they sing, it’s really cute!

Try watching some episodes here:

I think this one is a great theme for his second birthday? Watchuthink guys?! Excited much?! 😛

This is a great program for babies and toddlers and it’s very educational. I bet your little one will surely love this once they watch it. Cyler used to dance everytime he watch this and his face never fails to lighten up every time he watch this. 🙂

Cyler on Manila Bulletin Kids Birthday Corner

Even before Cyler was born I already have this stage momma in me. I love posting stuffs about my pregnancy, I even post my preggy photos in Facebook and twitter. Darn, I just can’t help it because this first time momma is too excited for her little one’s arrival. So, when the little shaolin was born, ay naku natadtad na ng photos niya yung buong wall ko sa FB! From time to time I would post his photos here and there because I wanted to share my happiness to everybody. So when my CIL Ate Joy told me that she wanted Cyler to join on Manila Bulletin’s Kids Birthday Corner, I didn’t think twice and I said “Go ahead!”. Walang keme-keme! Go na agad! Oh well, my stage momma spirit began.

Here’s Manila Bulletin’s May Birthday Celebrants:

Can you spot my baby here?! 🙂

She sent an entry on Manila Bulletin and Cyler was featured on their “May Birthday celebrants”. He was featured last June though he didn’t win, but I’m still so proud of my little one. Can you feel a proud stage momma talking here? 🙂 Seeing your child on a magazine or news paper will make you a proud parent and indeed heartwarming. Actually, I just got the newspaper today from Ate Joy, we forgot to buy the newspaper before. Antagal kong hinintay na makita ‘to and finally it’s here! This is Cyler’s first ever exposure and I’m soo proud of my baby! 🙂

I proudly present my son to y’all! (Drum-roll please!)

Oh, there’s my cutie patootie, loaded with cuteness! 🙂

Oh, I remember I also sent an entry for Smart Parenting Kiddie Greets, however I didn’t know that there is a voting system on their Fan Page, it was too late when I found out that there is a voting system, so Cyler wasn’t featured on the magazine. I am so devastated to my katangahan. Cyler’s photo was on their Fan Page but due to my ka-engotan he didn’t get any vote. Oh, he got 4 votes though. Thanks for the votes! Hehe Anyhoo, there’s still next time and more time. 🙂

Special thanks to Ate Joy for sending an entry to Manila Bulletin. If you want to feature your kids on Manila Bulletin’s Birthday Corner kindly check the mechanics on their Fan Page. Btw, my nephew Lucas won on Manila Bulletin’s February celebrants. I guess stage mommas is flowing in our blood line, right?! Hehe Oh, I soo love being a stage momma! Tahee!

Please Vote For My Recipes at Hunt’s and Jean’s Fan Recipe Folio

Hi friends, I need your help! Yesterday, I joined Hunt’s and Jean’s Fan Recipe Folio contest and luckily (yes, I was indeed so lucky) my two entries was chosen. I was stunned and still shocked right now.. O-M-G! Can I shout?! HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! WOO HOO! Masaya na kong nakasama sa finalist yung recipes ko.

BUT it would be much, much better if my recipe will be one of the winner. So friends if you have spare time kindly vote for my two entries.

Photo courtesy of Hunts

Here’s how:

1. Logon on FACEBOOK.

2. Click this link . It’s an application so please click “Allow” then Like the Yummy Hunts Page.

3. And click on the following recipes:

  • Eggplant Parmigiana Ala Kikay Mommy Sha
  • German Franks Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

4. After clicking the recipe, please kindly click the “VOTE” button (at the upper side). And share it with your friends! Ask them to vote for my recipe too!

FYI: Online voting will be from August 22 to September 5, 2012. Only fans of the Hunt’s fan page will be able to vote. Fans can vote for more than one entry during the entire voting period. So, vote, vote, vote for my recipes!

That’s all, alligator! So easy right?! So, what are you waiting for?! VOTE now and spread the word!

Thanks a bunch in advance! Thank you, thank you!

