PikNik – My All Time Favorite!

Hi friends! How’s your week?! The weather was so terrible, ayt?! Buwis buhay talaga every time I go to the office in the morning, floods are everywhere, and the wind is soo strong. So stay safe guys. My husband is very lucky because he can work from home, the downside is in our company we are not allowed to work from home. Theoretically, we are allowed pero pahirapan mag paalam. As in! And the saddest part — I go to the office alooone! Oh, it’s soo horrible because I don’t have driver and I used to commute. Basa na nga sa ulan, siksikan pa sa tren! Hay.

Alright, I’m talking too much and I’m off topic. So, let’s proceed to the real topic. Do you remember your favorite food or snack when you we’re a little kiddo? Mine was Pik-Nik, and I still love it even now that I have my own kiddo. It always staple in my grocery list. Oh, I love their ketchup flavor so much! The kick of the tomato ketchup never fails to satisfy my taste buds.

Warning: This product is addictive.

I always have this not only in the house but in my locker as well, when my brains can’t fart anymore I just grab this snack and I’m on again! Especially when I can’t debug my error(s) anymore. Oh well, the crazy life of programmer is not complete without errors! But thanks to this snack for keeping me up when everything goes wrong.

Oh, Pik-Nik I loove youuuu! #BuhayRetarded 🙂

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