Mommy Sha 🙂

KMS Bake: My Family’s Very Own Carrot Cake Recipe

Hi friends! How’s your long vacay?! Bitin noh? Hay. Anyhoo, guys this is it! Finally, nakapag-bake na ang lola ninyo! I had the chance to bake when we visited Antipolo (my hometown) this long vacay. We stayed there for three days, pero it was still bitin. Time is like a blink of an eye when you’re enjoying. Hay. Anyhoo, I will share with you about our stay there after this post. But for now lemme just share my family’s very own carrot cake recipe.

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The Goodness of Olive

When I was pregnant I used to have uneven skin tone, my feet and knuckles became dry and dark due to edema. So, after giving birth I become more conscious with my skin. I searched and looked for a good skin care product that will moisturize my dry skin. My office mate Anna has a really good skin complexion so I asked her what’s her secret and she recommended The Body Shop Olive skin care products to me. I also asked my very reliable friend Mr. Google and I was stunned and stumbled on the rave reviews about Olive. I found out that Olive oil is extremely useful for skin treatments. It also helps to lighten the color of our skin, perfect for my uneven skin tone! Olive oil is also considered to be especially useful in the treatment of enlarged skin pores. So, when I found out the goodness of olive to my skin I didn’t think twice and I immediately purchased TBS olive skin care products. I purchased Olive body butter, shower gel, dry oil mist, soap, and body scrub. O diba adik lang?!

TBS Olive oil and body butter are very emollient and just moisturize beautifully. And it’s true it simply eradicated my dark, scaly knuckles and feet. I use it every night before bed time, and it instantly gives me soft, supple, moisturized skin. I’ve been using these products for five months now and it’s very effective to me, not to mention that I have the most allergy prone skin in the world. It’s great for normal and sensitive skin as well.

The reach and creamy butter is a feast for skin, it melts straight and instantly gives me soft and smooth skin. I also love the aroma of it, I feel very relaxed every time I use this. I have the driest most allergy prone skin in the world and this product made my skin smooth, soft and didn’t break me out AT ALL. TBS Olive body scrub is also good, I use this twice a week, the scrub is gentle enough and it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Best to use this in elbows, knees, and feet. And it exfoliates really well.

The Body Shop Olive body products best caters to my needs and gives me the most amazing, softest hands (and body) I could want. TBS olive skin care products contains organic olive oil and has a subtle fruity scent. I bought this dry oil mist when TBS we’re on sale a few months ago, it was buy 1 take 1! I sooo love sale! So far, I still have three more bottles left. And also, olive oil is an effective treatment for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Perfect for all mommies who has stretch marks, like me! 🙂

I know the price of these products are not cheap, but believe me it’s definitely worth every penny! It really works for me and I highly recommend these product to y’all. But remember when buying skin care products you should (always) try it first, if it works for you then stick to it! Me, when it comes to my skin I definitely trusting no one but The Body Shop Olive skin care products. 🙂
P.S. HAPPY LONG VACAY! We’re off to Antipolo now! Excited much! 🙂

I So Love Melona Ice Cream Bar!

Have you tried or heard Melona ice cream bar?! Oh boy, Melona is indeed addictive and oh-so yummy! It is one of my favorite ice cream aside from gelato. I am a big fan of melona ice cream, as a matter of fact I can eat three (or more) melona in one day! That’s how addicted I am!

20120816-184329.jpg                          Melona everyday, everyday OK! Haha!

My melona addiction started when my friend, Yen introduced this korean popsicle to me when I was still preggy with Cyler. I must say, it was love at first bite! I guess that’s the reason why I gained weight so fast when I was pregnant. So sisihin ang gelato at melona kung bakit ako na-CS. Hahaha! Oh my, I love to eat it when I was preggy (and until now), it’s so hard to resist because I was craving and I need to satisfy my taste buds. My gulay! That’s the biggest temptation to all pregnant woman! I so love the unique honeydue flavor and very creamy smooth texture of it. It is not icy like the other popsicle in the market.

Melona ice cream bar is a South Korea melon-creamsicle, manufactured by Binggrae Co. Ltd.. Although the product called “Melona” and is identified with its melon flavor, it also comes with other fruit flavors like banana, mango, and strawberries (source: Wikipedia)

So far I haven’t seen or even tasted any mango and banana flavor here in the Philippines. Not sure if it’s available in some Korean stores. I’ve seen Strawberry flavor but I haven’t taste it too, I only want the melon flavor. But if there’s mango flavor, I will surely try it. Because I love mangoes too!

Me and my office mate Rachelle, while indulging our melona’s! Yum! Yum! 🙂

If you haven’t try this Korean ice cream, you should try it now! But I warning you.. it is indeed addictive! Melona ice cream bar is available at S&R, SM Supermarket, Korean local stores and even some Korean Resto (like Kaya, Mann Hann, Bulgogi Brothers). It costs Php30-35 petot, the price may vary depends on the store and place.

So, what are you waiting for?! Go buy and taste it! 🙂

The Love of my Life

Hi friends?! How’s your week?! I bet you are all waiting and excited for the long weekend! I am really excited about it too! We’re going to my hometown this coming weekend because it’s my Lola’s birthday. Gosh! Can’t wait to see my family and friends there, it’s been six months since I last saw them. I miss them A LOT and I miss the cold breeze and fresh air in Antipolo! 🙂

Anyhoo, I’m pretty sure you already know who is the love of my life, yes you are right! It’s my son, Cyler! Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?! Hehe It’s true that when you’re having fun you didn’t notice how time flies. I can’t imagine that my little baby is now a toddler. I don’t wanna think about the future, I just want to enjoy my time with him and make the most out of it. Having a toddler is no joke at all because it test my patience and limits. I’m not complaining though, I feel so blessed because God gave us the most precious gift that anyone could ever had, which of course my son, Cyler. Being a parent is one of the toughest job on earth but it’s one of the greatest job too!

My son, Cyler is the fruit of our love and he is definitely the “love of my life”. Our life became more meaningful since the day he was born. Motherhood taught me to be selfless and to love unconditionally. No words can tell how much I love you, sweetie!

Photo collage c/o my CIL Ate Mimi Photo collage c/o my CIL Ate Mimi

I love him so much though..

Most of the time he occupy the whole bed and..

20120816-101239.jpg..sometimes he kick his Daddy’s face. Aw! Poor daddy, it’s funny though! This moment are precious and priceless to me. Maybe it’s a sign that he’s going to become a football player someday! Who knows, right?! #AssumingLang

20120816-101826.jpgMotherhood is the sweetest thing on earth!

20120816-102210.jpgNow how in the world can you resist that?! His smile is the sweetest smile for me, of course!

20120816-102538.jpg He is the king of my world! My precious! :p

20120816-102734.jpg You will always be my cutie patootie!

You are the source of my strength. My life revolves around you, sweetie! (Cyler was two months old here)

When I’m sad, I just look at you and I feel good again.

Oh boy, they are God’s precious gift to me and I could not ask for more. These two boys are the best people in the whole wide universe!

Lord, thank you for giving me such a wonderful and happy family. And thanks for bringing joy into my life. I feel so blessed to have them. Thank you, thank you, oh Lord. I owe my whole life to you. 🙂

Happy Weekend with my Boys!

Howdy! How’s your weekend?! Hope you’re having a good one! Anyhoo, I just want to share a little escapade we had at Greenbelt 5 (our all time favorite hangout place) recently. Supposed to be we’re going to meet our cousins there, however due to some errands we didn’t have the chance to meet at all. Anyhoo, this day was a super kaduper fun day for the family after the stormy days. Our little shaolin kid was very excited to go out, actually he really likes seeing different people and surroundings. He is a certified lakwatsero like us! 🙂 Cyler is very sociable, that’s one thing I really like about him. He’s so easy to handle.

Here’s a tiny peek at a day in our life!

He was so amaze with the plants, look how curious he is. Oh, it was his first time to feel and touch the plants, and he really enjoyed it. He surely did! I really love nature, unfortunately in our house we don’t have any plants there, it was all concrete, I think that’s the sad part of living in the city. 😦

He enjoyed playing here A LOT! Thanks to Greenbelt’s outdoor garden. Nature is the best playground ever, it’s a giant toy box for Cyler. Nothing beats the nature! 🙂

My gulay! Cyler sat on the ground and didn’t want to leave the place anymore, Oh how I wish we have a little garden in our house. Don’t worry sweetie, Mommy and Daddy will try to buy a house with mini garden…. soon. 🙂

Now that he can walk, he doesn’t want to ride on the stroller anymore. His stroller just became our instant push cart. Hehe

Oh, I love this picture of him! It seems like he is peeing on the glass! Hahaha! Bad Mommy! 😛

He’s such a handful now! He runs here and there! @_@

Sorry for the poor resolution, while I’m taking this shot, Cyler ran fast inside the toy store and so I immediately ran to catch my too fast, too curious toddler . My gulay! Thiz iz it! Umpisa na ng habulan! 🙂

How about this pose, Daddy?! Can I pinch your cheeks, baby?! You looks so adorable here, sweetie! 🙂

While Cyler was playing around, I took the chance to pose! 🙂 Oh, I miss posting my kikay outfit details! So friends here it goes: Top from Greenhills Tiangge, Leopard printed gypsy pants from The Ramp, Brown Bejeweled flat shoes from Charles and Keith. There you go! 🙂

Actually, our first plan was just to eat and buy some groceries there, however my cousin Ate Maggie informed me that LYN shoes was on sale (SHOES ko po! that sent chills to my spine!), and so I braved the shop with so much excitement. 🙂 Shoes– my weakness! ugghh.. Ate Maggie kasi eh but thanks for the info, cuz!:)

So the big question here– how “many” pair of shoes did I purchased?! I purchased THREE pairs for Php1,785 only! Could you imagine that?! This kikay momma is supah kaduper happy! 🙂 Oh, I only buy shoes when there’s clearance sale, I remember the last time I bought shoes was on Charles and Keith clearnace sale at Trinoma last Mother’s day. I swear! #DefensiveMuch

Cyler: I wonder what’s inside this huge bag. Hmmm…
Mommy: Oops! Sorry, Cyler that’s for mommy! 😛

Here’s what I purchased, friends the prices are unbelievable!

Sale Price: Php695
Orig Price: Php3,995

Don’t you just love the wedge shoes?! @_@

More flats here:

Sale Price: Php595 ;
Orig. Price: Php2,595

Sale Price:Php495 ;
Orig Price: Php2,695

Don’t you just love these shoes?! I-so-love-it!
We also dropped by at Japan Home Centre at Greenbelt 1. Cj was so addicted buying stuff there, so quits na kami nag shopping din sya! Haha! Kidding aside. Anyhoo, we just have simple family fun. Our life after having Cyler gotten much simpler but more fun! The whole family enjoyed this day a lot! Oh, I so love weekends because that’s the only time where I can focus more on my family. I want more weekends and holidays!!! And there you go, till our next family getaway! 🙂

LYN shoes available at the following locations:

  • Greenbelt 5, Makati City
  • SM Ortigas Department Store, SM Megamall

Cyler’s Toy Rotation (2)

Last June, we decided to have a “monthly toy rotation” when Cyler received a bunch of toys on his first birthday. We don’t want to open all his toys because it will just gather dust and we don’t want him to get overwhelm with it, besides he can’t play all that stuff in just one stop. So, we randomly group his toys into two sets or more– he plays with one for the whole month while the other toys are kept out of his sight. This taught him to appreciate his toys more and it has also kept us from buying more toys. It benefits the child and parent as well. Also, this will keep toys new and fresh, and interesting for him.

Now, here’s the second batch of his toys.

This time I opened more musical toys and legos, I retained his Boikido activity table. I chose legos because Cyler is a big fan of legos. On the other hand musical toys has an immense impact to our lives and it affects our self-development. These effects our more beneficial to kids. Studies show that music helps in producing more nerve cells to the brain. I admit that I love music so much. I used to sing in front of the crowd when I was a little girl. I am also became part of the music ministry in our church and in school way back then. But now, I only sing inside the bathroom and karaoke bar. Hehe Oh, I remember when Cyler was still in my womb I used to listen on Mozart and lullabies songs everyday. And I am very happy because he really loves music so much now, sometimes he dance when he hears some music.

Our favorite brand of toy– Boikido! Oh, we love Boikido so much, it’s an Eco-friendly, fun learning toys. 🙂

Cj decided to assembled this mini-race track because Cyler wanted to open this toy.

At first, he enjoyed playing it until…


Mommy: Oh-uh! What happened to your race track?!
Cyler: It was such a pushover!
And so, we decided to kept it again. Hehe

This strategy is very effective to my toddler because his face never fails to lighten up every time he see his “new” toys. I’m pretty sure this technique will work in your kids too. And also, this will keep toys new and fresh to our kiddos and will help us parents from buying new toys. 🙂

KMS Cooks: Mozzarella Cheese Sticks Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

I’m not a big fan of cheese, in fact the only cheese I love is Mozzarella. Have you ever tried Amici’s mozzarella cheese sticks? Oh my, that’s one of my favorite! It never fails to satisfy my taste buds! I usually go there whenever I crave for Mozzarella cheese sticks. But this time it’s totally different because I cooked my very own mozzarella cheese sticks at home. Oh yeah, I did it, I did it! Hooray! #LakasMakaDora

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

Continue reading

In Times of Calamity

What’s happening right now is beyond our control. What I think of yesterday’s situation is that it was a reminder to everyone that we should worship the Lord no matter what the situation may be. I know it getting scarier now, especially when you have your kids with you. What happened yesterday is no longer surprising, there’s no such thing as flood free in this country, but we should always prepare ourselves in every circumstances. Yesterday, we don’t have electricity, the floods are everywhere, we’re still lucky because the flood didn’t get inside our house though our neighbors we’re suffering from flood, and we have an innocent baby who is not aware on whats happening to his surroundings. Good thing, yesterday morning my boss texted us and he said that we should not attempt to go to work if it’s too dangerous and then after a few minutes our company suspended our work too.  This made me realize that these things are beyond our control, and God has his own purpose why he let this things happened.Our experience yesterday made us all talk and pray to God for guidance and help. And I do believe that He has purpose and better plan for all of us.

Here’s the things I learned from the past two days:

  • Prepare at least three day supplies of perishable goods, like canned goods, snacks, biscuits, and instant noodles. Good thing I went to the grocery last Sunday, so we have enough food then, the downside is we need to cook all the frozen foods in the freezer since there’s no electricity.
  • Get ready for blackout and prepare flashlights, emergency lights, candles and matches just in case the batteries run out.
  • Prepare battery operated fans especially if you have a baby. The downside — we forgot to prepare this. We only used fan and Cyler couldn’t slept last night because he sweats a lot but he didn’t cry. The upside- Cyler was able to kept his cool and was able to play even though it was dark and hot.
  • First aid kits and medicines
  • Purified waters
  • Blanket, umbrella, and raincoats.
  • Make sure you’re phone battery is full charge, so in case of emergency you can ask for help.
  • And most importantly, I learned that God puts us in such situations NOT because he wants to punish us for being disobedient and all, but because he knows we can do it and we can overcome whatever we may face along the way WITH HIM.

So, these are the things that I wanted to share with you. I know after this calamity everything will go back to normal though it IS hard. Remember, there is always a rainbow after the rain. If you are reading this post you are lucky because you are safe. So let’s thank God despite of everything. Trust the Lord not only during tough times but in every single of our life. Keep safe everyone and don’t forget to pray, that’s the best thing we can do.

Japan Home Centre: Rants and Raves

Most of the time, we used to buy our groceries at SM Supermarket but I didn’t know or I never notice that there is Japan Home housewares inside the supermarket, I mean it was my first time to see it. I really don’t know why, maybe it depends on the branch? I’m not sure but I’m glad I saw it. Anyhoo, I was stumbled and hooked by the products they offer because the price ranges from Php66 to Php99 only! Oh boy, nabuhay nanaman ang kuripot at shoppingerang kaluluwa ko! I think hubby and I stayed in that corner for about more than thirty minutes. I ended up buying four items in just one stop.
Actually, I wanted to buy more but Cj stopped me from buying, he told me to only buy the things that is necessary. Oh well, quiet lang ang lola ninyo, may point naman siya. 🙂

So, what did we purchase?!

1. Stainless Strainer (Php88)
As usual, I bought this because I need this for some of my cooking experiment. Sorry, I didn’t take any picture of it.

2. Clothes Rail Cover (Php88)

We do have lots of clothes especially me, however Cj and I are sharing in one cabinet. So, how in the world is that?! We wanted to buy cabinet but we don’t have enough space in our room. So, some of our clothes are hang outside the cabinet and it just gathered dust. And so, when I found this item I immediately purchased it because I know we really need this one.

3. Super Adhesive Hooks (Php66)

I purchased this for my accessories. Ika nga ng asawa ko andami ko daw ka-kikayan. And so, when I saw this adhesive hook I have this light-bulb moment. And me thinks that diz iz perfect for my accessories and I need this in order to organize my kikay accessories. #MasabiLang

Look how it turned out…. Tadaah!!!
Ayoko talaga ng kakikayan! :p

Here’s the downside, I changed the adhesive tape of the hook because it always fell off, good thing I have an extra adhesive tape in the house. Oh well, what do I expect from Php66 petot?! As of now, hindi pa naman sila naglalaglagan… uli. Hahaha!

4. Plastic Durabox (Php99)



When Cyler enter the room, he usually go to the side of the bed where the toiletries are, he used to grab and throw all the stuffs there, and sometimes (worse) he put it on his mouth.



So, when I saw this mini- durabox I immediately bought it, so I can hide all the toiletries from my too fast too curious toddler. Kaso hindi nakalusot si Minnie Mouse. Kuliit! 🙂

Overall, I am happy with all our purchases. In fairness, I bought all the necessary things naman, am I riiight???!! And me thinks that I will go there more often. 🙂

P.S. Once a shoppingera, always a shoppingera. 😛

Star Wars ABC

The Alphabet song was a big hit to my little shaolin, Cyler. He sang the Alphabet song on his own though he garbled the lyrics and sang with a passable rhythm but it made me so proud. He also has lots of Alphabet books but his favorite is the Star Wars ABC alphabet book. I find the book really astig because the graphics is really good that makes it more catchy to the eyes of my little bookworm plus the Star Wars characters itself. His Ninong Biboy gave this book to him on his first birthday.


This is Cyler’s favorite book now, he usually grab this book when he wakes up in the morning and even before bed time.

It’s the first thing that he grabs in the morning.

Cyler’s astig look! He just woke up at this photo. (Sabi nga nila biruin na ang lasing, wag lang ang bagong gising. Ayan tuloy, lagoot!)

Here’s some of the pages of the book:





I bet all Star Wars fan will go loco when they see this book! 🙂

On the other hand, Cyler’s favorite letter now is “Bey”(that’s how he pronounce it) or B. When I say “A”, he immediately say “Bey”. But when I say “C”, he used to say “Bey” again. Toink!

Here’s the other words that he can say aside from “bey”:
• Cha-ngle (triangle)
• Chic-kle (circle)
• Cheeee (three)
• Chooo (two)
• Chick (six)
• Beybey (baby)
• Mama
• Dada
• A-mah (sama or come)

Most of the time he’s talking in mandarin(it sounds like that) because we can’t understand him. Oh well, Cyler is now in his bulol phase and I’m loving it! I enjoy decoding what he’s saying and I find it really cuuuteee!

More alphabet and hopefully words to come! Keep it up, Cyler! 🙂

Cj Cooks: Hon’s Easy Buffalo Wings



Yesterday, while we are on the grocery..

Cj: Hon, parang sarap mag buffalo wings oh! (while pointing to McCormick Buffalo mix)

Me: Oo nga noh! Tara luto tayo! Naglilihi ka Hon?! 🙂

Cj: Ay wag na.. Next time nalang.

Me: Wenk! Toink! Hmmp! Luto na tayoo! 😦

Cj: Sige na nga! :p

Me: Lech! Nagpa-excite pa! 🙂

And so, this morning we decided to cook our very own home-made buffalo wings. Continue reading